UNEXPLAINED DISAPEARENCE: Mel Nadel -- The Pecos Triangle

ON the investigation, we had our equipment act up and fail, the Geiger Counter, the Trifled meter, the 35MM camera, the cell phone.  The only thing that worked part of the time was the digital camera.  Below some photos form the 35 MM, the camera operated fine and before this investigation, why it failed, no idea.  Skeptics will say it was the film, the settings, human error, but the camera went from serviceable to glitch, then it worked good later on.  The below area where we had some odd readings and then smash went the equipment.  

As our gear went wonky  we had all kinds of happenings, from noises that could not be explained to the jeep not starting. IT was as if something was around us and fouled things up. Below this was not purposely darkened, the equipment went smash.

The camera film went wonky -- when the equipment went wonky, this above and below are photos of ELK MOUNTAIN TOWER ... It is easy to see and to hike for, there are all kinds of  logging, hiking, Indian and pioneer trails in the area.  Mel could have easily seen this place and headed for it, he would have hit a road, or path.  Also there are paths, that lead back to Pecos or to the campgrounds, and if worse comes to worse all one has to do is follow the streams or canyons  downward and a person will hit the Pecos River adn then civilization. 

The film got strange, these are the results -- once we got the gear going wonky, the film went as well, case in point below.

The camera did not work, then when we got away from the area, the camera worked, along iwth the other equipment.  So was it ACCORDING TO HOYLE, and  when one wheel falls off the wagon they all do, law of averages, or was there an energy up there that messed up the equipment.  As stated before, even my cell phone  went wonky, had to take it to phone company and get it fixed, it simply overloaded and would not work.  The camera as you will see, took pictures that came out, after we left the area. 

BELOW: After leaving the area, the camera began to work, so what happened, bad film, malfunction with shutter or?

After striking out on the Mel Nadel investigation, we went to the exact spot where EMMA TRESP vanished. A small statue of an angel and cross mark where her car and footsteps were found.  Her footsteps went around her auto and that is it, not up or down the dirt road or to the side.... NOTE the pictures from this investigation.  It was the same camera on a different day, there is no comparison to the photos concerning the MEL NADEL area and EMMA TRESP area.   CLICK BELOW TO SEE THE DIFFERENCE


If you have any ideas or clues on what is going on in the PECOS TRIANGLE, put forth your conclusions. If you have data on other cases in the area, or photos -- again put forth your info and thoughts.



To the right are snapshots of Stanley Vigil age 50 weight 200 lbs.  This man is not a footnote on a page, he had a wife and four sons.  His loved ones are concerned, sad, and grieving.  This man was lost in Pecos, here is the story and there are parts of it that read as odd.  Paranormalists will claim that many things could have befell him, skeptics will claim he was a victim of the law of averages, be it health or bad luck.   Whatever one wants to believe, Allan thinks that this man STANLEY, who was an experienced  outdoorsman, his disappearance in some aspects has no logic to it.  

On November 7Th Stanley and family member + pals were going dear hunting near  or technically on Barillas Peak, which is East of Pecos, this is an area which can be considered the southern area of the mountain chain that run behind Pecos, past Santa Fe and into the Hyde Park area (The Sange De Christos).  Debunkers will say that is being to general a description... What this is intended to do is give people a description of where Stanley was last seen.

Stanley Vigil was raised in the Pecos area, he knew the woods, he was not a city dweller who knew nothing about hunting or living in the wilds. At the time of his disappearance Stanley was living in ABQ, the point of all of this is that Stanley was not some new-bee to the wilds.  He was not an amateur when it came to trekking through the Pecos expanses.  Like other Pecos, New Mexico people, who are at home on the frontier, Stanley was tough and knew how to use firearms, he knew how to hunt game and prepare what he brought back.

Stanley on November 7th was in a 4 wheel drive vehicle with family and pals who were going hunting, when he saw a deer by the side of the dirt road they were on.  He told the driver to stop so he could go after the deer.  The vehicle stopped, Stanley went into the tree line after the deer, and the vehicle was parked a little further up the road.  The rest of the group disembarked and went to where Stanley had gone after the deer.

The group heard two gunshots, they assumed Stanley and gotten his quarry. After  few minutes, Stanley had not returned to the road and the group went farther into the trees and fields shouting  and looking for Stanley. Gunshots were fired to give Stanley a sound beacon, a return shot was heard but it was farther away from  the first two gunshots. 

Stanley did not reach the dirt road or meet up with the people looking for him that were now off the road in the glades and small fields.  Then it started sleeting. 

The search continued and Stanley was reported missing and the State Police and SEARCH AND RESCUE were called in.  Later, family, pals and volunteers mobilized and the area was through searched, the man was not found.

