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UFO-MAN -- or THE FOO FIGHTER MAN = GEORGE ADAMSKI, His stories of alien contact are hailed or reviled. There is very little ambivalence towards this man's stories or books concerning outer space travel and meeting with aliens.

Reader---the photo below is that of a flying saucer that George Adamski took. The stamp below is another version of Adamski's photo. Ask yourself this question-- does the photo of the flying saucer look like a tricked up hat?

According to one skeptic-on the video-film "FRANK EDWARDS; FLYING SAUCERS ARE SERIOUS BUSINESS"; the nay sayer claims that Adamski's UFO photo -- the one that looks like golf hat with ping pong balls ---- is in reality (After Much Research), a tricked up -- canister lid top  = from a 1937 vacuum cleaner.

As stated above, George Adamski is thought of as either a fraud or a genuine contactee. After reading about him---you will see why he is hailed or bashed by the UFO community.

George Adamski was born in what is now Poland on April 17, 1891. In 1891 Poland did not exist as a independent country the nation had been absorbed by Germany and Russia. Not until after World War I was Poland granted its independence by the Versailles Treaty. Consequently, when Adamski's origin is stated, there is controversy- be it he was from Poland, Russia or Germany.

Adamski's parents moved to the United States in 1893. Adamski was raised in Dunkirk, New York, as a boy he lived a poor life but was highly intelligent.

George-Adamski served in the U.S. Army's 13th Cavalry from 1913-1916, his unit patroled the Mexican-American frontier. From 1916-1919 Adamski did his duty with the National Guard, during this time he married Mary A. Shimbersky on December 25, 1917.

After being mustered out of the cavaly in 1919, Adamski drifted and worked many menial jobs, eventually he and his wife settled in Los Angeles where he became a concrete contractor.

In 1930, Adamski founded the ROYAL ORDER OF TIBET. Adams preached to his followers a philopsophy of Universal Law. Adamski charisma and knowledge of Eastern mysticism earned him the nickname of "THE PROFESSOR". In 1936 Adamski penned the book, "WISDOM OF THE MASTERS OF THE FAR EAST".

During the early 1930's when Prohibition was still the law of the land, Adamski was able to open a monastary in Long Beach, California. At this sanctuary Adamski was able to make sacramental wine, for religious services. Wagging tongues claim that Adamski made great profit selling his wine to thirsty dry Californians. The monastary was a dodge that enabled him to flank Prohibition laws. If true, Adamski was a capitalistic fox.

By act of Congress, Prohibition ended in 1933. Upon this turn of events Adamski and his wife ran a cafe in Palomar Gardens, California, during the 1940's, for Alice K. Wells.

UFO-MAN --- the start of his true or false contacts -----

Geroge-Adamski saw his first UFO on October 8,9, 1946, in Palomar Gardens, California. While watching a meteor shower, with a six inch telescope, Adamski spotted a large cigar shaped craft. Some people dismissed it as imagination or a blimp. However, other people in San Diego sighted a UFO, was  this sighting power of suggests or was something seen? The UFO-MAN story is unique in the 1040s there are not many sightings of CIGAR TYPE CRAFT as compared to saucer shaped vehicles.

In 1947, Adamski claimed that he saw 184, flying saucers passing through the skies, The craft were segmented into 32 saucers per wave. Reads as odd but in the early 1950s the TEXAS PANHANDLE had similar sightings of many UFOs or FOO FIGHTERS in large "V" formations. 

In 1949, Adamski penned a book entitled, "PIONEERS OF SPACE", this fantasty story had UFO-MAN Adamski meeting aliens, visiting Venus, Mars, and the Moon.

On Novemeber 20th, 1952, Adamski along with six other people, went by car to the desert. Somewhere between Parker, Arizona and Desert Center, California, Adamski had contact with an alien.

The Adamski group parked their car in a desolate area and Adamski walked out into the desert and had an encounter with an Alien from a UFO scout ship.

