UFO-SECOND-ESTATE  = The mainstream media is anti UFO --- they claim there is no such thing.  Enjoy this page it is filled with propaganda from THE SECOND ESTATE =  The government,  the rulers, the nobles (PROFESSIONAL POLITICOS), there mouthpieces.  At the end of the page, some unexplained photos + info.

UFO-SECOND-ESTATE is always explaining away sightings, no matter how credible they are. Below are a number of examples of through the decades --- stuff shirts --- talking gibberish -- as they discredit the evidence or witness.

UFO-SECOND-ESTATE --- The government through mainstream media has its stooges -- how much they are paid is unknown --- to ridicule any first rate evidence concerning the existence of alien craft visiting planet Earth.

When it comes to UFO-SECOND-ESTATE --- forget about getting the truth.  Like what they have done with the  election results of 2020 -- in how they did not report on the bogus ballot counts, the main stream media cannot be trusted.   That is why all major or major cable outlets will proclaim  -- UFO SIGHTING -- it was the planet Venus misidentified or insect of the lens of the camera. 

UFO-SECOND-ESTATE --- They are not truth finders, they are people who keep the AMERICAn public in the dark. My favorite blatant lie concerning UFO sighing -- is that the thousands of people who saw the object -- mistook SWAMP GAS for an Alien craft. This type of misdirection or ridicule -- is something one find in GOEBEL's THIRD REICH -- but now the USA press or news corps, is as corrupt as RADIO BERLIN 1945.

UFO-SECOND-ESTATE = Always being dismissive of sightings, there is no such thing

BELOW ARTICLE FROM ASSOCIATE PRESS concerning Alien bodies found at the Roswell 1947 crash site. Again -- UFO-SECOND-ESTATE / there is no such thing as UFOS or the Roswell crash -- uh huh!

 Not so fast, say believers.
 "If you've seen an alien, you would know the difference between that and a stupid crash dummy," said Barb Sauerman, switchboard operator at the Roswell mayor's office.
 Deon Crosby, director of the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, said the report raised more questions than it answered -- and certainly was not sufficient to let the Air Force wash its hands of the controversy.
 "It's not going to do that at all," she said.
 The most likely explanation for the unverified alien reports made in July 1947, the Air Force said, relates to life-size dummies dropped from the skies during a series of experiments from 1954 to 1959. What is not fully explained, however, is how people could have confused events that happened a decade apart.
 "If you find that people talk about things over a period of time, they begin to lose exactly when the date was," said Col. John Haynes, an Air Force declassification officer who presented the report at a Pentagon news conference. "I have no other explanation."
 To illustrate the room for confusion, Haynes showed file footage from the 1950s of dummies dressed in Air Force flight suits pulled aloft by enormous high-altitude balloons, then dropped to earth. The object of the experiments, code-named High Dive and Excelsior, was to devise a way to return a pilot or astronaut to earth by parachute if forced to escape at extremely high altitudes.
 The black-and-white footage is a one-of-a-kind collection of Air Force film and photos, including a shot of a fully outfitted dummy called "Sierra Sam" standing upright with his arms outstretched over the shoulders of two officers.
 The dummies were transported to altitudes up to 98,000 feet by balloons and released.
 The majority of the dummies -- which had skeletons of aluminum or steel, skin of latex or plastic, cast aluminum skulls and instrument cavities in their torsos and heads -- landed outside military bases in eastern New Mexico, near Roswell, the Air Force report said.
 But skeptics are still skeptical.
 "I think this (explanation) is a real stretch," said Karl Pflock, a UFO researcher in New Mexico. But Pflock says he doesn't believe the Roswell incident involved alien spacecraft.
 Thus the most lasting of UFO lore is likely to live on.
 "They've got egg on their face and they've not done anything to remove it," said Walter Haut, who was the public information officer at Roswell Army Air Field in 1947.
 In this 50th anniversary year of the Roswell incident, the Air Force says the spaceship legend grew from a combination of honest misunderstandings by people unfamiliar with Air Force operations in New Mexico and deliberate distortions of actual events by publicity seekers.
 "Some persons may legitimately ask why the Air Force expended time and effort to respond to mythical, if not comedic, allegations," the Air Force report said. The essential reason for responding, it said, was to set the record straight.
 The Air Force answered the first key question in 1994: Was the debris recovered near Roswell from a flying saucer? The answer was no, the alleged spacecraft was actually foil-coated fabric and other parts of a crashed Air Force balloon that was pulling a "train" of radar reflectors and other devices, the service said.
 But the second question had never been addressed in detail: Were alien bodies removed from the site, carted off to a military hospital and the whole thing hushed up?
 The report says there simply is nothing in its records from the 1940s -- classified or unclassified -- that raises even the remotest possibility of a recovery of extraterrestrial beings or anything else resembling life forms in the Roswell area. The only possible explanation, it says, is the test dummies. 

BELOW ABQ JOURNAL article on what was found at the crash site -- MILITARY CRASH DUMMIES.  More propaganda from the  UFO-SECOND-ESTATE

