Are there any clues or theories that can be found in the Elisa Lam tragedy of Los Angeles as compared to the unsolved disappearances of those that vanished in Pecos (PECOS TRIANGLE) or other places in NM?

This page has different ideas, facts and videos concerning the unsolved death of ELIAS LAM... Is there anything in this tragedy that can shed light on what has befallen the missing in New Mexico, specifically the PECOS TRIANGLE?   The mainstream authorities think that Elisa Lam who went missing and was found dead in a water tank atop a Los Angeles hotel is a closed case.  lam died due to mental illness, a stroke, a seizure, a suicide, a bi-polar incident, etc.  Below on this page is info on this lady's strange fate.  The Mainstream authorities also, attest that the missing in Pecos (PECOS TRIANGLE) and other locations in NM, vanished due to the missing did not want to be found, they had a stroke, they suicided or the elements did them in.  The pundits claim that their is nothing suspicious about the people who have gone missing win Pecos or in other parts of NM.  NO! There is something strange about the NM missing, logic goes out the door with the New Mexico cases.  So again, are their any clue that can be found in the Elisa Lam case that can shed light on what has happened with the mysterious disappearances that have occurred in NM?    

Below the Elisa Lam scenario -- 

The below video is very thorough. What is interesting is that the time stamp on the video in the elevator is tampered with.  Who has the power to do that the authorities covering for something or somebody in the hotel, of BLAKC OPS?  What could have happened to her what are the possibilities?  Lets list all the options and use all ideas? Was Elisa a pawn, what was she doing in California, just on vacation or something else, was she MKULTRA,  was she a lady who suicided, was her death due to Bi-Polar episode, was she possessed, did something evil from that hotel -- energy get her, was she on ecstasy or on a date rape drug and a fever hit her and she went to the water tank to cool off?   

BELOW: more ideas about what could have happened to ELISA --- this type of brainstorming is what is needed when it comes to the NM MISSING -- PECOS MYSTERY.

BELOW: Interesting theories, for the dimblulbs out there, do NOT NOT NOT --- play the elevator game.  Do NOT NOT NOT take a chance, it is like the OUJA BOARD, it is negative by negative a summoning.   

BELOW: The Cecil Hotel does have a history of mayhem, likewise Pecos has a history of missing people... Is there any more to that statement?  Is something sinister going on in the Pecos area or is there a force that draws the unknowing to their doom in both locales -- PECOS & CECIL HOTEL? Note the video below -- is the lady drugged, has mental problems or is starting to be possessed? All kinds of questions come to mind, any info on this tragedy or the Pecos missing send data to

The authorities ruled that ELISA LAM died due to her Bi-Polar condition.  Then one must ask, if she was Bi-Polar at the time of her death, why did not any of the alarms go off as she went through the doors to the roof.  Arm chair sleuths think -- it is Obvious -- the alarms system was not working.  Another question is how did Elisa climb up the water tower, it was 2:30 Am roughly when the last video of her in the elevator was recorded.  How did this small lady get the lid off the tank?  The detectives who worked the case do not know how Elisa got atop of the water tank?  Elisa was not wearing her glasses, it was dark, did she get to the roof by way of a fire escape or by the door to roof?  Another odd thing that is mentioned by some researchers is that this is the hotel that serial killer RICHARD RAMIREZ (THE NIGHT STALKER) lived at.  One rumor is that his room was on the 14th floor.  Some Weird Beards think that they can see the ghost or face of this serial killer on the video or transposed on her face, hmm?   

A video of the elevator scene with ideas in the comment section of what happened to Lam.  Are there any themes or ideas in this Los Angeles misery that can apply to the Pecos missing cases? As in solving what became of the vanished in Pecos?  OR are these cases (Pecos Disappearances) have no relevance to what happened in Los Angeles? Maybe, maybe not?

More of what the news reported as the story broke.

