US66 TIDBITS - A section of  RT66-SANTA-FE  photos and info on this page. Unfortunately old "66" "THE MOTHER-ROAD" no longer exists, it was replaced by Interstate 40. However when you tour with Al Pacheco 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336 you will be shown where old highway was located.  

Parts of the OLD SANTA FE TRAIL lie under old RT66-SANTA-FE, why is this?  Highway engineers routed the road -- atop the old Wild West path, being that it was the easiest way to construct a road. using the trail meant there would be less construction.   RT66 is known by many names and has been used as a plot device in many novels and films.  Originally INTERSTATE 66 was two lanes and it came into Santa Fe by way of PECOS.  The highway twisted its way through the capital city and then headed for Albuquerque by way of Cerrillos Road.  When you tour with Allan Pacheco ---be it----  GHOST or HISTORY TOUR, (505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336 ask him about RT66-SANTA-FE  -- he can show you where the ancient blacktop was located in downtown Santa Fe. On your tour if you have an old or repo RT66 or RT66-SANTA-FE sign, bring it along and have Al take a picture of you atop or on the side of the most famous highway in the USA. 

The commercial --right-- RT66 was the muse.

Route 66 went into downtown Santa Fe -- yes it circled the Plaza --- Where the above monument is (SANTA FE TRAIL MONUMENT) old US 66 / RT66-SANTA-FE passed by it. The downtown plaza restaurants to motorists -- who took journey down OLD-66, be it cargo haulers or tourists.

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RT66 "THE MOTHER ROAD", passes through downtown Santa Fe, the highway stretched from Chicago to Los Angeles. On Allan's tours, take snapshots of where old RT66-SANTA-FE was located. Ages ago the ROYAL CITY's restaurants, gas stations, hotels, catered to RT66 passerby's.  Learn about Santa Fe's fascinating history = 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336 tour with ALLAN PACHECO

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On Route 66, near TIJERAS, you can find the SINGING HIGHWAY. Right -- see the short docu. By way of metal planks in the blacktop and rumble strips, at a certain speed, the road makes music. 

RT66 a.k.a."THE MOTHER ROAD", started in Chicago, Illinois and ended in Santa Monica, California.  Originally  RT 66 would circle the Plaza or head down West San Francisco, which was not a one way street Today -- West San Francisco is not a two way lane. BELOW: the plaza area during -- RT66-SANTA-FE days.

BELOW: On old RT 66, closed off -- SANTA FE PLAZA.   The snapshot was taken in an area above (TOP PHOTO) where the two traveling autos are located. 

BELOW LEFT is a time lapse of RT66 - CHICAGO to L.A. At 1:52 mark is Santa Fe = where the ABOVE and BELOW RIGHT photos were taken. 


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In 1926,  ROUTE 66 was established. Below: circa 1931, Santa Fe's La Fonda hotel. The street to the right of the building is where RT66 passed through Santa Fe. Likewise US 66 ran behind the large structure. RIGHT: Tour group stands behind the hotel, yards away from where RT 66 took a turn and streaked past La Fonda (Below Picture).

Film Noir used the theme of action on a lonely highway (ROUTE 66) to perfection. 24/7 anything can happen on RT66- RIGHT click scene from "KISS ME DEADLY" 1954. Below RIGHT = TRIVIA BUSTER: In "North by Northwest" 1959, Cary Grant is menaced by a crop-duster on a feeder road that connects to RT66.  In reality this scene was not filmed on old RT 66, nor on a feeder lane that led to the Mother-Road. The sequence was shot by Bakersfield & Wasco California.

The group (ABOVE & LEFT BELOW) would be standing near the right corner apex of the BELOW PHOTO. A short section of RT 66 would turn the corner and pass in front of LA FONDA.  

Left: Junior Brown sings a road song. J.B. spent some of his high school days in Santa Fe, was his muse old RT 66? The road used to pass through the Royal City.

RT66-SANTA-FE   (CIRCA) 1940 ABOVE --- & BELOW --- 2019.....  Near where the above photo was taken -- note that there is no stoplight -- and during this era -- RT66-SANTA-FE -- went around the plaza rather than straight down SAN FRANCISCO STREET...