SANTA-FE-TRAIL-HISTORY-TOUR  - 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336  /You visit the Plaza Trail Monument, where the ROUTE ended.  Below; a favorite photo & tour, Eric Olsen reflecting on Santa Fe's Wild West history. 

SANTA-FE-TRAIL-HISTORY-TOUR  -- Privats treks with historian and author, Allan Pacheco. 505-986-5002 or 505-231-13336.  You get the inside scoop on the milestone + the history of the Trail, the Plaza and much -- much more.  Other topics = Conquistadors, Santa Fe and the Civil War, Wild West Santa Fe, + World War II Santa Fe. (Soviets spies and the Manhattan Project).   SANTA-FE-TRAIL-HISTORY-TOUR is for Large or small groups -- or Solo.

From all over the world people go on Allan's Santa Fe Historic walks to hear the history of the Royal City  and be photographed by the Trail Landmark.  At this spot was where civilization dropped anchor or where the Wild West was tamed.  SANTA-FE-TRAIL-HISTORY-TOUR  = 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336

 ABOVE AND BELOW ---- DRESS UP -- DRESS CASUAL -- and let's go touring --- 505 986 5002 ---  TOURS are done summer and winter /. The Santa Fe Trail  starts or ends in the Plaza, dependent on which direction you are going. The monument stands roughly kati-corner to the LA FONDA HOTLE.  Which is known as the home at the end of the trail. The SANTA FE TRAIL -- was used a good deal by ROUTE 66.  YES! The MOTEHR ROAD -- paved over a lot of the old trail.  ROUTE 66 -- goes from CHICAGO to L.A.  RT 66 came into the Plaza atop the old trail, and ran right in front of the trail monument.    


ABOVE AND BELOW --- the KANSAS marker for the SANTA FE TRAIL -- two old picture -- the trail ran through Kansas.


Like EXCELLENT Western Art -- click here -- see my pal -- Ronald Kil's great works. Below is one of his paintings --- THE SANTA FE TRAIL

SANTA-FE-TRAIL-HISTORY-TOUR  -- Below --- how the history tour was rated ---- EXCELLENT...


My husband and I enjoyed Allan’s tour our first day in Santa Fe.

We learned so much about the history of Santa Fe, which gave us terrific insight for the rest of our stay.

Allan was personable, entertaining, and knowledgeable. He answered our many questions and adjusted the tour to our interests. 

I recommend starting your Santa Fe visit with Allan’s walking tour.


May 7, 2018

505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336 -- SCHEDULE A  SANTA-FE-TRAIL-HISTORY-TOUR

From around the USA people ask to get their snapshot taken at the monument, the SANTA FE TRAIL marker is one of the most photographed icons in the world.  

SANTA-FE-TRAIL-HISTORY-TOUR ---- Below the marker -- circa 1940.


The SANTA FE TRAIL monument sits on the South East corner of the PLAZA -- or in  the square's parkway, as some have described the plaza. This area -- the Plaza has witnessed al kinds of things, through the centuries  Be it Wild West battles between Cowboys and Indians. or Conquistadors and Indians during colonial days. Likewise the Plaza has been the scene for gunfights, hangings, riots, wedding processions, celebrations, you name it.  When you get to SANTA FE, take a photo of the TRAIL monument. You never can tell if this moment n the future will be  destroyed. The WOKE  idiots are erasing the history that they do not like, they are tearing down public monuments or defacing them.  For example -- the Plaza OBELISK,  which sat in the middle of the Plaza or by using the photo below -- to the left of the couple was toppled by the criminal element 2018.  These WOKE outsiders that that destroyed a public monument  that was also a national landmark,  did not face any real penalties, due to SANTA FE's liberal mayor WEBER and his woke- agenda themes, that he champions. (SANTA FE IS NOW A SANCTUARY CITY) .....  The facts ----  MONUMENTS -- show people history, that can be tragic or glorious.  When a group with power erases the past, society then becomes easier to manipulate by those that govern.  Classic example of history lost and the dumbing down of USA populace. American history is not  taught in schools any more if it is, it is watered down to the point that students do not learn about the constitution or about how USA is being run by people who do the bidding of the banks, Wall Street and the Illuminati. FOR EXAMPLE --- The VIETNAM CONFLICT was a war by which USA leaders and the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL  COMPLEX backed a corrupt foreign government.  The IRAQ War: USA leaders and war profiteers backed a corrupt foreign government.  The end results, many casualties and wars that did not have to be fought. Today it is the WAR in UKRAINE -- USA leaders and war industry are backing  a corrupt  foreign government.  The end result, USA has sent  over 100 Billion dollars to UKRAINE.  This money some of it just plain $, + some of it for arms, food, medical, and legal tender   for Ukraine's  version of social security system.  Yet. YET!  the USA government is not helping the USA's  mentally ill, the addicts, they are all around the USA and Santa Fe, begging and are homeless.  The USA government of BIDEN, is not stopping the flow of drugs into the USA, the borders are wide open. This means more crime by way of  addicts and more destruction of families.  The BIDEN regime is also trying to destroy, the 2ND AMENDMENT, yet these government send all types of rifles and pistols to the military and civilian population of  UKRAINE.   Why is not the BIDEN administration helping Americans? The destruction of historic monuments is a tactic that is used to keep the populace dumb. Combine that with schools not teaching what is AMERICAN CULTRE or true USA HISTORY, then you have a populace of SHEEPLE.  Read these books 1984 by Orwell or Brave new WROLD by HUXLEY.    IF Americans knew their history they would not let their own leaders destroy the USA, by way of having NEO CON regimes in charge in DC or in state capitals.  NEO-CONS  they are both Democrat and Republican.  Time to learn history and elect Americans that will govern by way of taking care of Americans. 

Your tour is done at a comfortable pace and questions are encouraged. This is not a rush-rush tour. Allan Pacheco tries to tack your safari to your interests.   Al Pacheco always guides the History tours, he is a historian and author + a Santa Fe native.  His family has been in Santa Fe since the days of the Conquistadors.  On your tour, you do not get propaganda, you get the facts and tales that are not well known but are so  very interesting...    SANTA-FE-TRAIL-HISTORY-TOUR = 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336

Above Left: Yes, there were many a showdown at the end of the Santa Fe Trail -- in the Plaza!  

SUMMER or WINTER --- Allan is available to guide your FUN & SO VERY  INTERESTING  SAFARI!  505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336    =   SANTA-FE-TRAIL-HISTORY-TOUR

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