One thing about this case, is that some video of Elisa Lam on her last night has not been released. Why it has not been shown to the public, unknown. The video shows Elisa walking into the lobby with two men, and she was handed a box and that is all the information that has been leaked. Was this box from a restaurant, how big was the box, who were these two men, did she just meet them,  or she had met them at?  Was she used as a unwilling carrier of something?  Did any of the missing in Pecos run into dangerous unknown people?  One oddity of this Elisa Lam case is that no finger prints were found as in a trail of how she got onto the roof and into the tank.. When Elisa was first reported missing, the roof was searched by the police with scent dogs, and nothing was detected... A few weeks later Lam's body was found in the water tank.  Reader, the missing in Pecos, when it comes to tracking dogs, the  canines picked up zero scent when it came to trying to find the vanished.  It only takes a couple of seconds of a human to have contact on something, be it a piece of ground or object and a scent dog can pick up that scent clue.   

Did the New Mexico missing (PECOS TRIANGLE) see something they were not supposed to see? That is why they vanished? Were they given some type of info or found some type of item and that is why they disappeared, (not on their own volition).  Were they targeted?  Did they run into something not of this realm? Did they run into a drug cartel or a serial killer? One must explore all the themes, because nothing in these vanishing (NM) makes any sense.  

Does the following true tale have any clues in it concerning the missing?  To the NorthEast of the Pecos/Santa Fe National Forest is the town of Holman, New Mexico. This town is listed to give one a location of where another vanishing happened, at present I do not have a good map of the Holman area.  

Ann Riffin, age 33, from Montclair, New Jersey went missing in the Holman area on September 21 of 1982. That is when the missing report was filed by the authorities.  It is estimated that Riffin left her flat in Ruidoso, New Mexico on September 13, 1982.  Riffin's car was later found on a dirt road, off of Holman Hill's paved state HWY 3 or NM 3, no trace of this woman (clothing, bones) has ever been found.  

ANN LINDA RIFFIN was born on May 8, 1949. She was 5'4" tall and around 125 pounds. Griffin had brown hair and brown eyes, she had a scar on the back of one of her knees. She was 33 years old at the time of her vanishing. 

 Riffin had a degree in anthropology she had attended Wellesley College and had graduated fro William & Mary.   With her family which was headed by her father Irving who was a doctor, she had traveled the world. Some of the places Riffin toured with family or by herself was Japan, Britain and other parts of Europe. At one point Riffin lived in Peru and Israel.  The point being this young lady was an experienced traveler, she did not come from a pauper background and book wise, she was smart.

In the fall of 1982 Riffin was living in Ruidoso, New Mexico, she worked at a restaurant lodge, she was an aspiring artist and author.  In September Riffin left Ruidosos to go visit her Father's cousin and wife in Colorado Springs.  She never arrived.

Tiffin's Chevy hatchback was found on a dirt road off of Holman Hill which is outside of Holman, New Mexico.  Her car according to police officer Herman Silva who worked the Riffin case, was in working order.  The car had 1/4 of fuel in it.  One story by one of Riffin's New Jersey relatives, claims that the car was found mired in mud. Is that an exaggeration, was the care stuck?  I think State Police Officer Silva would have not attested that the car was in working over if the auto was stuck.

Upon finding the car, a search was organized, had Riffin left the dirt road and gotten lost in the trees of the area, had she been abducted from her car or on the road? Most curious, the search and rescue men, the police, and tracking dogs found not clues of what became of Riffin. The Holman Hill area was then hit with rain, and apparently no finger prints were taken of Riffin's chevy hatchback body or could not be taken due to the precipitation.  However, there is no report of fingerprints being taken from inside the car, perhaps this was a slipshod investigation. 

It was reported, that none of Riffins belongs were gone through, there was not sign of a robbery, and the car was locked from the inside.   The only thing missing was Riffin's purse, but most women take their purse where ever they go, so the missing purse is not such an odd happening.  As for abduction, Riffin's credit card was never used after she vanished.  Most credit cards once they are taken or stolen, are used by the criminal, until the card company wises up that the purchases on the stolen card or cards are not being done by the card owner.

No lipstick S.O.S. was on the car windows, and neither was a penned message found in the car, be it of I am walking this way back to the state hwy, or suicide note.  

