GHOST-ATTACK-SANTA-FE  --- This page = places where Ghost or energies have drained Cameras + Contact paranormal Style was made. Schedule a tour with Allan Pacheco 505-986-5002

GHOST-ATTACK-SANTA-FE --- Above and below not an attack but something was there -- below the dowsing rods  registered something.

BELOW --- Another tour a different location, different year. At one time this deserted building (THE OLD HOSPITAL) was filled with ghostly energy. People at times could sense a presence -- not of this world. On rare occasions === cameras or ghost gadget batteries would drain of their power, as in a snap of the fingers. Yet the batteries before the encounter with the force  or forces were fully charged.  Now tis building or property is the DRUY HOTEL.  There are some areas inside and outside that still have energies, but for the most part, as coopered to the past when the property was a deserted hulk, the ghostly energies have packed it up. 


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GHOST-ATTACK-SANTA-FE     ---  BELOW LEFT/ On a paranormal investigation led by author and ghoster Allan Pacheco, an energy is encountered inside a haunted graveyard; the end result, a camera is fried by an unworldly entity. BELOW RIGHT/  Snippets of a docu investigation at Santa Fe's LA POSADA -- CONTACT DELUXE!

Tour guide & author Allan Pacheco is not a arm chair expert. Allan is a hands on investigator, his tours, lectures & books are thoroughly researched.  IF you need a radio or television guest for your paranormal show, contact Allan 


Ghost presence, it does "SOMETIMES" happen on Allan's tours. Below- daytime tour, the lady with the surprised look was asking about the ghost of Julia Staab, we were on our way to the haunted Staab Mansion (LA POSADA). As she asked a car alarm went off next to her. Coincidence, Ghost presence, or did she accidentally invoke Juia's ghost. This photo was taken seconds after the car, alarm went off.

GHOST-ATTACK-SANTA-FE      Allan's night tours, navigate through seldom visited, historic and haunted, lanes.  505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336 lets go touring.

Ghost tour = Bring your camera - you never can tell!


Depending on the tour, sometimes on a ghost & history trek the group passes by some haunted areas that have some HOODOO. Below, opposite the Witch Lane, or DITCH WITCH LANE  (LA LLORONA PATH) this group saw some stuff.  OCULT ART according to some, to others--stuff that invokes bad mojo.  


AN ARROW POINTING -- to an area that through the centuries has been --- linked to all kinds of tragedy -- deaths -- (MURDER) and paranormal activity. GHOST-ATTACK-SANTA-FE  when you tour with ALLAN 505-986-5002 -- sometimes it is a 0 --- other times -- all kinds of things are stumbled onto -- and sometimes -- forces are encountered. WHEN YOU TOUR WITH ALLAN --- NO WORRIES HE HAS DOWNED HIS ELIXOR AND HAS A FEW TRICKS -- TALISMANS TO BE THROWN-- THAT WARD OFF THE GOONS! WINK-WINK!


Cameras at times do malfunction in this area, below a reaction to the camera coming back to life. 


STRAIGHT ACROSS this stream, or straight across from these ornaments, on the LA LLORONA PATH or WITCH PATH --BLAIR WITCH PATH--- is a stump that creeps people out. The stump had all kinds of stuff on it, that does not look inviting. On many of my tours, there has been remarks that the stump or occult art work or occult objects are something out of THE BLAIR WITCH movie. In this area I am usually asked to go over the story of La Llorona and other wtich stories of summonings.


The above and below were taken at different seasons, there are some things removed and replaced -- summoning --- coven -- occult -- activity.   

On you tour, you are encouraged to bring your camera and ghostometers, there are some places that the tour goes past or through------------ where in the past (AT TIMES) contact has been made with -- something?

Below -- this came out, The shot was taken in a haunted SANTA FE SPOT. Nothing was seen by the human eye, but teh ghost  gadgets were going off, contact had been made.  This photo, is the what is it? Was something in front of the camera at point blank range?  Or is this a malfunction of the camera and nothing was there.  Some people claiming books like a forehead and eyes of some sinister being. Maybe? In this area, where the gauges of the ghost gadgets went wild, there was for a number of seconds, a cold zone. Then that cold went away.  Where is that place, or go on AL Pacheco's tours and find out.  OR  go through this website and you will get an idea of where the action is at.  505 986 5002 SCHEDULE A PRIVATE SAFARI! PARANORMAL DELUXE.


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