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FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER  -- DECLASSIFIED -- During the early months of World War II, on February 25th around 2:30 AM a FOO-FIGHTER  which is another word for UFO - was seen over Los Angeles, California. The authorities thought this unknown object was a Japanese bomber, the craft was fired upon by the flack guns that surrounded or were in the city of Los Angeles. Prior to this, the Los Angeles metro area had been mobilized for enemy attacks, be it by planes or offshore bombardment by enemy ships.

The term FOO-FIGHTER - UFO -- encompasses the term for unknown aircraft (UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT). Depending on the source-- the word "BOGEY" was the main buzzword that was used to describe in 1942 an air vehicles that could not be identified nor had any characteristics of an aircraft known to the military.

WHAT IS FACT---- The FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER - that flew over Los Angeles was hit many times by anti aircraft fire. The L.A. aerial craft was seen by thousands of civilians and military personal. After not being able to down the craft, the military issued communiques that the aerial vehicle was a lost weather balloon or people along with the ANTI AIRCRAFT ground crews had imagined that they had seen an airplane over night time L.A.

-----------------------------------------------DECLASSIFIED INTEL: The FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER  that flew over Los Angeles, hovered over Culver City, Santa Monica and Long Beach before it headed for the coast and then disappeared over the Pacific. Depending on the sources, 20,000 to 18,000 shells of anti aircraft artillery munition was fired at the intruder, which at times was lit up by the military search lights. The FOO-FIGHTER-UFO was also shot at by ground based machine gun fire. Officially the "Triple A" fire consisted of anything from 37mm caliber on up.

If the craft had been a weather balloon (which the military claimed that it was) the large air bag should have been shot down or flamed. The photos of this craft under attack, show that the UFO took direct hits.

After flying over L.A. the while under intense fire, the FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER or  - UFO - flew West out over the Pacific ocean and was not seen again. Supposedly the impervious to gunfire FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER cruised over Los Angeles at an elevation of 8,000 to 12,000 feet.

Depending on the source five civilians were killed during the Los Angeles air barrage. Heart attacks or car accidents (People not watching the road but the sky) and civilians hit from from falling shrapnel, made for the fatalities.

It is estimated that the FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER  traveled a twenty mile path over Los Angeles. According to the military there were no military flights over Los Angeles that night.

Enemy military records captured after the war, confirm that their was no Axis planes (JAPANESE) flying over Los Angeles on the night of the sighting. SO WHAT WAS IT? A SPACESHIP FROM PARTS UNKNOWN?

Depending on the source- 15 minutes before the barrage, but for sure during the air battle, Los Angeles was blacked out by way of military orders. Previous to this FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER event, the military had put forth a plan that in the event of an air raid on Los Angeles, the coastal city and inland areas would be shrouded in darkness. In other words, the power levers would be pulled and Los Angeles would be bathed in darkness. The logic behind this scenario, is that enemy planes would not be able to sight targets by way of lit up L.A. landmarks.

Likewise commercial Los Angeles radio stations were under blackout orders. The military had instructed radio station, to go off the air when the military deemed it necessary. The Army and Navy high command thought that enemy planes could vector their way to Los Angels by reckoning off of radio broadcasts or music that came over the airwaves from of L.A. stations.

Consequently as the FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER was tracked and fired on, the civilian radio stations went off the air, this radio outage happened around 2:30 AM by order of Uncle Sam. The stations came back to like around 8:30 AM, this was about an hour after the all clear signal was given by the military.

During the apex of the alert, roughly between 2:30 AM and 3:30 Am, air raid sirens blared out over western Los Angeles. Depending on where one was at, the barrage of anti aircraft fire was deafening or far away and muffled.

Witnesses to the FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER encounter, thought that the object in the sky was not a balloon and estimated the craft to be around 700 to 800 feet long or in diameter. Many Los Angelenos climbed onto their roofs, stood on the sidewalks or found an open area and watched the barrage of AAA (ANTI-AIRCAFT-ARTILERY) fire. 