On the night of the 8th, Stanley went missing on the 7th a man thought to be Stanley came to a mobile home in the village of San Juan, which is in Pecos, or the Pecos area...


 Stanley went to the door of the mobile home and told the lady inside he needed help, he was turned away because the woman was afraid.  Stanley was carrying a pistol and she did not know him. It was late at night and she was alone with her kids.  

There are different versions of what was said at the mobile home. More on that later, in this story.  I might add, and I do not know if Stanley had his pistol in his holster or in his hand. 

Curious: The searchers were not able to find Stanley after the sighting at the mobile home.  Also, a game camera picked up a man walking at night bundled up on the Diamond ranch, which is located in Pecos.  This game camera sighting happened before the Mobile home visit.  The game camera photo was taken around 9:30 PM. In the picture, the man is not carrying a rifle and is hooded, because the temps are low at this time of year in Pecos at night.

ON November 21st the State Police suspended their search for Stanley Vigil.  The search was conducted by people on foot, horseback, and helicopter.

Some people ask why is this story on a paranormal website, the pundits claim that Stanley got lost and their is nothing supernatural about that, the man was not carrying a canteen and did not have food on him.  Conclusion - the elements and lack of sustenance took its toll on him.

AlLan disagrees with the pundits, he thinks there could be more to Stanley's vanishing than the boiler plate explanation of was of averages in the woods when getting lost.

Yes, Stanley could have have become confused by way of the fog, sleet, he could have had a heart attack, a stroke, or fallen and hit his head and been dazed. Furthermore Stanley could have become delusional from lack of water and food or from hypothermia. 

But it is odd that no trace of the man was found, and he could not be tracked.  That follows in line with others who have gone missing in the Pecos area -- or PECOS TRIANGLE. People on the ground with dogs or by way of aircraft have not bene able to find a clue when it came to other missing people.

One must ask, how can a man not leave any sign or any track of where he was at, when that man is an outdoorsman.  How can an experienced backwoodsman  get lost so close to the dirt road of where he came from. How can his family and friends and who are at home in the thickets Pecos, not find a clue about what became of this man. How can the authorities, not find this man with all of their quadrant searches and line sweeps.

The Pecos area is not a trackless jungle, there are roads and trails that criss-cross this area, their are cabins, lights from villages and landmarks that can be navigated from. More importantly this man Stanley was not a rookie when it came to being in the woods.  

Anybody who has done hunting through the years like Stanley or who has done a lot of hiking, a few times in their treks have become lost.  But the lost find their way back to a road or village and those experiences  teaches a person about landmarks and not panicking.  IF one does not have a compass one uses landmarks to dead recon and aims for a place where a creek is or a road it that will lead one to civilization.

Stanley Vigil again was not a guy who grew up in downtown New York city, he grew up in Pecos, he could navigate the back country. SO could his family and cousins who went searching for him.

Initially the area where Stanely Vigil went missing would be from the dirt road to the summit of Barillas Peak, that area would be in the dimensions of 1000-2000 meters to the peak from the dirt road. Roughly 1 to 2 kilometers, or roughly 10 -20 football fields, and in this area there was no trace of the man.

Allan was phoned and asked what he knew of this area and the missing being that he has written and investigated the locations of where the vanished were last witnessed in the Pecos Triangle.

Allan like many other people who are at home in the Pecos woodland areaa, find it hard to believe that a man, who is an experienced hunter could get lost so close to the edge of the dirt road from where he came and his cousins who are also at home hunting, could not find a clue.  

When one is at home in the outback, one gets a sense for finding things and a sense for direction.  One knows, if one keeps going in this direction he will hit this ridge where he can get a bearing or find x road in the other direction to get back to z spot.

Being in the woods without a compass is not tough thing if one knows how to hunt and trek, Stanley and his cousins know how to do this. Again, why could nobody find any trace of the man? 

As for Stanley at the mobile home, on the television news it was said that Stanly told the lady in the trailer that his truck had gotten stuck and he needed help... Arm chair sleuths will say that is proof Stanly was suffering from lack of water and food and was not making sense.  

Even if he was not making sense and he was in dire straits, why did Stanly not go to another mobile home in the village and ask for help or break in.  OR use his weapon to shoot open a locked door or use the weapon if it had no bullets to break a window and get into a place for water and shelter.  

Stanley had the sense to get to a mobile home, and see about water, food and shelter. His survival instincts were working, then why did he not go to other mobile homes in the village?

Why was Stanly not be able to be tracked from the mobile home successfully? Or from the game camera area, sleet, rain, is given as the answer..  Even at that, a good search party should be able by way of scouts or line sweeps find something of evidence that a person went this way.  You have evidence that he was a X spot you start working the quadrants that angle out from X location.  

