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ABOVE --- I would think the 1953 photo is a fake. UFO-FIRST-ESTATE = Below 1954 ROME -- UFO sighting.

UFO-FIRST-ESTATE --- Flying saucer over Rome 1967 -- BELOW

BELOW: ON the left info on the FLYING CARPET and EZEKIEL's WHEEL  -On the right:  Catholic Padre saying life could be on different planets and a civilian on the street saying no such thing as ADAM & EVE & E.T.

Yes there have been FLYING SAUCER gags & hoaxes -- but that does not mean --- UFOS are not visiting Earth.  Are these space beings influencing history -- by having a hand in goverments by way of a secret cabal, or Luciferian people -- who are "PUBLIC LEADERS" Interesting question?   

UFO-FIRST-ESTATE  it wasn't an air balloon that went down outside of Roswell on 3rd of July 1947.

So what is going on? Is Earth being visited by one or many different species? Are these Aliens, from a physical realm another planet or are they dimensional beings?  Or a combination of both?  Is society being influenced by them, as in in the ILLUMINATI?  Yes, is it possible that  certain secret groups  are in contact with Aliens, or are being used by a force from outside of this world?  The NEW WORLD ORDER  talks about the GREAT RESET, what is that?  In essence the NEW WORLD ORDER rules the world, a great number of peopled  by way of starvation, war and  vaccinations. The question is begged, is the NEW WORLD ORDER doing the dirty work for their masters, asn alien or demonic species? Aliens and the NEW WORLD ORDER, interesting  dynamics  ro questions concerning that theme.  

RIGHT= PHILIP KLASS = Alien/UFO/ debunker; he will not listen to evidence,  he parrots the authorities line, No Such Thing.  He probably BLACK/OPS as a disinformation specialist, paid by way of a front company.

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Above:  November 7, 1957 photo taken by Richard Pipes- 9PM - Amarillo, Texas. Below: photo taken by Michael Savage - age 15 - San Bernardino, California;  24 July -- UFO was seen for 30 seconds.