GHOST-TOURS-IN-SANTA-FE. Your guide is ALLAN PACHECO --your tour = ghosts -- hauntings, LA LLORNONA, UFOS, the missing, and bits of history - 505-986-5002   Tour guide AL PACHECO is a hands on investigator,  be it Santa Fe or areas where few people venture -- wilderness macabre-metaphysical areas.  



Can be done during the day and all kinds of spooky, occult, witchy, ghostly -- coven thaaaaannnngs are come across...  Even odd energies! 505-986-5002 -- BELOW -- ON an investigation ALLAN PACHECO  GETS A BLAST OF ENERGY -- AT A HAUNTED GRAVE SITE.



When you tour with ALLAN PACHECO 505 986 5002 --- you go with a guide who has investigated the places the tour stops at.  Your guide is not an arm chair expert but a hands on investigator and author.  Below -- on tour inside the haunted LA POSADA -- to the right of tour guide ALLAN --- beyond the wall  and going behind him is where  JULIA STAAB was imprisoned.  Her ghost is known to look out of  windows from inside her regal prison, down at where her rose garden once stood.  La Posada -- was a mansion during g WILD WEST DAYS,  modern times it is a first class resort. JULIA ran afoul of her husband the AL CAPONE of NEW MEXICO TERRITORY. IF you wan the skinny on  who- what- where- hauntings, tour with ALLAN PACHECO 505-986-5002 -- BRING YOUR GHOSTMETER === SHADOW CHASER GADGETS 

GHOST-TOURS-IN-SANTA-FE.   505-986-5002

Santa Fe is know for it's wild history --- and paranormal. The town due to it's location, the light and key lines or portal points, attracts occultists, witches, dark-artists,  practicers of black magic, cults, and at times has waves of UFO activity  consequently ---   some wicked energy is conjured up in the ROYAL CITY ------- . BELOW --- THE 

Note the shock on the lady below -- Santa Fe is filled with all kinds of  camouflaged -- icons --- THE OCCULT === THE HIDDEN --- LOVES SANTA FE...    505-986-5002 GHOST-TOURS-IN-SANTA-FE 505-231-1336 click here for UFO info THE FIRST ESTATE

SANTA FE is home to all types of occultists -- covens -- dark art worshippers  -- witches --  etc...  This area -- in the photos is  a hot bed for conjuring, ghostly activity and people who live a life that Scratch likes.


Got gadgets --- does not matter what brand -- bring em! 


505 986 5002


Above -- tour guide AL PACHECO --   haunted SANTA FE --- DOWSING ON SAFARI.  Contact is made -- note the rods! 

Oct 2021

Excellent Ghost/History TourOn a recent trip we were able to take a Ghost/History tour with Allen. He captivated us with his stories for the entire tour. While we didn't see any paranormal activity, I do believe I heard a presence walk up behind me just before we headed down a very dark alley. Fascinating stories in the beautiful town of Santa Fe by a guide that really knows all the local lore.



Aug 2021

Take this tourExcellent tour with a fascinating tour guide. We didn't see any ghosts but he showed us lots of photo of ghosts, orbs, and other paranormal phenomenon taken in Santa Fe. Allan is really knowledgeable about the history of Santa Fe, UFO's, ghosts, energy lines, and really anything else you may be interested in. Don't hesitate to ask your questions. Would definitely recommend this tour.


BELOW: As good as you feel after a daytime tour --- in the things that you saw -- experienced  --- as wonderful as the daytime tour was -- 


THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE -- page you came in on


In an area where all kinds of BAD MOJO has been seen or felt, through the centuries.  This man, feels the unsettling vibe.  BELOW on a cell phone - sometimes they have a ghost ap  -- the snapshot is more of WHAT IS THAT --- energy and vibe at a place that is haunted + has a history of evil deeds and occultism.  A blast of energy is seen in the photo,  near bottom, skeptics will claim it is a trick of light.  

BELOW --- on tours -- sometimes one gets the strangest  pictures, be it  a burst of energy -- ghost beam and then its gone.   Below is something  like a human form is in the middle of this -- oddest photo.

BELOW:  lower photo -- on a ghost tour -- an orb -- they come and go ---  this one was around the shoes of a tour group --- X-FILES like tours.

THE      AL PACHECO EXPERIENCE      505-986-5002


GHOST-TOURS-IN-SANTA-FE  ------ you never can tell what you will come across, what you will feel --- cold chill --- or what you will photograph.  Above --- the camera goes wonky, on a rainy ghost tour night, at the spot where people were  executed -- as in beheaded. DIMENSIONS --- DE SANTA FE --- 505-986-5002

To the left of the green light, you can. are out the tall CROSS OF THE MARTYR's, the area around it, at times is filled with ghostly energy.  FRIGHTSEEING TOURS led by AL PACHECO 505-986-5002

BELOW: These two ladies  are having a lot of fun with guide ALLAN PACHECO's map of the GALAXY.  A.K.A.,  the portal map for this part of the cosmos.  OR GHOST-PARANORMAL MAP for  SANTA FE and surrounding area ! WOW! These two ladies loved ALLAN's chart. Coast to coast or ghost to ghost -- people from all over the USA have enjoyed AL PACHECO's tours. 505-986-5002 

With ALLAN's  PACHECO's GHOST TOUR MAP, your ghost/paranormal safari does not go off the cliff like other company's tours --- You go where the action is --- as far as the metaphysical.  Below  guide ALLAN  going over his map.  

BELOW -- on tour -- thumbs up -- this guy had a fun time on a wonderful tour 505-986-5002

Above --- at the end of a tour -- these ladies had a grand time -- PARANORMAL TOUR  DE SANTA FE  505-986-5002. BELOW -- end of a tour, this family posed on old ROUTE 66 -- near the PLAZA -- the MOTHER ROAD came into Santa Fe on its journey  from CHICAGO  to LOS ANGELES.  You can see a couple of RT 66  signs this family in holding


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