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NOVEMBER 4, 2018

Expectations Exceeded

Allan is an excellent tour guide and is very knowledgeable about the history of Santa Fe.

My Mother and I were lucky enough to have booked a private tour with Allan during our short stay in Santa Fe last month.

It was the highlight of our trip. He showed us so much of the city that we would have never found on our own and we learned a lot about the city's history.

I would highly recommend booking a tour with him and I look forward to booking another next time I'm in Santa Fe.



October 6, 2018

Such a special tour! 

After reading about a number of tours We decided to book an afternoon tour with Allan.

He really gave us a well rounded picture of the history of beautiful Santa Fe with some very unique and thought provoking stories of the paranormal mixed in!

Highly recommend the tour!

Thanks, Allan

Karen L


OCT22, 2018
Hi Allan-
Thank you for a wonderful tour today ..

It was fantastic... hope we’ll get to see you again .. 
L & M

On your tour let Allan know if you are interested in UFOs & the MISSING -- Santa Fe at times is POINT X for UFO waves -- Missing -- Cattle mutilations -- on this website Al Pacheco goes into detail on his investigation of this phenomena -- left buttons click.  On your safari Allan will mention some baffling yarns concerning UFOS people that have vanished without a trace.  (PECOS TRIANGLE mayhem).

November 29, 2019


Allen was great! He has so much knowledge of the history and paranormal activity around Santa Fe. Excellent evening outing!


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July 3, 2018

Group of 12 and he kept our interest the whole time

Allan is very knowledgeable and professional.

He kept our group of 12 captivated with his history information...separating fact from myth.

We wanted to take his ghost tour but he was booked.

I highly recommend Allan Pacheco for great stories about Santa Fe past & present.

Casey A

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