One curious thing, is that her car was not pulled off the road, Riffin's Chevy was on the road, or so goes the story.  Other reports make it sound as if Riffin's car was parked right in the middle of the dirt road and the car was in perfect drivable shape, as in not stuck. 

Rationalists, will claim, Riffin was lost in life, she was deeply troubled and she went out into a field or some trees and killed herself, or a predator animal attacker her, or she went and joined a commune and x-ed herself out of her old life.

If Riffin did suicide or was attacked by a mountain lion, there was no trace of her ever found, be it clothing or bones. Also the searchers could not pick up any clue of where she went by way of their sweepers and no tell tale flock of scavenging birds leading to her clothing and corpse.

This missing incident is in some way like the other Pecos vanishings.  No clues can be found with the other vanishings, and years or decades later, no traces of the disappeared have been found.  Riffin's car showed no sign of struggle, rather like Emma Tresp's car, and why was Tresp vehicle found on a out of the way dirt road, like Riffin's?  

Is there any clues in this gone missing story, that shed light on the missing in the Pecos Triangle? OR Pecos area? 


In the general area of where Riffin's car was found, the following happened decades later, depending on who you believe this was nature, it was alien, or Black Ops experiment -- HAARP -- etc.. 


On April 15, 2008 Steven V. Romero's blue Ford pickup truck was found on a dirt road near/ or /at the 35 mile marker on NM HWY117.  This dirt road location is near GRANTS, NM, the truck was  about 300 yards from a trail head that leads into the MALPAIS lava beds.

Romero age 61, was 6'2" and about 185 lbs.  Romero had left his house in Magdalena, NM on April 14 to go to Albuquerque for a doctor check up (V.A.).  He did not arrive at his family members house in Albuquerque, but credit card records indicate that he had filled up his gas tank in Grants on the 14th.   

Romero's truck was found on the 15th, no evidence of foul play was found.  His foot prints were by the truck, his GPS,blue backpack, keys to the truck and identification was not found. What was in the truck was his baseball cap, his walking stick and food. 

A search of the area found nothing, his vehicle was in running order. (One story is that can not be confirmed is that the truck could be driven, but one or two of the tires were flat).  

There was no message left inside the cab stating that Romero was in trouble.  

Some sleuths think Romero hiked into the MALPAIS lava beds and suicided or had a stroke or heart attack and died somewhere off the road or amongst the lava rock.  The area was searched by the police and search and rescue teams, no clues of what happened to him were yielded.

 Years after this disappearance,  not a trace of this person has been found, be it bones or clothing.  Also why would this man leave his walking stick and baseball cap behind?  Some sleuths  think, he had two hats and perhaps two walking sticks or canes. Maybe? But that does not read as correct, I only know of one person who carries a backup cane and hat in their vehicle.

It is also of note that none of Romero's bank or credit card accounts were touched after he vanished.  Likewise Romero's house was checked after his disappearance  and everything checked out okay, noting had been plundered, no suicide note was found.

Is the Romero case simply that of a man who got out of his vehicle and died due to a seizure or fell into a pit?  That is possible, but wouldn't the authorities have found something of this man's path or his remains? 

Is there no mystery to Romero's missing status?  Or is this mystery similar to what befell EMMA TRESP in PECOS.  There is a card record of her filling up her vehicle at a gas station, then her car is found on a dirt road and not a trace of her was ever found.  A thorough search is conducted and years after her vanishing more searches are done, but not a clue has been discovered.  

The reason the Romero story is stated, is because maybe there is some type of scenario linkage between Romero's strange dissapearance and that of the missing in PECOS, and maybe somebody has been able to spot a theme or a clue that will help bring closure to this and to the other vanishing cases.

These people who went missing did have people who cared, there is no closure for these families of the missing.

At present the data on the Romero case is sketchy, but what is fact, is that this man like the others who went missing did not think to or was not able to write out an S.O.S. message or a matter of fact note of where he was going or what was going on.   If you have any info on this case or the other disappearances contact the authorities or send info my way... Home page has all of Alan's contact info.  HOME PAGE ICON near end of page..