SCARYTHINGS-SANTA-FE = a paranormal tour led by Allan Pacheco --- 505-986-5002 or

SCARYTHINGS-SANTA-FE === your paranormal tour is best done at night --- it can be done during the day ---- the tour is a private

SCARYTHINGS-SANTA-FE   all tours  are led by paranormal investigator --- author --- historian - sag-astra actor ALLAN PACHECO ---  questions are encouraged -- 505-986-5002  / 505-231-1336

SCARYTHINGS-SANTA-FE --- your  tour does pass by some haunted areas --- its rare but sometimes things are seen -- felt or even photographed ------ got guts ---  book a tour with ALLAN PACHECO 505-986-5002 

SCARYTHINGS-SANTA-FE ==== below -- a family that loved the tour ---- they explored the Royal Capital city with Allan Pacheco --- SCARYTHINGS-SANTA-FE 505-986-5002

What's the word?  Below --- Excellent  safari! 505-986-5002 /505-231-1336  SCARYTHINGS-SANTA-FE

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Review of Santa Fe Ghost and History Tours

August 21, 2021

Excellent tour with a fascinating tour guide. We didn't see any ghosts but he showed us lots of photo of ghosts, orbs, and other paranormal phenomenon taken in Santa Fe. Allan is really knowledgeable about the history of Santa Fe, UFO's, ghosts, energy lines, and really anything else you may be interested in. Don't hesitate to ask your questions. Would definitely recommend this tour.

Frayda B.


November  2021

Spooky and fun !The tour was fantastic and Allen is a great tour guide and story teller. Allen has a vast knowledge of the town of Santa Fe and of the paranormal .

Albert T.

Visiting Santa Fe-----  505-986-5002     -- Below fun times --- Tour guide Al Pacheco -- gives you %100 attention -- his knowledge of the paranormal is matchless.  Want a thorough tour -- (PARANORMAL) 505-986-5002 Allan Pacheco is your man!

Below == Tour guide Allan Pacheco -- with two ladies who dressed for the DAY OF THE DEAD TOUR ---  --- SCARYTHINGS-SANTA-FE === 505-986-5002

SCARYTHINGS-SANTA-FE === below -- these sisters  posed for a photo in front of a centuries old landmark that at times has has paranormal activity --- suddenly a rattling at the front door was heard --- nothing was there --- here are photos -- and something was in the air before the noise was heard ---  yes--- this is legit-- these photos were not staged... Something interrupted the shots.

SCARYTHINGS-SANTA-FE -- sometimes--- the experience --- of the tour -- will stay in your mind --- on your long drive back home -- 505-986-5002  -- BEST TOUR SANTA FE ALLAN PACHECO

SCARYTHINGS-SANTA-FE  --- if you have a ghost box or ghost ap --- bring it ---- you never can tell --- sometimes on tour --- odd things happen --- as in not from this world type of encounters. 505-986-5002 

Below -- different interpretations ---- skeptics = trick of light ----  ghost hunters--- the CAMAY GHOST -- a ghost rarely seen in Santa Fe ---  the witch BRAVA ghost --- the ghost of Juan Espinosa --- or Spanish ghost on the move ----  yup----- on tour --- different ideas --- on whom -what --  etc...  SCARYTHINGS_ SANTA-FE --- tons of fun 505-986-5002

Below: SCARYTHINGS-SANTA-FE ==== contact --- ghostmeter---   

Got -- thermal camera --- bring it ---- below --  the WINK-WINK--- reptoid photo --  no idea ---- in a haunted area --- instruments go off -- this photo is taken -- the  pun--- got a snapshot of a reptilian/ over a ghost --- -- over a human --- possessed by ghost -- there are all kinds of explanations for this one ---  it is a odd photo ---- got gadgets --- bring em --- tour with Al Pacheco 505-986-5002

ghost rods --- paranormal rods --  below.

Shadow chasers --- you got devices that brings forward evidence --- concerning the unknown --- bring the  gadgets! Below --- from a window from a room where --- you guessed -- the person has passed on. This area in the past --- more so at night --- has had activity -- below -- outside the window area --- its rare-- but when it does happen --- HEY BABY!

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