SANTA-FE-HAUNTED-MONUMENT    a.k.a. The Cross of the Martyrs -- a Santa Fe, New Mexico landmark.  Schedule a private history or ghost tour w/ Allan Pacheco 505-986-5002

SANTA-FE-HAUNTED-MONUMENT   first the history and pictures of the historic landmark.

SANTA-FE-HAUNTED-MONUMENT.     ABOVE & BELOW 2018: FORT MARCY is the name of the hill that the large white steel cross is located on.  The picture was taken from downtown Santa Fe.  The steel monument commemorates the 16 (call them -- Padres - Deacons - Civilians) who were tortured to death atop FORT MARCY HILL during "THE PUEBLO REVOLT of 1680".  The slow deaths -- by fire -- cuts -- was done atop a hill that could be seen by the SPANIARDS and HENIZARIOS  that were hold up in the fortress -- where the PALACE OF THE GOVERNORS is not located. This fortress stretched from the PLAZA to FEDERAL WAY -- modern day points of reference.  The terrible deaths were done to demoralize the people inside the fortress.  Kind of like a scene out of the original ROAD WARRIOR with the people inside the barricaded fuel pumping station.

SANTA-FE-HAUNTED-MONUMENT.    Above: 1966 photo of the FORT MARCY HILL --- I question the 1966 date. The cross in the 1960s at FORT MARCY was tall and made out of wood / reinforced timber. One can barely make out the tall cross ---middle of snapshot to the right of the circle path.

Upon the arrival of the Conquistadors, a small palisade-lookout-station was built atop of what is now (FORT MARCY HILL -- CROSS OF THE MARTYRS LOCALE), the Spaniards main bastion was where today's Palace of the Governor's is located. (ON THE PLAZA). During the War of 1680, "THE PUBELO REVOLT" the hill was overrun, Indian captives were tortured to death atop the summit area.  Thus the modern cross.  By way of the Mexican American War - (1846) MANIFEST DESTINY ERA - Santa Fe became part the USA. The old citadel area was upgraded & named FORT MARCY.


BELOW: A view of Santa Fe from Fort Marcy circa 1929?   SANTA-FE-HAUNTED-MONUMENT ---- As you can see the FORT's location  did command all of old SANTA FE.  Sadly as of 1968- 1969 the artillery stronghold was bulldozed.  As of today, there is not much left of the landmark, however there is beautiful views of old Santa Fe from the monument's base.  The walk up to the  -- SANTA-FE-HAUNTED-MONUMENT  is steep and takes a lot of time.  The path is brick, at the crest one is amazed at the sights below.  Yes, the hill towers over old and modern Santa Fe. 

Above & Below: Fort Marcy (CROSS OF THE MARTYRS) --- the view from the top of the hill or monument area is breathtaking.  

SANTA-FE- HAUNTED-MONUMENT ---- at times (A very rare thing) -- the area  at the cross -- and behind it - or the tract around this locale --- has had paranormal activity.  Be it registering on a ghost gadgets, or people seeing energies.  

Again these happenings are  very very rare -- but people have attested through the centuries that some macabre energy sometimes manifests itself at the landmark tract.

BELOW: Some reviews concerning ALLAN PACHECO's tours -- 505-986-5002

May 3, 2018


Our time with you was among the best in Santa Fe - we loved your irreverent spirit, your depth of knowledge and your obvious intellect.   Thanks - and I mean it!

You are one of the good guys in my view.

Warmest regards,


April 25, 2018

Hi Allan,

 Thanks again for the wonderful tours!


Below: Tour Guide Allan --- atop the Drury Hotel -- 5th floor --- roof bar.  MAGNIFICENT views are had from this watering hole -- behind Allan is Fort Marcy -- if you look to the right of Allan's Fedora you will see the white "CROSS OF THE MARTYRS.

BELOW: another view of old Fort Marcy and the Cross of the Martyr's, from the bar atop the DRURY HOTEL -- The tour ended at a premier watering hole - --- above Daniel's head one can see the monument.  This bar is located 5 stories up -- on the roof of a magnificent hotel -- one can see how this hill bastion commanded old SANTA FE.

Is the place haunted -- according to lore --- YES!  Through the centuries La Llorona has appeared on the hill, likewise a ghostly Conquistador + other odd apparitions.

The Cross of the Martyrs is used as a milestone ceremony area -- be it graduation commemorations or the start and closing of Santa Fe's FIESTA!  Some weird beards think the above photo captures a ghost, perhaps of one of the Padres who was murdered atop the hill in 1680.  

NOTE how much larger the solitary figure is as compared to the rest of the crowd - -- skeptics will say it is  space and distance.  To the common eye -- it seems that solo figure is much larger --- too much larger --- than what would be a normal --- space and distance photo of man atop the hill or was so something captured on film ---  compare this solo figure to the rest of the crowd. It is a curious photo, his stance and nobody around him.


The figure on the far right is a small distance from  everybody else.  HOWEVER -- it does not look correct as compared to depth and light. 

The picture BELOW is blown up: the figure in question looks like an older man --- if it is a ghost -- then it was one of the best photos of a ghost in quasi-human form Allan has ever seen...  

Metaphysician Allan tries to be as skeptical as possible  when it comes to ghost photos --- take a look, judge for yourself...  It is odd that the person is so far away --- but maybe that person is taking a photo and the naysayers are correct -- not a ghost ---- there is no such thing.  

Or was something paranormal -- caught in the snapshot.

Some people think the above (BLOWN UP) picture looks a little creepy --- maybe -- then again-- maybe not.

Below: FORT MARCY supposedly 1912 --- 

BELOW -- from Fort Marcy == SANTA-FE-HAUNTED-MONUMENT  the capital city beyond. 

NO idea why the bottom photo came out so blurry --- odd photo solo person in complete black at the monument -- a tourist no doubt -- or some people will guess --- something else?

SANTA-FE-HAUNTED-MONUMENT ---- Halloween tour --- all kinds of things were picked up on shadow chaser gadgets and devices. 

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