SANTA-FE-GHOST-SPOT  or GHOST-SPOTS  There is is no shortage of haunted areas when it comes to the Royal City -- On Allan Pacheco's Ghost Tours you go where the veil is thinnest  505-986-5002  or 505-231-1336

SANTA-FE-GHOST-SPOT    There are many phenomena like areas in the capital city.  Areas can be active or docile when it comes to certain locales that historically have been known for its energies or hauntings. No one is sure in what triggers theses places as in paranormal energy.  But when a SANTA-FE-GHOST-SPOT is active -- all kinds of energies are registered on ghost meters and on occasion photos of orbs are taken.   BELOW as example of a SANTA-FE-GHOST-SPOT that is sometimes hot with energy or ice cold and no energy is encountered: This grave/monument is located in Hell's Cemetery === this marker area is haunted -- globular activity as well as  ghost gadget readings have been had at this location .  In the photo, ghost huntress Lena is shown on investigation, she is on one of Allan Pacheco's ODYSSEY TOUR .  (SCHEDULE A TOUR 505-986-5002) --- This particular grave is that of the AL Capone of the Southwest -- ABRAHAM STAAB - his wife - Julia Staab haunts her old mansion, which has been converted into a world class resort -- LA POSADA DE SANTA FE.  It's of note that this place by way of where the energies were in the past and during this tour/investigation -- can be a SANTA-FE-GHOST-SPOT that is perhaps linked to the activity that does happen on occasion at LA POSADA.  CONFUSED?  La Posada yes to be ABRAHAM;s old mansion -- some  have speculated their is connection betweehthe two place.  I put that idea in my gray basket, of maybe.  On this day of the ODYSEY TOUR, a;; around this gave simultaneous readings were happening on different shadow chaser gadgets.  Powerful energy was emoting from this SANTA--FE-GHOST-SPOT.

Why is this cemetery referred to as Hell's cemetery -- its the address --- HELL UPSIDE DOWN   At times -- repeating at times,  a cemetery can have different areas of ghostly activity --- not just one paranormal area.  

Above: The grave of the wicked Abraham Staab.  Below: The rods go wild --- they kept turning backwards ---- all kinds of mojo was registered at this place --- the question is ---- were these rods turning back towards the STAAB's OLD MANSION which is today's haunted LA POSADA or to another location in the cemetery another SANTA-FE-GHOST-SPOT that is somehow linked to this graves stone?  Note how Mike K. is surprised by the energy.  The activity at this locale  was incredible...   Again note the look of awe that Mike has,  it is rare that an area has this kind of energy during the day.   

SANTA-FE-GHOST-SPOT  = #2 RULE  --  Haunted areas are not always active, somedays the energy at a certain locale can be very powerful the next day  =  0.

SANTA-FE-GHOST-SPOT  = #1 RULE --- When investigating a metaphysical locale be with "BIG G" & the angels -- the energies at haunted tracts have been known to knock a person down and do worse.

BELOW: This is not a posed  photo -- Allan Pacheco is working the rods and the energy ---- unbeknownst to Al, energy is all around him   --- consequently he is bending with the energy at this haunted ---on this day this truly was a  SANTA-FE-GHOST-SPOT site. At this tract everybody on the investigation felt the energy. Look at the picture with  Allan  --  as the saying goes  --- he went with the flow (in-advertently).  AL's body bent with the pull of the power that was found there...  Even though the force at this place was on high, ALLAN does not think this locale this is the #1 SANTA-FE-GHOST-SPOT.  What? this place has tremendous energy at times, but only at times is it powered up. There are other places in the capital city where the metaphysical energy is more constant, as in the odds of having that force make it presence known is greater at other locations.

BELOW:  Even the weather was against Allan and Mike as they investigated this place, note the clouds. The investigation at this SANTA-FE-GHOST-SPOT was filled with everything one would see in a suspense film.  Yes, all kinds of readings on the ghostometers were had at this location.

 BELOW -- MARIAN HALL --- it was the old Wild West hospital  --- de Santa Fe.  The place rarely is a locale for GHOST-SPOTS  -  on rare occasions this vicinity can can loaded with energy, but for the past few years the force or forces at this place have either moved, or, been vanquished, or is/are dormant.

NOTE in the above picture - two dots next to the tree -- left hand side  of picture -- what are they? Trick of light> I lightened them up and put a blue light to it, and below is what came out / go figure?


Below -- Photo taken on one of Allan's tours --- is that an odd shadow or some type of energy exiting Marian Hall? MAYBE -- MAYBE NOT.... Skeptic could be correct -- just  bizzaro shadow...

Below Ghost tour -- taking a break at the haunted mansion courtyard on East Palace -- and something like a wadded up brown (CONSTRUCTION PAPER LIKE) leaf pelts the young fellow on the right.   It was a cold night -- but this young guy is TOUGH,  he was from Minnesota and the cold temperature  did not bother him.  Maybe that is why he was signaled out? Notice the look of surprise on the lady's face. The scenario -- it was as if a heavy wadded up large leaf was thrown at force from a height of around 6 feet.  Yes, it was as if it suddenly appeared and was thrown.  IT was a cold night but it was not windy.   


NOT interested in ghosts or haunting -- Your cup of tea is  UFO data / or alien conspiracy topics -- click here

BELOW -- the LORETO CHAPEL ABOVE AND BELOW -- can you find it? THE area around the LORETO CHAPEL at times -- can have  paranormal activity. 


BELOW: GHOST-SPOT HOUSE -- WHEN THE ENERGY IS ACTIVE AT THIS PLACE--- HEY BABY! The photo is of the haunted Oldest House in the USA. Paranormal activity can happen inside and outside of this building, day or night.

BELOW -- Inside the haunted building --- the DOWSING RODS pick up a foreign energy.  They start to "Y", yes this room is haunted! Thought the decades  GHOST-SPOTS in this building have been very active or have gone cold as in dormant or are no more.  ON some investigations or tours nothing has happened and other times --- WHOAH!

Below: You may need a stiff drink after touring with ALLAN and coming into contact with a an ENERGY  -- SHADES --  GHOST-SPOTS  --- (WINK-WINK)!  Seriously, when you tour with ALLAN PACHECO 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336, bring  your iPHONE AP or GHOST GADGETS, sometimes the tour runs into energies as in ghostly forces.

At the end of a ghost safari --- a very interesting and fun tour  505-986-5002 you see a Santa Fe that few have ever glimpsed. Schedule a tour with AL PACHECO 5050-986-5002 or 505-231-1336


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