OCCULT-TOUR-SANTA-FE -- your tour covers all aspects of hidden Santa Fe -- ghosts -- haunted locales -- UFOS --- The  MISSING --- Facts -- legend -- etc.  505-986-5002 

On your OCCULT-TOUR-SANTA-FE   you can ask questions -- Allan tries to tack the tour towards your interests --- Also the walking tour is done at a comfortable pace.


Through the old town you safari -- OCCULT-TOUR-SANTA-FE  all tours are done at a comfortable pace.  505-986-5002  You get the facts -- the lore -- the legends and the lies that make up the myths.  It's a paranormal tour -- DELUXE!

Wear your walking shoes when you tour with ALLAN PACHECO  505 986 5002. your safari or OCCULT-TOUR-SANTA-FE --- takes you down lanes and roads, past haunted centuries old buildings. You go to X SPOT, where in the past on tours and centuries before, apparitions have been seen.  On some tours -- ghost o meters pick up energies, or cameras captures orbs or ghostly figures on film. Sometimes people feel a cold energy around them and that is not a cold breeze that is doing that, if you get my drift.  And! AND! On some safaris people have gotten chicken flesh and something has touched them or on the rarest occasions, some type of cold force has shoved them. 

On Al Pacheco's paranormal tours -- you see Santa Fe, like nobody else has seen Santa Fe. You get the facts of the haunting and data from Allan's investigations.  Schedule a trek 505 986 5002

Below --- on tour in a haunted location -- thermal camera in use.  IT does not matter what type of ghost  chaser gadget you have, bring it. Your equipment  can be in expensive or  expensive, bring it.  GHOST O METERS, TRIFIELDS, K2s, PENDULUMS, GHOST RODS, OVILUS BOXES, or GHOST BOXES and IPHONE with GHOST APS -- they are all welcome.  On a number of tours -- people have registered energies that defy description.  Yes, sometimes paranormal forces are run into or they run into he tour.  Lets go touring 50 5986 5002

What is that in the above picture. A dark nothing? A trick of light? A SNAFU from how the aperture moved and took the photo? Or is it the ghost of the CATMAN OF SANTA FE? Or the ghost of the CAT-WOMAN OF SANTA FE? No such thing, right? Maybe it is it the ghost, of the WOLF-MAN OF SANTA FE? Again, NO SUCH THING!  It is an odd photo.  Is it an entity as in an energy, or a force, or a ghost?  You take a guess? 

Got Shadow chaser gadgets bring em!   OCCULT-TOUR-SANTA-FE --- it is rare -- but on occasion the tour runs into some very curious energy!   


REPEATING ---- YOU NEVER CAN TELL --- ON A GHOST TOUR --- BE PREPARED!  --- Night vision cameras or night scopes -- grid lasers --- ghost boxes --- ghost o meters --  you got em -- bring em. Trifields -- Ovilus -- K2 gadgets --- BRING EM!!!! On tour  -- you do walk by  some places that in the past have  been known for ghostly activity.  Below Green laser in a haunted area, in order to try to get reaction of energy in this spot. Sometimes the Green has worked as in validation, IT IS HERE AND THERE IT WENT! 

Above: Did the camera captures something peculiar in a haunted area. The skeptics, will claim no, but then nay sayers will say no to any type of proof because it goes against their religion, that there is no such thing.  Below -- cameras and ghost chaser equipment in action. On this tour -- activity happened at the back of the tour.  The group had passes this area and then something happened, like a trip wire was hit.  There was activity behind us, ghostly, felt and registered on ghost gadgets.  Yes, the tour got a good scare.  505 986 5002 --- tour with AL PACHECO


On your OCCULT-SANTA-FE -- TOUR ----you can ask as many questions as you want --- this is your private tour. Allan Pacheco tries to tack the tour towards your interests.  ON your trek --- ghosts -- haunted locales --- UFOS -- The Missing -- La Llorona ---  are covered. AND MUCH MORE.

IF you are a ghost hunter or just curious -- a paranormal television hobbyist/ program-watcher -- then this tour is for you... 505-986-5002

Below --- something was there. YEOW!

Above and below gadget and camera in action! Not sure, but I think this camera also had a ghost ap with it. 

Below" Enjoying the safari === ALLEN and his family were a great bunch ---- OCCULT-TOUR-SANTA-FE

BELOW: At the end of a business seminar group OCCULT-TOUR -- in a rented room inside the haunted LA POSADA... Allan answers questions as  he gives the group the inside-baseball on JULIA STAAB the ghost that haunts the LA POSADA resort, which used to be her mansion.  The story concerning Julia's ghost is very interesting, her husband was the AL CAPONE of NEW MEXICO TERRITORY.  The upshot of LA POSADA and its haunting --- it involves, power, crime, lust, and the SANTA FE RING.   

Below: 2 pictures -- Allan with different tours -- happy times --- the tours = were informative and tons of fun.  Schedule a tour 505-986-5002  The tour groups had rented out a room for snacks at the haunted La Posada, an old Wild West mansion that has been turned into a five star resort. After the tours there ws a short question and answer session.  505 986 5002

OCCULT-TOUR-SANTA-FE     Above and below  your safari leader Al pacheco / 505 986 5002




SANTA FE SAFARI -- LED BY ALLAN PACHECO /  Book a tour 505-986-5002