SANTA-FE-TOURS-INDEX  -- Info on tours led by AL Pacheco GHOST or HISTORY 505-986-5002 --  or 505--231-1336... Sometimes AL's tours kick up a little dust -- historical or paranormal -- you see where the events happened.  Below your guide -- AL PACHECO

SANTA-FE-TOURS-INDEX    concert itself with walking tours -- done at a comfortable pace that are led by Historian -- Author -- Paranormal Investigator and Santa Fe native -- ALLAN PACHECO

SANTA-FE-TOURS-INDEX --- Guide and native Santa Fean Allan Pacheco offers -- ghost tours and History tours -- day or night --- summer or winter..  505-986-5002 Allan is also available as a key note speaker or radio guest -- 

SANTA-FE-TOURS-INDEX / Your private tour is done aa a comfortable pace -- this is your private safari -- let Allan know your interests -- he tries to take the tour towards your likes.

SANTA-FE-TOURS-INDEX  your ghost tour -- covers -- shades, haunted locales, LA LLORONA, UFOs, THE MISSING, it is a paranormal  tour deluxe... 

SANTA-FE-TOURS-INDEX -- Your history tour -- = Conquistadors, SANTA FE TRAIL, Route 66  The Plaza -- wild west days -- and espionage -- the stealing of the MANHATTAN PROJECT data --- it happened here in Santa Fe during World War II...

SANTA-FE-TOURS-INDEX  -- Summer or winter -- day or night for ghost tours -- and daytime for history tours --- schedule a safari with ALLAN PACHECO 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336 

SANTA-FE-TOURS-INDEX  --- On your ghost tour -- if you have a ghostometer bring it -- you do walk by and through some areas where in the past, paranormal events have transpired. Be it  energies being photographed, felt, seen, and on a few occasions -- people have been shoved.  Got guts -- go on a ghost tour with Allan Pacheco -- 505-986-5002 or 5050-231-1336

SANTA-FE-TOURs-INDEX-- below photos of different tours -- ghost and history --- 

SANTA-FE-TOURS-INDEX --- Below a tour group at the Santa Fe Trail monument --- Allan's history tours are just as good as his ghost tours... The plaza is where the santa fe Trail started or ended --dependent on which way you are going -- West or East...

BELOW' GHOST TOURS -- ON a Safari something was out there on spook lane -- look at the pensiveness in the faces of the shadow chasers & below that -- end of a ghost tour --- ALLAN PACHECO's tours are filled with great info and a good time is had -- and at times the safari can be spine tingling.

BELOW-- Is this a trick of light -- or? The place and surrounding area through the centuries has been a cold or host spot for paranormal activity.

ROUTE 66 used to pass through SANTA FE!  On your private safari -- be it history or ghost -- you get all kinds of interesting tidbits and you stop at where the Happs --- occurred!  505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336

ABOVE -- to the left of the fountain   --- historic ROTUE 66. Below -- Behind this family on Rt 66 -- here comes a 1965 MUSTANG!   DIG IT!!! 

OLD SANTA FE-- Modern and Wild West History or modern or centuries old paranormal -- pick your tour -- GHOST or HISTORY --- 505-986-5002 

Your guide Allan has a magical map that ne navigates from -- wink - wink

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