DYATLOV-INCIDENT -- or just plain DYATLOV INCIDENT ---- a continuation from the previous page --- A TRAGIC MYSTERY THAT HAS YET TO BE SOLVED?  WHAT HAPPENED? 

DYATLOV-INCIDENT --- ABOVE: the group of skiers get ready to leave civilization and trek out into the wilds on their cross country snow hike.  BELOW & DOUBLE BELOW: A happy group -- they had no idea that a terrible death was ahead of them. The DYATLOV-INCIDENT -- happened on FEBRUARY 2, 1959 --- but the tragedy is still an enigma/ evidence has not been found or has been repressed.

DYATLOV-INCIDENT,  before & during the ski trek -- then photos of the search and the finding.  What befell this group?  

BELOW: The group encounters wind and then a storm.  THE   DYATLOV-INCIDENT   ranks up there with such mysteries as the GHOST SHIP MARY CELESTE -- & --- THE PECOS TRIANGLE --- the common theme, there is no logic in the conclusions of any of these happenings.



DYATLOV-INCIDENT  -- 9 people -- destroyed -- by whom or what -- YETI -- ALIEN?


ABOVE THE DYATLOV-INCIDENT: The happy adventurers set up camp,  they were well prepared and an experienced bunch when it came to roughing it in the wilds.  BELOW: The shelter is had. ON the left of the picture a weird beard claims, (NOW MORE THAN ONE)  that their could be shadow of a YETI that is photographed.   Most people will think it is a shadow of a tree trunk.  The reason behind that odd observation is that a picture of a YETI or ABOMINABLE SNOW MAN was found in camera that one of the dead carried.  Skeptic think the creature picture is that of one of the skiers at a distance.   One of the journals of the dead  state -- " I KNOW BELIEVE IN SNOW MEN", is that the correct translation?  Was that line concerning  the men in the group or was that phrase linked to the group or the person seeing an APE LIKE CREATURE in the far off snow?

DYATLOV-INCIDENT    /BELOW: A BLOW UP of the TREE TRUNK or is it a RUSSIAN BIG FOOT?  Most would agree it is a shadow + tree trunk.

BELOW DYATLOV-INCIDENT ODD PHOTO: WHAT IS IN THE PHOTOGRAPH --- is it one of the adventurers at long distance, or a YETI -- ABOMINABLE SNOW MAN?  What can not be denied is this group of young people died in a most brutal painful manner, broken bones, hypothermia, etc...

Below; The group makes camp during a snow storm.  THE DYATLOV-INCIDENT according to the skeptics the group got caught up in a  snow slide and that is what did them in --- that theory makes little sense. LIKE WHAT YOU  SEE ON THIS PAGE, THEN CHECK OUT SANTA FE GHOST  AND HISTORY TOURS -- -- ALL TOURS ARE LED BY ALLAN PACHECO -- A THOROUGH INVESTIGATOR- METAPHYSICIAN - AUTHOR- HISTORIAN  -- WHEN IN SANTA FE -- TOUR WITH AL PACHECO 505-986-5002  HIS PARANORMAL TOURS ARE THOROUGH -- LIKE THE DATA ON THIS AND OTHER PAGES. 

DYATLOV-INCIDENT -- Not interested in this type of mystery -- try the BLACK DAHLIA PART II, it is a SANTA FE MYSTERY about a skull found under a ROSEBUSH.

ABOVE AND BELOW: This picture has spawned a few theories.  Note that the jacket is burned and torn or the fellow is wearing part of a torn jacket.  Some arm chair sleuths have theorized that the jacket was flamed by the heat pipe in the tent and this means that the group did not know how to set up their tent correctly.  The conclusion, there was a small fire and the group had to leave the tent in a hurry in the middle of the night.  OR a fight broke out between the men over the women, and this is what led to the group dyeing in the cold away from the damaged tent.  According to some amateur detectives this photo shows that a fight had previously taken place over the women -- the torn jacket.  Both theories are squirrel cases. There is little to no substance to these ideas.

ABOVE: The last picture (Supposed Last Photo) was found in one of the dead's camera.  What is it, is this what frightened or attacked the group and this (WHATEVER) is what led the skiers to abandon their tent and die in the snow, some with broken bones.