MORE DECLASSIFIED DATA: What is interesting, before this UFO appeared over L.A., radar units did signal to the AAA battery command that a unknown craft was sighted 120 miles to the West of Los Angeles over the Pacific ocean. Then the FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER disappeared about 3 miles from the L.A. coast. (What exact range the radar had is disputed, as in how far out into the Pacific was this craft sighted)

ANOTHER UNKNOWN---Did the FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER go below the radar line as it got to the coast at the 3 mile range as when records claim the FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER was no longer on the radar scope?

When this UFO was next seen over LOS ANGELES, the craft was now over Eastern L.A. When this FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER was seen this second time, the L.A. gun crews had already been given a green light to open fire on the mysterious craft and that they did.

The oddities of this incident,-----as the FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER approached, then reached and later left the L.A. airspace, officially as by way of military records and spokespersons, no fighter planes were scrambled before, during, or after this incident-----with orders to engage this craft.

If planes beyond the metro L.A. area had been scrambled, these interceptors would not have been over LOS ANGELES during the barrage and would not have run the risk of being shot down by friendly fire. Why was this UNKNOWN CRAFT not challenged by aerial defense squadrons, during a time of war? This FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER could have been engaged over the ocean.

Second---Oddity--- when first spotted over L.A.,  this FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER was not over the coast as in approaching Los Angeles from the Pacific, the UFO was first seen flying over Eastern L.A. How did it get there? Why was this FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER not SEEN traveling West from the shore towards the outskirts of East L.A.? When last seen by military radar personnel, the FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER was three miles off the coast of L.A., how did it disappear and then reappear over Eastern Los Angeles? Unfortunately I have not been able to come up with info stating what time the radar units first saw this craft on their radar scopes.

When the craft was engaged by ground fire, the FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER was traveling in a roughly WESTERN direction-- from the San Gabriel mountains or the Eastern part of L.A. towards the sea. Again, how did this craft cross Los Angeles air space without being detected? IN other words, how did this FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER fly from the Los Angels shore line over Losa Angeles and not be seen, an why was the craft then detected over East L.A.  Did the UFO have a cloaking device?

So what was this craft? Was this UFO A predecessor to the FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER that was shot down or crashed outside of Roswell, New Mexico in 1947? Or was this FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER an older version of the UFO that was seen over New York in 1965? The UFO that was seen over New York City November 9, 1965, was linked to the blackout that hit the Northeast Seaboard that night. There is a section on this website that goes into detail of the mysterious 1965 ATLANTIC SEABOARD blackout.

The small black dots around the  FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER  are anti aircraft shells detonating.

BELOW -- LEFT SIDE ---- Different colors masking the FOO-FIGHTER through computer animation done by ALLAN PACHECO -- in order to show the shape of the craft and the hits or near misses of anti-aircraft fire.

--------Depending on the source, the UFO that flew over L.A. was sighted by 3 different military radar stations 120 miles out, over the Pacific Ocean, it was determined that the UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT course was Los Angeles. According to hearsay, one radar operator thought that the approaching UFO or FOO-FIGHTER was a doubtful target. The radar ring around L.A. was made up of many S.C.R. 268 units. Critics claim that the S.C.R. 268 was a very primitive device and could not be trusted--- this is nonsense. The radar of that time was not as good as today's but it was effective. This technology or comparable science of 1942, is what saved the R.A.F from sneak attacks during the 1940 BATLE OF BRITAIN.

However--- HHHHHHHOWEVER!!!! As stated before-- I have not been able to find out by way of reliable date what was the range of these radar devices? Is the 120 Mile picket range of the radar devices, verifiable data? I would think that beyond the coast of Los Angeles would be a number of picket ships reporting back to a high command, yet no data has been released concerning a navy ship seeing by eye or by radar, this object that headed for L.A.

ANOTHER STRANGE FACT------During this incident the UFO was not challenged by fighter aircraft. When the Military was questioned as to why this bogey was not intercepted when it was detected by radar 120 miles from L.A., an outlandish explanation was given. The military brainwaves claimed that they wanted to know what move the unknown enemy would make. Thus the American fighters were not scrambled and ordered to engage.

