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Your tour not only has ghost tales, but it is safari that is  filled with the macabre -- it is a paranormal tour deluxe. 505-986-5002

GHOST-STORIES-SANTA-FE   your paranormal tour can be done during the day. BELOW; in front of the haunted -- OLDEST CHURCH IN THE USA -- SAN MIGUEL MISSION. This area can be n flux, as far as some powerful energies from contemporary times to centuries ago.

Below -- in front of the church a ghostly cold energy is felt near-- or on one of the young lady's hand.

GHOST-STORIES-SANTA-FE.   on your safari bring your shadow chaser equipment, the from area of SAN  Miguel . and other spots at times, have been known to register energy. Son some occasions, people feel the vibe.  

Above -- and below  ---- OLDEST CHURCH --- HOUSE-- some of the areas, or artifacts from the past,  carry an energy.  People sense it, if you have a camera take a photo, you never can tell what will come out. 

Below -- back turned towards camera -- one lady senses something and the ghostometer the other lady has, picks up something.  Note the drama of the picture,  further down there are better pictures of other tours where energy or a THAAANG was photographed. 



GHOST-STORIES-SANTA-FE    On some nights -- one has the ROYAL CITY pretty much to themselves, these make for the best tours.  

HOWEVER: Exploring paranormal Santa Fe -- at night -- even with crowds, it is a thrill.  Santa Fe is a town filled with the strangest of vibes and the oddest history.  THE AL PACHECO experience -- questions are welcomed -- the tour is done at a comfortable pace,  all genres of paranormal are  gone into.

GHOST-STORIES-SANTA-FE.    Above at the haunted la Posada, the remodeled mansion area during the COVID LOCKDOWN. On a tour, the old mansion, now.a resort was virtually deserted. All kinds of things were felt and registered on the GHOSTOMTER. In the top sections the photo, this area, or series of rooms  is where  the ghost of mainly seen. Note how the energy captures a powerful but sad energy.  The ghost of JULIA STAAB, has been known to look down form the windows and view where her ROSE GARDEN once was. 

Above -- trekking through SANTA FE -- at another haunted landmark --mansion.  The BETTY DAVIS -- HUSH-HUSH SWEET CHARLOTTE BUILDING. It does look like a set for the old 1964 creepy film. 

Below: Something captured on film. On your tour, bring your camera and if you have it, ghost chaser gadgets. 505-986-5002 -- schedule a tour. 

GHOST-STORIES-SANTA-FE     not interested in ghosts -- but like UFO -- FOO FIGHTER STORIES -- TRY THIS BLOCK

Above: strange photo -- cannot explain it.  On tour --in a haunted lane, the group felt something was watching them, in one section of the trek, this photo was taken behind the group. What is that? At first a trick of light, but that explanation does not make sense.  It was as if something was briefly  flowing us and then nothing.  

BELOW -- in being skeptical about the photo, ALLAN below up the snapshot, and  there it is.  What is it?  A trick of light or a morphing face. This area is known for all kinds of paranormal activity that  goes back centuries.  Schedule a tour with AL PACHECO 505-986-5002

BELOW --- ON another tour with ALLAN PACHECO, different location --- CONTACT -- it does not happen all the time -- but when it does -- YEOW!  Note the look, the  stance and the energy that exudes for the photo -- 505986-5002 

GHOST-STORIES-SANTA-FE.  below -- words that were registered on the ghost  gadget. 

 BELOW; Inside the haunted LA POSADA, this banner  --GASDEN FLAG--sums  things up, -- the group are patriots form Pennsylvania. Plus, for ghostly active--- GHOSTS -- ENERGIES -- BACK OFF -- DONT TREAD ON ME.

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