Adamski met Orthon, who was an astronaut on the scout ship. The duo communicated by telepathy, words, and by drawing on the ground. Orthon was from planet Venus, he was dressed in a brown overalls-jumpsuit. The Venusian was 5'6", his hair reached his shoulders, and he looked Nordic.

The group that accompanied Adamski were not there at this meeting, and their accounts differ. Some records state that some members of the group saw something as in a craft, and other records state they saw nothing at all. What is true or false? Did Adamski meet a voyager from Venus?

One story has it, Orthon, left boot prints in the sand, and plaster casts were made of these boot prints.

The six people that went with Adamski were, George Williamson, who made casts of Orthon's boot prints, Betty Williamson, Lucy McGiness, Alice K. Weis, Al & Betty Bailey.

UFO-MAN George Adamski, had more contacts with the aliens, on the following dates--February 18, 1953; April 12, 1953; April 24, 1955. During this time span Adamski's wife died in 1954.

Adamski wrote many books about his alien encounters and became a lecturer and celebrity. Adamski, claimed that he was taken into outer space as a guest of the aliens.

According to the UFO-MAN all the planets of the solar system are inhabited. Adamski also preached what the aliens told him, that the universe was a big school. If you got things right on Earth, when you died, you would be born onto another planet, as in graduation.

Life in the universe was about learning, wisdom and growth. Adamski's spacemen claimed that Jesus Christ was an alien master who had incarnated on Earth in order to try to help humanity.

THE UFO-MAN -- also claimed that he was told that Earth was a problem planet, there had been many civilization before ours, but they had destroyed themselves in wars. Humanity seemed to be stuck in a scheme of growth-war-destruction-start all over, growth-war-destruction-start all over. It seems humanity was trapped into a cycle of destruction, and would never break into a realm of harmony, that would enable the people of Earth to reach a new level of wisdom.

These stories were very similar to what UFO-MAN Adamski had preached years before as "THE PROFESSOR" and what he had penned in his fantasy book, as in life on other planets.

How was Adamski able to become the premier UFO celebrity of the 1950's? At that time, the American public was very trusting, and Adamski's tales hit home with the public. Adamski, painted himself as Joe Everybody and his encounter at first seemd real to certain segments of the population.


As Adamski's stories became more fantastic, his popularity plunged. In 1962, Adamski claimed that he had gone to Saturn where upon a meeting took place with other aliens.

On April 23, 1965, while Adamski was visiting friends in Silver SPrings, Maryland, he was stricken by a heart attack and died. Prior to that, on the very day of his death, he told his friends that the aliens were going to visit him.

Was Adamski telling the truth? Was the UFO-MAN a fraud? The snapshots of alien spaceships that he took do look suspect. Perhaps, Adamski did see something at one time, or had some type of encounter with who knows what and then embellished the story and then turned his visit or tall tale into a cottage industry.

Adamski was a capitalist, proof of that is his winery during Prohibition. Judge for yourself, was Adamski legit, he claimed that there was vegetation on the planets, etc... So the UFO-MAN he has been proven wrong. In particular, one snapshot at the top of the page is of a purported spaceship that his alien friends piloted. To me and to many the UFO snapshot looks like a summer hat with ping pong balls glued to it's underside.

As of today, Adamski reputation is savaged by nearly everybody. However, Adamski, to his credit preached peace, wisdom and growth.

Adamski's partisans, few in number have some wild ideas about his UFO-ALIEN contact.

A few Weird Beards think that Adamski really did make contact. To the left is this proof? -The two photos from 1951 were taken by the UFO-MANi through his telescope--(TV show + ufo photo--1951). Adamski claimed the photos show alien scout ships disengaging or exiting the mothership. Rather like how the smaller scout ships divide off off the mothership in the 1996 film "Independence Day'. However this idea of launches, predated the 1996 blockbuster film by 45 years.