Air Force: Roswell Aliens Just Test Dummies 1950s parachuting experiments confused with crash of extraterrestrials, report says By Rene Romo  Journal Southern Bureau   LAS CRUCES -- What Roswell residents thought were hairless extraterrestrials who crashed to earth in July 1947 were just dummies used in 1950s parachuting experiments, according to a report the Air Force plans to release soon.   The report will try to address complaints that a 1994 Air Force report, which explained alleged flying saucer debris as the remains of top-secret high-altitude balloons, did not explain away reported sightings of alien bodies.   The new report, drafted by Air Force historian Capt. James McAndrew, will suggest that purported witnesses have confused the 1947 incident with late 1950s tests. It will say the so-called saucer crash victims were dummies dropped from the sky, said Philip Klass of Washington, D.C., publisher of Skeptics UFO Newsletter.   News of the report comes two weeks before the 50th anniversary celebration in Roswell, which is expected to attract thousands of visitors.   Klass, who spoke to McAndrew about the report, said: "He is inclined to believe that some stories told by some witnesses may be fundamentally honest attempts to recall what they saw, but they mistook dummies for extraterrestrials."   Though the report has not been issued, it already is being scoffed at by researchers and others, who say it is far less than a bombshell putting the Roswell crash legend to rest. The report is based on Air Force records.   "What it (the report) is going to do is undermine public belief in our government, because it is such a silly story," said Dean Crosbie, director of the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell. "It's sad that officials think the masses of the public are unintelligent and can't think. It's almost insulting that officials actually believe the American public will fall for this kind of story."   Charles Moore, a retired professor of physics at New Mexico Tech University in Socorro, said he read the draft report recently at an aeronautics conference in San Francisco, where he met McAndrew.   Moore, who worked on a top secret 1947 project involving high-altitude balloons designed to detect Soviet nuclear tests, said he is inclined to believe the fuzzy memory theory and that the witness accounts are not reliable.   "Very clearly, there were no dummies, no manned balloon flights (in 1947). We just carried instruments under the long-range detection program, what is now called Project Mogul, into the ... atmosphere," Moore said. "The Air Force has been very concerned about being responsive, and when our balloon activities were explained, people were very unhappy that the anecdotal stories about bodies hadn't been accounted for."   But Frank Kaufmann, 80, who was a civilian assigned to an intelligence unit at the then-Roswell Air Field in July 1947, says he knows what he saw, and they weren't dummies.   Recently, Kaufmann recounted what he did see when he and several other intelligence officers investigated the impact site of a glowing object: The aliens "didn't have any of these big eyes or horns or anything else or spiny fingers. They were very good-looking people, ash-colored faces and skin. About 5 feet 4, 5 feet 5. Eyes a little more pronounced, a little bit larger. Small ears, small nose. Fine features. Hairless. There were five. They had a very tight, almost a wet suit, silver colored. ... One was thrown out of the craft itself."   Kaufmann said he has no doubt that his encounter occurred in July 1947.   "The military can say whatever they want. I have no jurisdiction over them," Kaufmann said Thursday. "There's not a doubt in my mind. I haven't gone senile yet."   Air Force spokesman Maj. Guy Thompson said the report is being "worked through channels" and that there is no firm release date.   McAndrew, reached in Virginia, said he did not care to comment on his report at this time.   But Klass, a UFO skeptic who believes many of those who claim to have witnessed something otherworldly in 1947 are spinning tall tales, said he would recommend the Air Force not release the report.   "It is not a strong enough theory to try to explain some of the statements of the quote-unquote key witnesses," Klass said. "In my opinion, this report will not convince any flying saucer believers, and in fact, I suspect they will accuse the Air Force of trying to cover up and divert attention from the crashed saucer." 

The following picture was taken over SANTA FE, SEPTEMBER 28, 2019  -- The UFO-SECOND-ESTATE can not dismiss this photo -- because ALLAN PACHECO -- ME -- took this photo. As for there being from the military or local airport tower about a weather balloon in the air -- there were no bulletins that Allan could find.

Is the above the below but a 40 years difference, a runaway  weather balloon? That is what skeptic claim that it was -- the below photo was taken about 40 years before the above snapshot was taken

Different dates and explanations are attached to the  UFO on video below.

The above photo --- is that the same craft -- as the previous  photos -- but with altitude and light, is this what the UFO really looks like?  Kind of looks like a distant JUPITER VII from the old "LOST IN SAPCE" television series of 1965-1968.  The below photos -- have similar shaped craft -- are they one in the same -- from the same alien civilization?  

UFO-SECOND-ESTATE   = Above UFO over Paris? The skeptics think it is a meteor or light reflection from the EIFFEL TOWER.  The confused facts are; this photo was taken at at 3:45 AM  on December 29 1953 or 3:45 AM on December 29, 1954 by engineer Michael Paulin or Paul Paulin or Michael Mann... Below on the night of May 4, 2017 or early morning hours of May 5, 2017 this ufo video was shot.  Is it a hoax, is it real, is there any resemblance to the the 1950s photo? As in -- (THEY'RE BA-ACK!)

UFO-SECOND-ESTATE = What you saw was a weather balloon.

UFO-SECOND-ESTATE  = What you saw was a misidentified airplane.

UFO-SECOND-ESTATE =What you saw was the plane Venus or Jupiter.

UFO-SECOND-ESTATE = What you saw was nothing, you are a liar, wanting attention.

UFO-SECOND-ESTATE = What you saw was satellite.

UFO-SECOND-ESTATE  = They will never admit that you saw an Alien craft.

UFO -- RIGHT: On August 23, 1957, Ballassar Bottos took this snapshot of a UFO over Camden, New Jersey.  The Air Force's investigation team "PROJECT BLUEBOOK" claimed it was a misidentified weather balloon. 

BELOW: A bad photo taken on September 23, 1953 in Modesto, California by newspaper photographer Charles Rogers.  The UFO is in the far top right corner.  Rogers saw the UFO and took a picture from a roof.  There  is scant info on this snapshot or sighting.


Do aliens want a world government that can control the world's populace?  Corporations want a world government so there is no challenge to their power and profit.  

The U.N. is about one world government.  Maybe that is why the globalists want massive illegal migration, as in a no border world?  

Do Aliens want this as well, the weaker the opponent, the more corrupt the opponent, the less analytical the opponent, the easier the job it will be in governing a conquered world.

Below is a film promo -1970- that in a odd way hints at world control by corporations, machines, etc...





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