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UFO-BLACKOUT-1965    ---- On Tuesday, November 9, 1965 at 5:16 PM Eastern time a Blackout hit the Northeast USA, by 5:27 the Northeastern seaboard was without power and in the dark. The Blackout stretched from Ontario Canada into New England and south to New York. At 6:30 AM the power came back on.

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 UFO-BLACKOUT-1965    ----  FACTS -- IDEAS -- THEMES ----

What caused the power outage, an electrical surge in the grid went through the wire network and bang the powerhouses shut down, the end result being the blackout Eight states and the Canadian province of Ontario were effected by the blackout.

The surge is a fact, but what caused it?----According to the WEIRD BEARDS and the facts to an extent bare this out, UFO mayhem was the culprit. The surge that went through the eastern seaboard grid system started at the Ontario Sir Adam Beck plant.


The surge was so powerful that powerhouses farther down and up the grid were shut down. Interestingly a UFO was sighted over the plant where the surge started from by many people.

Furthermore on the American side of Niagra Falls, UFO activity was seen as well. Also roughly 46 minutes before the blackout occurred two American fighter jets chased two UFOS over Tidioute Pennsylvania. Some reports have it being one UFO.


A private plane was followed by a UFO or UFOs, the saucer or saucers raced away when two air force jets arrived. The jets gave pursuit, but contact was not kept.

Were these UFOs or UFO responsible for the LIGHTS GOING OUT? Today, experts are still hard pressed to explain just how the grid system failed in 1965. The electric surge that happened is a fluke, but again what caused it?


Some eccentrics think that the UFO over the SIR ADAM BECK power plant took energy from the plant and then from the Foo Fighter came the massive backfire of energy that tripped the system.

It is of note that a huge UFO-and a orange burst was seen over the station right before things went smash. The electrical surge travelled the grid and knocked out the power to countless Eastern cities--- this just does not happen….

Pictures to the LEFT-BELOW do show either the moon or a UFO over NEW YORK CITY, you be the judge.  What can be agreed upon, is that tilted what is it, does have the shape of some SAUCER craft taht were seen from the 1950s into the mid 1960s.


Skeptics think that an employee inside the plant pulled the wrong lever and the surge of energy went down the line, the energy cascaded as it passed throughout the NORTHEAST grid---and that is what caused the BIG POWER OUTAGE!!!


New York-- was in the dark for roughly 13 hours. Interestingly-- photos taken of the New York Blackout do show a strange craft in the air, debunkers claim it is the moon. Others attest they know what the moon looks like and there was a UFO or FOO-FIGHTER that hovered over GOTHAM for part of the Blackout.

One of the very odd things about this blackout is that none of the grids built in fire walls, in case of a surge or cascading effect, failed to work. This is how big the energy surge was, according to engineers the surge built up voltage as it went down the line.


Even today, data on how and why the BLACKOUT happened-- is littered with double talk from the scientific experts. Somehow the systems grid out of the Adam Beck plant possibly the Syracuse plant and Lewiston, New York plant were tripped.

As in the doors for energy were left open and a surge of power traveled throughout the wire system, this energy combined with the electricity that was already in the grid. A cascading effect of energy now blasted through the cables of the Noreast.

This huge wave of electricity resulted in the plants throughout the NOREAST shutting down. The plants were shut down by way of emergency governor type systems, because the powerhouses could not handle the flow of electricity that was coursing through the system, or in and around the plant. IN essence the powerhouses shut down in order not to burn out their turbines.

The power outage hit NEW YORK CITY-- during the rush hour, it was estimated that 600,000 to 800,000 people were trapped in the city's subways or elevators.

Many radio stations in the New York area were able to come back on the air after their engineers powered up the broadcast booths by way of batteries or emergency generators . Depending on the station, there was dead air for 2-15 minutes after the blackout hit. Some stations that were not equipped for an outage stayed off the air till the power came on the next morning.


It has been attested, that sometimes when a UFO shows up, the radios in the cars that are close to the UFO sighting do not work. Likewise, in severe cases the cars in the area where the UFO is hovering have had their engines sputter and die. The engines only come to life after the UFO has left the area.


Another oddity to this strange historical BLACKOUT is that a number of people in northern New York, not the city, saw a large fireball streak through the sky during the early stages of the BLACKOUT. What did these people see, space debris, a meteorite, or?

The power failure of 1965 is filled with all kinds of WHO DONE IT OR WHAT DONE IT type themes. Was the OUTAGE caused by a glitch in the system by way of some engineer turning the wrong nob? Or was UFO mayhem, responsible for the this POWER OUTAGE?


Days later when (POWERHOUSE-GRID) systems supervisor Jim Harris was asked what happened, he replied, "It's incredible, I would have said this is impossible if I had not seen the evidence."

I am with the Weird Beards on this one, I do not think the BLACKOUT was caused by a $3 part breaking. Something happened by way of a UFO or Foo fighters, as in a surge into the system. The end result--- if you were there in 1965--- WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THE LIGHTS WENT OUT---.



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