Some UFO devotees think-to squelch Adamski's credibility with the public, Adamski was duped by the Federal government BLACK OPS boys---and he was made later on to look the fool. By way of mind control and stage acting, the UFO-MAN was tricked. ADAMSKI AND PERCEPTION; The UFO-MAN did profiteer off of his UFO-Alien encounters. Some of his champions see nothing wrong with that, after all the USA is a capitalist country. Plain and simple Adamski had a message that people would pay to hear, so he made hay while the sun shined.

CONCLUSION? Again one must beg the question, are Adamski's partisans right, in that he was a legitimate contactee. Or are the nay sayers correct, in that UFO-MAN was a fraud. No matter how you judge the man, during the 1950s Adamski was the KING OF THE HILL--when it came to lectures concerning E.T.s.

One idea that some conspiracy people ponder, Adams was a pawn in a grand deceptions ploy.  The theory, Adamski was an unknowing puppet of some secret society that did have control over certain FEDERAL BLACK OP CELLS. The secret society's goal was to get the American public's attention off of the real UFO threat or UFO encounters-- the1950 through 1954 FLYING SAUCER FLAP or the 1947 ROSWELL CRASH--which did not get into the public eye until the late 1980s.

In that respect Adamski did manage to cloud the waters of UFO research in the 1950s.

SOOOOO---- reader------ was Adamski a good deeder, a greedy capitalist, a puppet of some secret society or Black Ops agent? All info on Adamski  (BELOW) or UFOLOGY is welcomed. santafewriter@me.com

Below -- is a late 1950s interview of radio broadcaster LONG JOHN NEBEL and GEORGE ADAMSKI at 10:07, there are other interviews.

What is fact during World War II qualified witnesses --- pilots -- did encounter Foo Fighters all around the world --- (UFOS)... Critics claim ADAMSKI jumped on this and made his money by conning the public about Flying Saucers... Adamski's partisans claim the man was telling it like he experienced it, and his view on things maybe different than others --- but what he saw was ---- THAT's THE FACT JACK!  ---- BELOW: FOO FIGHTER DOCU

BELOW: Another tidbit on FOO FIGHTERS --- as far as my research goes -- UFO-MAN ADAMSKI never described alien craft as in how WWII pilots = a ball of fire or energy.

BELOW: "THE CALUSA UFO CAPER".. A National New Report on one of the old Big 3 Stations that was seen all over the USA.... Apparently a UFO was spotted in October 1976 in northern California, at the town of Calusa, this location is NOT close to where Adamaski saw his UFO in the Mojave Desert in the 1950s - Southeast-California).  Barbara Wawa (Walters) a no talent journalist who got her network jobs due to her studio connections, makes fun of the incident at the end of the broadcast... Co anchor -- Harry Reasoner it seems has to go along with the bad humor... As for the report -- something was seen but one wonders if there was any cattle mutilations or missing people reports that were filed with the local police before or after this UFO or FOO FIGHTER was witnessed... 

BELOW:  Another UFO report similar to the CALUSA incident. In June of 1965 Gemini 4 astronaut James McDivitt. spotted a UFO in orbit around the Earth that had metal arms (cables?).  Below is the data on this incident.  Is this UFO the same craft that was seen 12 years later in 1976 over Calusa, California? Was the sighted 1965 UFO part of some top secret BLACK OPS OPERATION that the Gemini astronaut was not told about? As for the June 1965 time frame, were there any missing people or cattle mutilations that were reported at the time of this UFO sighting?  The missing people and cattle mutilation questions do go against what Adamski claimed, that the aliens were space brothers and meant humanity -- no harm.  

BELOW: The 1952 UFO wave over Washington D.C.  Something was there, and it was not swamp gas!

BELOW: OREGON UFO photos from 1950 re-examined --- it seem the 2 photos to be legit.

ABOVE & BELOW: Supposedly  the oblong craft was seen off NY COAST, the triangular craft was taken on a US NAVY, DESTROYER or DESTROYER ESCORT -- on the fantail.


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