ART-BELL-TRIBUTE    -------     A.K.A. The memorial page -- Amigo, you are missed...

ART-BELL-TRIBUTE  ==== A page dedicated to the best paranormal broadcaster of all time!   Art Bell's radio program was broadcast out of tiny Parhump, Nevada.  His show focused on people that were in the know concerning, paranormal and conspiracy.

ART-BELL-TRIBUTE   ---- the ideas and facts that were presented over the air waves were entertaining and mind bending.  Art's personality, keen mind and good humor were woven into each one of his programs; that is what made his late night talk show --- the king of after dark radio.  

ART-BELL-TRIBUTE     ------ YES, Art's 3 hour program was heard all over the world, that is how popular it was! When Art first started his show it was a regional show out of southern Nevada --- out of the KNGDOM OF NYE ---- Nye being a sparsely populated in the Mojave Desert --- or a small town -- PARHUMP that was situated in the outskirts of DEATH VALLEY...

ART-BELL-TRIBUTE    -- ON this page there are some  radio broadcasts of his --- however --- the servers keep taking them down or the THOUGHT POLICE of the radical LEFT...Yes, Art was a man who believed int eh constitution  and if need be would fight for the 2nd Amendment...  Art was a political animal at times -- he supported candidate DONALD TRUMP -- now PRESIDENT TRUMP. Art was for strong borders and the American culture.  Art was never afraid to speak his views on anything... This theme of long live the 1st Amendment -- FREEDOM OF SPEECH blended in perfectly with his late night paranormal show.

ART-BELL-TRIBUTE    ----- Art welcomed all guests --- his program was like the old TWILIGHT ZONE of ROD SERLING, in that  %90 of either TWILIGHT ZONE or ART BELL SHOW -- were superb -- the best of its genre. Even when Art had a bad guest -- the VIRTUOSO from PARHUMP could turn what would be a flat show into a program that had some zest... Not many broadcasters can do that -- ART COULD!

ART-BELL-TRIBUTE --- Reader  if you ever get a chance listen to some of art's shows form the 1990s -- his of interest is his interviews with PADRE MALACHI, he warned about how the Catholic Church was being infiltrated by evil... NEW WORLD ORDER villains.  Was this Padre ever right -- now to throw out of the Vatican and USA church  -- these  Illuminati  allies...

ART-BELL-TRIBUTE    ---- Another show that is golden, is his interview  with Desert Chad, who was staying at the magical phone booth in the middle of the desert -- THE MOJAVE PHONE BOOTH. An interview at a PHONE BOOTh at the edge the world at midnight and beyond.

ART-BELL-TRIBUTE   ----- Lastly -- and of  course--- his banter with call-in listener -- J.C. -- great comedy there...

ART-BELL-TRIBUTE     ---- Sadly Art is no longer with us -- but his genius lives on by way of his shows, than be heard over the internet...  

ART BELL you are now in another world -- dimension -- existence   etc...  I and your fans wish you the JOLLY BEST --Amigo you made a difference -- you got your listening audience to use their minds -- to be analytical, as in --- not buy into the propaganda that the main stream media spews out....  What a gift you gave the audience -- the theme -- of being analytical ---  below are different shows and placards    that honor the best broadcaster of all time --- ART BELL....  

RIGHT -- ART BELL's inaugural "MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT" show.  The audio is not sharp but content is good.  The song, Art & Crystal Gale mention = scroll down.

Art's show developed a catch phrase, "WANNA TAKE A RIDE?"  Those words summed up Art's broadcasts -- they were wild rides.  The program's interesting and sometimes odd guests were asked deep questions.  Art's shows were the opposite of the main stream media's "Politically Correct" network programs.  ART's shows made one think!!
LEFT: Crystal Gayle was a fan of Art's show, her song "MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT" is spot on -- it captures the magic of Art's show.  

ART-BELL-TRIBUTE  -- Art ran the show from  his home studio or radio station, in Parhump, NV.

BELOW& RIGHT: Art's show covered all kinds of topics -- AMITYVILLE EVIL to PREDICTIONS

Was George Lutz believable?  ALLAN's take-YES on many ideas.

Was Hal Lindsey in 2003 correct?  Somethings mentioned are still brewing.

Art was a revolutionary,  through his program format, his listeners began to think analytically.

By way of Art's broadcasts, Americans began to reject the corporate media's ORWELLIAN talking heads.  

Art's theme of "OCCAM's RAZOR" got Americans to question everything; from science to the paranormal.   

Consequently Art's listeners encouraged their friends to be open minded about the metaphiscal...

This new mind set ----- look past the wind and smoke --- eventually focused itself on the political world, the end result were the 2016 elections surprises.  

WHAT? Yes, by way of Art's show and those that followed him  -- Americans woke up, they were no longer the sheeple.

This happening or QUICKENING led to the election of President Trump, who is neither GLOBALIST DEMOCRAT nor RINO REPUBLICAN.  

Art's theme "OCCAM's RAZOR" by way of osmossis started a REVOLUTION, Americans began to think for themselves... 

Thank  you ART!!!

BELOW: Art interviews JIM MARRS  concerning UFOS incidents and facts.  RIGHT: Art Bell has a small role in the GREAT tv conspiracy series "DARK SKIES". Here is a small clip.  Art plays CBS honcho WILLIAM  PALEY... Tidbit; this series was loved by millions but was canceled yet it had a loyal base.  Weird beards think the show hit to close to the truth, hmmm...

RIGHT: ART interviews "MAD MAN MARKAM" a young man who experimented with electricity by way of stolen public utility power company generators...  During his experiments "MAD MAN" it seems, opened up a doorway to where?  Unfortunately "MAD MAN" was never heard from after the show... RIGHT -- INGO SWAN joins Art remote viewing & the power brokers.

Art's shows were filled with great topics --- LEFT BELOW: The MOJAVE DESERT PHONE BOOTH -- ART did an interview with -- GOOD GUY --- DESERT CHAD who had camped out at the "PHONE BOOTH AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD"... And sometimes strange beyond belief things happened on the OPEN LINES part of the program -- BELOW RIGHT.

ARG! The program was taken from the internet -- anybody has the DESERT CHAD interview-I will post it - email link

Art was a bellwether of the times, some of the topics he covered -- still ring today - with grave implications. 

Art has passed on but his show lives on at "MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT" hosted by HEATHER WADE, who was personally picked by "DA MAN" to keep the airwaves at night filled with new ideas and themes concerning the paranormal and the unknown.





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