 Some people think it is a picture of a rocket or aerial weapon that was seen by the group on the night of their deaths.  

As in the USSR military fired a secret heat or sonic weapon and the group was the unknowing test subjects or at the wrong place-- point Z.  

What can account for the severe injuries that some of the corpses had?  

Other theorists think the picture is an energy being or an alien or even a shape shifter that masqueraded as a APE like creature --- YETI--SASQUATCH.    

BELOW is a picture that Allan Pacheco stumbled across in 2018, he had never seen it before.   Supposedly this below picture was the second to last photo taken by one of the dead -- the ABOVE was the last.

The photo BELOW is open to speculation?  Is this a blast of energy from a weapon, a rocket burst, the signature of a heat wave headed their way, perhaps the odd photo shows a UFO's energy emission or a shape shifter's power field?  

Are the three dark objects at the bottom of the picture the tops three of three skiers heads -- members of the expedition -- looking at the whatever as it became a burst of light or energy?  

It is speculated that this photo was taken outside of the tent and the ABOVE photo was taken as the group tried to get out of the tent or as perhaps they were ripping the tent open or as  -- when the tent was being entered by some type of force?  What is it?

Many debunkers claim the ABOVE and BELOW photo is just bad photography, there is nothing to it.  Allan disagrees, the ABOVE and BELOW are clues, but he is dumbfounded as in conclusion of what the photos mean? THE DYTLOV INCIDENT -- is one of the great mysteries of all time.

BELOW: The same photo from ABOVE -- but in a SEPIA  TONE  -- in order to see if any type of clue can be deduced from the strange photo.

BELOW-- A MAP of the disaster area or murder area.

Above and below more DYTALOV INCIDENT --- searchers -- looking for the missing.

BELOW: Tragic find, one of the dead is found.

BELOW -- A series of photos --- the dead... THE DYATLOV INCIDENT --- 9 dead --- is there a comparable tragedy -- maybe -- the PECOS TRIANGLE  --- THE BENINGTON TRIANGLE --- but the missing and the dead of those incidents happened in solo circumstances ---- not in a group....

BELOW: The Dyatlov Incident group --- these people were all wiped out... REST IN PEACE...

Through the number crunching of this site Allan has been notified that at least over 1/4 of his watchers of his DYATLOV pages are from RUSSIA --- below is a greeting  to his Russian fans and friends.

Allan respects Russia, below is a small honoring to RUSSIAN culture.  The 2014 SOCHI OLYMPICS were the best  Winter games of all time, THANK YOU RUSSIA.  The sportsmanship and hospitality was magnificent.  Sadly OBAMA, EX President of the USA refused to attend the games, not even for the opening or closing ceremonies because his arrogant demands were rejected by the Russian government.  OBAMA wanted Russia leaders to implement his LGBT homosexuality dictated and negate Russian law and Slavic heritage.  The MOSCOW government in essence said, "It is our country not your's OBAMA, we are not weak kneed flower children LIBERALS." Consequently in a fit of ego OBAMA refused to be a far sighted leader and did not attend the OLYMPIAD.  This slap in the face to the RUSSIAN government soured the the already low ebb diplomacy between THE EAGLE & THE BEAR.  What an idiotic blunder by way of OBAMA's arrogance and agenda.  Those that see what Obama's SNAFU for what it was apologize to the Russian people for his rude actions - lets hope in the future PEACE & GOODWILL can be a constant between the two great nations = USA & RUSSIA. Below are the closing ceremonies of the WINTER GAMES at SOCHI -- the best ever winter closing ceremony.

Below: An example of Russian moxie in a high stakes environment.  #!1 This meeting between PUTIN and OBAMA sums up how out of his depth narcissistic Obama was when meeting a real leader. Note the lack of eye contact from Obama to Putin, one knows right away who is the man and who is uncomfortable.  #2 AND this is the main point of the below video --- This meeting sums up Russian steadfastness --- the DYTLOV INCIDENT victims were not NOT NOT NOT cowards, they were overwhelmed by something unknown.

BELOW: A tribute to Russian courage --- the Dyatlov Incident --- the Russians are not NOT NOT cowards,  what was it that was the outside the tent -- that was photographed -- it was no snow slide or avalanche.