Allan was called and asked questions over the phone about the missing that he has researched in the Pecos Triangle, he was questioned because Stanley had not been found.  Allan was told the following by a hunter; this story concerns a different scenario at the trailer.  Allan can not confirm this story as fact but it is bizarre and one has to ask was the hunter told the truth or was the Pecos hunter told a tall tale?

At the trailer that Stanley reached, the frightened lady with the kids did not want to let Stanley in because of his pistol and she did not know him, and Stanley was at the mobile home in the middle of the night.  Stanley told the lady inside the trailer he was lost.  The lady who's name has not been revealed would not let Stanly into the trailer and explained she would call the police.  Stanley then said some strange things, his reply was NO, NOOO, THEY ARE AFTER ME... Stanly then shortly left...

Was this the truth as in what happened or was the hunter lied to or ? IF this is the truth, then was Stanly delirious and he imagined that he was being tracked, or is there some truth to what Stanly said?

The reason this odd exchange is mentioned is because a lot of things do not add up with Stanley's disappearance, likewise a lot of things do not add up with the other vanishings in this area. 

In the past and this is on the there side of the Barillas peak or north of this peak, ufos have been sighted, as well  as military helicopters.  Lights above and in the trees that can not be accounted for have been witnessed and paranormal outlines or ghosts have been documented by hunters in the tress.

Some Weird Beards think their is a doorway or stargate that moves through the area and sometimes people enter it and are lost forever or something comes out of this dimension or other world door and takes people.  WHAT? Some people that Allan has talked to think that Stanley walked into one of these energy fields and that is why no trace could be found of him and the far away gun shot was that he was walking farther into that doorway.  Somehow he came out and was swallowed again. In some of these beyond belief missing accounts that have been verified, sometimes months or years later the remains of the lost are found in area that has already been throughly searched.

Other Weird Beard think Stanley came across something top secret be it Rogue Feds or Ufo activity and  he escaped and was chased.  That is why he was saying --- what he was supposedly said --- at the mobile home.

Yes this all reads as fantastic --- but Stanly disappearing close to a dirt road that he came from and not being able to navigate back through the trees reads as very strange. Also his cousins, family, and searchers could not find a trace of him in the small area that he first went into. 

When lost, one stays put.  One builds a shelter and fire, and you will be found. Stanley knew that. Again, he was not a rookie hunter.  

It seems near impossible that Stanley could not be found initially and that he could not be found  in the first 48 hours of the search.  

Is Stanley's vanishing due to a hunter getting lost in the woods? Or is there supernatural / paranormal /  /Black Ops machinations tied to his disappearance?  

From the outside most people will say it is cut and dried event.  Stanley simply got lost, but their is many more things to that idea that do not tally correctly.  People like Stanley simply do not get lost like he did and  people who live in Pecos know their way around the area and can find the lost. But in Stanley's case, he has not been found...

READER --- Stanley knew the area where he was last seen, his sister verifies that fact.  Better yet, do you the reader get lost in your neighborhood? NO? You know how to get to your residence by various routes. The same applies to Stanley Vigil in the are where he went missing, he knew that  territory -- (he knew his neighborhood).  Some theorists think Stanly ran into a drug operation, or into some South of the Border cartel gangster or into some gun runners. No reefer fields were found during the search and no other evidence has been brought forward about Stanley Vigil running into a group of bad people out there.  

No matter how one looks at the this event, the vanishing does not make sense.  This Stanley Vigil disappearance is sadly added to the log of oddities that have happened in the Pecos area. 

Reader, if you do visit the Pecos -- forest areas, use a buddy system, be armed, be clothed for the worse and have water and food on you.  Is something sinister out their in the woods of Pecos?  The disappearances of Stanely Vigil, Mel Nadel, Amos Browning, Emma Tresp and others; do not make sense.   

STANLEY VIGIL UPDATE PAGE --- The brutalized corpse of Stanley Vivil was found in the Pecos River, April 7, 2018.  This poor fellow's ribs were broken, his head had trauma.  What befell him?  RIP STANLEY -- What the authorities claim -- Stanley got lost lost and drowned --  DO NOT MAKE SENSE -- CLICK HERE...

The below video is on this page because the incident that is reported on, happened in the general area of where STANLY VIGIL vanished. NO, not spot on, but not South or West New Mexico, but in the general area of NOREAST NM... The pundits say the die off is the result of a virus, others think it is Black Ops Experiment -- HAARP -- or ? Others think it is Alien etc.  Is there any missing clues in this video that can shed light on what happened to the missing in the Pecos area?  Did Stanley Vigil or the vanished see something they were not supposed to view? Or ran into people from x program?  Yes, that does read as strange, but the disappearances in the Pecos Triangle are STRANGE. 

Below, I am looking for part II of this report... It ends on a cliffhanger... One wonders what the guy's conclusion or evidence is?