SANTA-FE-GHOST-CONTACT -- On some of Allan Pacheco's paranormal tours --- thaaangs are seen -- energies are recorded on  ghostometers --- forces are photographed  and -- and  AND sometimes people are scratched -- pushed -- or get chicken flesh. 505-986-5002_________ Review below.

JUNE 26, 2021

A spooky experience A SPOOKY EXPERIENCE!


OMG! You will learn a LOT about the HISTORY and ghosts of this area.  

Allan Pacheco is an encyclopedia of knowledge, passionate,and super friendly.  

It was a great tour and some of our pictures showed some interesting potential paranormal activity!  We were safe but some of us were spooked!  Thank you!


SANTA-FE-GHOST-CONTACT  --- When it does happen --- and it is a rare thing --  but when it does happen -- it tends to occur on evening ghost tours.

Two different incidents --  SANTA-FE-GHOST-CONTACT -- Above --  on a  NIGHT TOUR -- the GHOSTMETER registered a few things -- action did happen -- BELOW   --- day tour inside the haunted LA POSADA -- PUSHED!

SANTA-FE-GHOST-CONTACT --- on a 2021 late night tour ----something (PARANORMAL ENERGY) went after Louis -- and scratched/burned him behind his ear and neck.  Sometimes on a safari ---  a ghost or ghosts (FORCE) -- attacks a person. Louis, let out a yell, the flashlights were aimed at him as Louis shook his head -- and ---- the man had been zapped --- In certain areas  (ON SAFARI)-- the energies --- when they do attack--- tend to burn a person besides leaving a scratch mark.   

In the past ---(DECADES)  the area where LOUIS got attacked --- occurrences have happened --- people have felt  an energy and sometimes a push . 

ABOVE & BELOW --- right after one of the ladies from NEW JERSE has been shoved.

BELOW: ANOTHER TOUR --- years later ---  after  contact is made --- in the same area where the above photos were taken ---- after we leave that locale   --- -- at a table ---- we study some photos from an IPHONE and see if anything  shows up ---  yes --  - -- bands of energy were recorded. 

505-986-5002 or

Sometimes there is contact or oddities are registered --- got a ghost box -- ghost ap -- BRING IT!

When you ghost safari with ALLAN --     never can tell ---  505-986-5002 sometimes you see where the occultists or conjurers were

DAYTIME         ---        SANTA-FE-GHOST-CONTACT --- The area (BELOW)--- this lady on tour -- (AMY)  sensed something at or near a tree-- this locale in years past -- (ABOVE)  is where occultists put  -- charms- figures -- rocks etc... on different trees.  Also, to the left of AMY; in 1976 a man was murdered (ROMERO) stabbed to death during the FIESTAS .   This location at times -- pulses out negative power and does attract occultists, as in things left in the glade. 

CHICKEN FLESH --- the energy --- off the scale-- did affect her.  

SANTA-FE-GHOST-CONTACT  ---SAFARI WITH AL PACHECO  -- Sometimes  on tours, energies are  encountered  505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336

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