Since the end of World War II, there has been a great increase in UFO sightings -- WHY?  Perhaps because humanity's weaponry is now getting to the point of where it can inflict damage on targets outside of this world --- or according to the WEIRD BEARDS -- different alien species are now playing dice with mankind, ----- some species our intent on harvesting or conquering  humanity -- while other entities see Earthlings as a scientific  experiment ---- and at times ---- to keep the experiment from ending --- alien race fights alien race ----  as in ----- to see who has dubs over EARTH.....  Do those  ideas read as far fetched ------maybe there is some truth to those out there themes....  Here is another concept that will be ridiculed by some ---- however evidence BELOW and from many different sources confirms that the 3rd Rock from the sun is being visited by different species that fly about in diverse space craft === be it saucer, triangular, or cigar shaped .

Call these  Mysterians what you want ---- Spacemen,  Martians, Mechanical Men, Venusians, E.T.s,   _______________________________the facts are ---  they are interfering with humanity..... By accident or on purpose these creatures' vessels are being seen ------ is this a tactic ---- they are letting the EARTHERS know -------  WE ARE HERE --- YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  One must ask -- is that good or bad that THE MYSTERIANS are making their presence known?

Below: 2018 UFOs over a golf course in SCOTLAND.

The ABOVE photo is from May 30, 1965, is it legit or a hoax? Rob Mercer shot this photo in  New York, one story is this photo got into the hands of the late JIM & CORAL LORENZ who were major UFOLOGIST in the 1950s-1970s --- for study purposes and it was given to the public upon the Lornzen's death.  Another  line is that the photo was given to Operatino Blue Book and ages after being stored away it was by hook and crook released to the public....---------_______________________________________________________ Below: In the UFO world there are always hoaxers or near-do-wells who come up with gadgets that may or may not work........  And of course there are gadgets --- that one may laugh at -- and come to find out they work.... But the circa 1970 - UFO DETECTOR --- well -----  you can spend your money how you want...  I wonder how good the money back guarantee on this was?

BELOW: UFO sightings  can be legit -- or fakes --- or misidentified objects and sometimes --- accounts are made to read --- that the witness was a fool or he had too much to drink.  However --- many legit accounts have been written with a slant  to make the viewer seem like he or she is an idiot or a drunk.

BELOW: Very interesting UFO photo or photo of UFOS --- not much info on this print -- different ideas are bandied about concerning this snapshot ----______________________   __________  the photo was given to OPERATION BLUE BOOK or UFO investigators --- the late CORAL & JIM LORENZEN --- and for the past few decades --- the photo has been out in the public eye.... What is known --------- is this FLYING SAUCER photo was taken on January 25, 1967 in Hampton Virginia...__________________________________ At present no other info is available .  This photo could very well be LEGIT -- notice the flying disk and what looks like a large craft that is sphere shaped flying below (TO THE RIGHT BELOW) of the saucer .........................................................................  Large and small UFOS that resembled flying silver balls have been witnessed from the 1940s into the early 1970s --_____________________________________ If this photo fake, then it is one of the best fakes ever made in the 1960s.   This aerial ball is or could be what WWII Alied pilots and airmen saw as they flew over occupied Europe during 1944-1945.  This type of UFO was also seen over SANTA FE, New Mexico in the early 1970s...

The Mysterians, The Aliens, whatever you call them, the facts are -- they are here --- BELOW is proof that dates back to the 1940s

UFO sightings --- The Mysterians -- the Aliens -- the Beings from PLANET X --- their flying crafts have been seen all over the world.  Below -- China encounter July 7th 2010.

Below: UFO over Ireland November 30th 1957.  In a way the craft does resemble the 2010 China UFO -- is it the same ship or same design --- as in same species crewing the vessel?

Below -- a similar looking UFO?-- Or is this craft not cigar or line shaped but just a big oval?  This photo was taken in Brazil on January 25, 1971, at Santa Catarina -Armaco Beach.

BELOW: USA F18 footage == A UFO is tracked on weapons system... THE MYSTERIANS ARE HERE! 

What is out there? Who is out there?  What do they want?  Maybe the Japanese have the answer below --- Its "THE MYSTERIANS" wink -wink!







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