Since when does the military not send up at least a scout ships to shadow the enemy. There were long distance ARMY AIR CORP & NAVY, multi engine planes available in the Los Angeles area that night, these planes could fly into the late morning if need be.

Furthermore, American military doctrine when it came to aerial combat in WWII was -----hit hard and fast----. An example of this tactic was the Battle of Midway---- which can be summed up ----when ever the opportunity presented itself, the American forces launched their planes and did their best to hit the enemy before that enemy could hit his intended targets.

During World War II when night action was a necessity, American commanders did turn on the lights of their airfields or carriers in order to land their fighter planes that were low on fuel. Classic example of this was the naval battle fought off the Mariana's in 1944. The idea that interceptor planes were not scrambled due to night conditions, is ludicrous.

Los Angeles in 1942 was a key Industrial area and a major hub for the military, be it deployment or depots. Yet the military, aside from ground fire. failed to protect Los Angeles during the early morning hours of Feb 25th.

How the military handled this 1942 FOO-FIGHTER event is a mind twister ---as in regular Army Air Corp tactics were not followed. WHY?

Is it possible that some people at the highest level of command knew that a FOO-FIGHTER was going to fly over L.A. and if planes were ordered aloft, then the millions of Los Angeles civilian that would be watching this event would come to the conclusion that this was an aerial craft from another world? Is that why this UFO was only fired upon by ground batteries and not engaged by fighter planes?

There are so many questions concerning this incident. Unfortunately the theories that surround this happening, like the one above-- have holes in them. Will the truth ever be revealed about what flew over L.A. and was anybody in the know, before this incident happened? To get to UFO PHENOMENA PAGE---click on photo below-left.

The 1942 FOO-FIGHTER-FLYIG-SAUCER incident happened over the film capital of the world (HOLLYWOOD), would there not be many photos or film shot of this incident? At one point during this the February 25th nocturnal incident, the FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER or UFO hovered over MGM studios in Culver City. If there is any film or photos of this incident send it to this website. ( With today's technology, those old photos of 1942 could be analyzed and the proof would be found----- as in --- was this UFO a weather balloon or was what people reported it to be a FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER from planet X. I maintain it was not a weather balloon but an UFO, but the skeptics need more proof.

One story that has been denied by the authorities, concerns the notion that planes did get airborne to track or confront the FOO-FIGHTER  or FLYING DISK. According to some civilians after the FOO-FIGHTER_FLYING-SAUCER drifted out over the ocean from the Redondo Beach area, a section of 3 to 5 fighter planes were seen flying in the direction of where the UFO was headed--out to sea. However the military spokesmen during and after this incident maintained that no American planes went aloft that night.

A witness to this 3 to 5 plane aerial pursuit is retired professor of Anthropology C. Scott Littleton who was 9 years old in 1942. Littleton saw the incident unfold from his mother's house in Hermosa Beach. Littleton maintains that the object above L.A. was no weather balloon, bomber, or fighter, it was a UFO from another world. The former professor had a good view of the craft, due to the fact that the FOO-FIGHER-FLYING-SAUCER slowly flew over his house.

WHAT WAS SEEN-- SMALL CONTRADICTION? During the aerial barrage--- around 37 Los Angeles witnesses said that 20-30 enemy airplanes flew over L.A. There may have been many more witnesses of to this fighter plane sweep, but they were not recorded as far as archive info... One theme by way of other LOS ANGELES witnesses-- millions of other viewers of this incident reported that there were no piston powered planes flying over L.A. during this bombardment. This very strange night was labeled by the press as "THE BATTLE OF L.A."

YET ANOTHER CONTRADICTION---Chief of Staff--General George Marshall (LATER KNOWN FOR HIS POST WWII--MARSHALL PLAN) in his letter to President FDR, claimed that the Los Angeles incident was the result of 15 enemy planes flying over L.A. Marshall ran the war department, which is today known as the PENTAGON.

