KINGDOM-OF-NYE /  Broadcaster HEATHER WADE hosts the old ART BELL SHOW -- that was known as the old MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT program.

Tour guide, Author -- Paranormal investigator, ALLAN PACHECO  is a frequent guest on Heather's show.

You never can tell when Allan and Heather (THE HOST) get together -- all kinds of new paranormal themes get thrown into the mix! 

New ideas and conclusions are formed and sometimes -- wild things happen over the air. As if a force or forces -- make for the oddest interruptions --- turmoil over the air by way of the electronics.   


As stated in the preamble --- ABOVE --- strange things  tend to happen when ALLAN is on HEATHER's show, which she took over upon the passing of ART BELL ... HOW STRANGE are these program interruptions? As in, losing satellite lock for the show -- which is almost a near impossibility ---  or things falling off of shelves, or doors slightly opening ---  at the radio studio or at Allan's location.

KINGDOM OF NYE --  topics -- Al Pacheco is an author of many books,  //// He is a paranormal investigator -- historian -- he runs a ghost  tour biz in Santa Fe New Mexico.  Yes, he take people on private tours through or by some very haunted areas --- as in  --- the old town --- THE  ROYAL CITY --- SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO.

KINGDOM-OF-NYE    ----- Themes on past shows have ranged from --  investigations  of haunted  areas or haunted houses  in Santa Fe or in the USA  --odd and scary haps on tours --- to research on UFOS -- Allan's investigations into THE MISSING --- CATTLE MUTILATIONS --- ROSWEL 1947 -- LA LLORONA -- the  DJINN...

KINGDOM-OF NYE     Allan Pacheco is a paranormal investigator of renown.  When Allan is a guest of HEATERH WADES ---- --- it is fun and interesting program, that at times can be very frightening.

KINGDOM-OF-NYE            --- One of the topics that  seems to be a listener favorite is SANTA FE MAYHEM --- LA POSADA --- THE MISSING --- along with CONSPIRACIES --- (UFOS) (CHARLIE MANSON)  and tales from Allan's investigations... 

KINGDOM-OF-NYE    ---  If you like Allan's take on the paranormal when in Santa Fe -- book one of his private tours -- or have him as your key note paranormal speaker.  Allan is hands on investigator,  and a SAG/AFTRA actor -- he is not boring -- and if you need a radio guest or actor -- get a hold of AL PACHECO 505-986-5002 or

KINGDOM-OF-NYE    guest Allan Pacheco --- when he is on the show --- and the topic goes to the haunted LA POSADA --- curious things happen!

KINGDOM-OF-NYE -- listeners --have a favorite topic, they let HOST --Heather WADE know what that is -- so she directs  guest Allan Pacheco into certain themes, and from there --  she and ALLAN PACHECO delve into  those topics. 

ALMOST EVERY TIME Allan Pacheco does a program concerning the haunted LA POSADA - SANTA FE,  as in mentioning the Ghost of JULIA STAAB -- she haunts the above mansion which is now a large resort (LA POSADA ----- REMODELED ESTATE) something usually happens on the broadcast...

FOR EXAMPLE ---- ZAP things go wonky in the studio --- one time -- it was a big ZAP -- for a moment there went the satellite lock --- which is near impossible to loose.

Other ZAPS -- doors open and close at the studio, etc....

IS it possible something from another dimension -- gets power and makes itself known, when a broadcast that features LA POSADA is put out onto the sound waves -- live?

IS it possible the energy of ABRAHAM STAAB is doing this? WHO is ABRAHAM -- he was a bad guy -- gangster -- who ruled New Mexico TERRITORY -- and was the husband of poor JULIA STAAB.


LA POSADA MAYHEM -- click on video below.

BELOW PICTURES of different tours inside LA POSADA -- one of the most haunted building's in the USA

ABOVE --- you guessed it, Al Pacheco did a daytime paranormal broadcast -- this was not for the KINGDOM OF NYE --- later that afternoon as ALLAN led a tour into LA POSADA ----- (MASSIVE POWER OUTAGE)!

Yes, the above snapshot is from that tour inside the dark mansion -- which is now a world class resort. The resort is built around the Wild West manor.

The part of the old estate where the photo was taken --  in certain areas -- was  blacked-out, like what happened in New York City in 1965 -- with the BIG BLACKOUT.

It is a good thing tour guide Allan Pacheco has some flashlights in his satchel. Small flashes in hand, the tour was able to navigate out of the darkness. Schedule a tour 505-986-5002 or listen to ALLAN PACHECO's podcasts.

 BELOW ---- this room decades ago, was where the ghost of JULIA STAAB was seen. The sightings in this section of the estate are not as numerous as they were in the past. Perhaps it has to do with the remodeling that was done to this section of the old  mansion.

BELOW -- HELL's CEMETERY -- WHERE JULIA STAAB & her wicked husband were buried... YUP, that is the tomb area. JULIA's hubby was the AL CAPONE of the New Mexico TERRITORY.  ABRAHAM STAAB --- a very capable villain.

BELOW --- INVESTIGATION AT THE CEMETERY PLOT OF ABERAHAM STAAB..... A lot of ACTIVITY at the monument -- the grave has powerful JUJU. Note the reaction of the investigator --- the energy was intense.  CASE AND POINT -- there is a reason why the STAAB mansion is haunted.   

BELOW -- GHOSTOMETER -- outside of what is known as (SLANG NAME) the MURDER ROOM at LA POSADA --- where JULIA met her terrible fate.

BELOW --- KINGDOM-OF-NYE ---- the show that AL Pacheco has been on  --- countless times!




When you get to Santa Fe --- and want a ghost tour supreme / paranormal tour deluxe -- schedule a safari with Allan Pacheco 505-986-5002 PRESS THE ICONS BELOW