Army officers in L.A. during the FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER sighting, disagreed with General Marshall and stated that SOMETHING was there, flying over L.A. but it was not enemy fighters.  General Marshall who was CHIEF OF STAFF of the military proclaimed to the nation, that nothing had flown over Los Angeles.  One alibi that he did have and at times it was trotted out, is that a barrage balloon was at fault for the ruckus.  Gunners and civilians misidentified a runaway balloon. 

Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox--claimed----nothing was there over L.A. WAR nerves and wild imaginations had caused the incident.

Japanese records show that none of there planes were over L.A. during 1942. Furthermore if there had been Japanese planes over L.A. their pilots did not follow Japanese combat doctrine. Japanese aerial strategy in WWII was to make there combat flights count, as in -- their planes were to always inflict punishment upon the enemy. No bombs were dropped on L.A. Plus no Japanese chatter was picked up by military vector units.

PLAIN AND SIMPLE-----radar contract was made with something that flew over L.A. and photos were taken of THAT something flying over L.A. That something was not swamp gas or a runaway barrage balloon.

One rumor that is brought up now and then by the UFO WEIRD BEARDS is that there was not one FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER over L.A., but two during the barrage.

This information of more than one FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER or proof of this rumor was leaked to physicist Robert Wood, who worked at Mcdonnel Douglass for 43 years. Wood was secretly given 5 papers that had been copied from military records, these copies stated that the L.A. craft (UFOS) were hit by ground fire. One damaged FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER landed on the ocean and sank off the coast of California. Navy divers found the vehicle and salvaged it. The other crippled UFO crashed in the San Bernadino Mountains. This aerial vehicle was also cannibalized and taken away to a top secret military base.

I would think that the recovery of an UFO outside of Los Angeles or the raising to the surface of a FOO-FIGHTER-FLYING-SAUCER is a bogus story and Dr. Wood was given red herring by the FED's Black Ops or an evil prankster. However, the idea of what to do if one of these craft was ever downed, was perhaps first put into the minds of the military chiefs by this 1942 incident and this is why the Roswell crash of 1947 was so well covered up.

LATEST UPDATE 2017!! LATEST UPDATE TO THIS ODD STORY = 2017…..What has been leaked or stolen info from the TOP SECRET PENTAGON files is the following; Documents between General George Marshall and President FDR state that after the Los Angeles sightings, an unconventional craft was found by the Navy off the coast of Los Angeles. Likewise the Army had recovered another craft -- FOO FIGHTER -- west of Los Angeles. According to the data these craft did not resemble any known conventional craft. Did the HIGHER-UPS inside the government have proof that American anti aircraft fire shot down two ufos in 1942?

I find this hard to believe, but there is some evidence that claims this is what happened, that 2 FLYING SAUCERS were shot down over L.A. in 1942! Again, I have to ask, is this misdirection, are these lies that have been put down to obscure what really happened, in that a FOO-FIGHTER or UFOS flew over World War II Los Angeles?

Or is there some truth to the idea of two UFOS being recovered after the Los Angeles incident? THE MIND BOGGLES, if this is true?

Below is a snapshot of the UFO over the Baldwin Hills of L.A., this photo was taken from a negative that was found in the L.A. TImes archives. This photo was supposedly taken by a L.A. Times photographer during the Foo Fighter barrage. I always thought there was something wrong with this photo. I thought the photo was maybe something out of a propaganda film or from a gunnery instructional movie. I was right, there is something wrong with this photo!!!!!!!

UFOLOGIST-Ben Hansen--went to the L.A. Times archives and found the negative of this photo. However--- the negative of this photo was a copy, it was not the original. The question is who has the original and why was the original taken. Did the legit negative reveal something? Also this photo of the UFO or the copy negative has been enhanced, so that the picture would better show the the searchlights, the gunfire and the something caught in the light beams.

If an enhanced or doctored (copy) negative, was labeled as the original -----  and it was not  ---- one has to ask, just what was up there in the skies of L.A. in 1942? Was there a FOO-FIGHTER or two FOO-FIGHTERS? The more one digs into this FOO-FIGHTER sighting over 1942 L.A., the more questions one has and the less answers there are?



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