GHOST-TOUR-DOG-FRIENDLY ----- Al Pacheco's tours are FIDO friendly - the only caveats -- ROVER must be kept on a leash and  the K9 is well behaved (NO BARKING -or wandering all over).  

The ghost tour is best done at night --- and sometimes -- a dog on tour will sense something --- as in energy from another world -- another dimension.

Yes, sometimes SPOT is a living ghost-detector!

DO not want to leave your pet inside a hotel room or at a rental house --  and you want to do a SANTA FE GHOST TOUR  ----  then 505-986-5002  SANTA FE---- GHOST-TOUR-DOG-FRIENDLY

There are certain places on day time HISTORY tours, where  the dog must be kept outside of the building that we go into --- as in the management will not let -- pets indoors ---   In the past --- somebody stays with the dog, and the rest of us -- go into x building or location.

GHOST-TOUR-DOG-FRIENDLY --- the above snapshot fits the old cliche -- a picture is worth a thousand words.  That well behaved dog -- loved being led around SANTA FE -- by his master and mistess... What a smile SCRUFF has.

AL 800- 2018 JULY 6

One thing about pets -- they have different personalities -- some are  spoiled prima donnas, others are  very sensitive to their surroundings --  as they can pick up on nonhuman energies ---  YES -- RIN TIN TIN or LASSIE -- will pick up a vibe that humans can not.

TO BE AWARE OF --- PET OWNERS--- sometimes in the plaza there are people (TWO PEOPLE IN PARTICULAR) with their leashed dogs ----- who will go out of their way  and head towards the ghost tour.  The stranger (ONE OF THE TWO PEOPLE WHO DO THIS) has a mean hound, and that  dog will be purposely be bought into range by his egotistical master --- in order that his aggressive K9 -- will growl and bark at the pet dog on the ghost tour.

The mean hound's master will exclaim like a poor man's Bela Lugosi -- "I have no idea, this never happened before"  ---  after pretending that he can barely control his barking dog, the leashed animal will be led away.

Pet owners -- be ready for drama --  some people downtown like to have their dogs bark at other dogs....

THAAANGS TO KNOW __ There are also aggressive beggars on the plaza  that will compliment your fine pet while asking for change -- 

Below -- a SCOOBY-DOO TOUR. If your dog is trained and on leach, you have a dog friendly tour in SANTA FE. 505 -986 5002. NO, the below dog does not look like SCOOBY, but the animal was so very smart.  As, strong as this sounds on some night tours -- paranormal tours, the dog is able to detect things. As in forces before they make themselves known to the humans.  


Below -- Even HILLARY CLINTON can bring her dog -arf -arf - imitation along -- take a look at the video below -- she does a great imitation -of a small dog barking.  Seriously -- if your dog is trained and on a leash,  then we can go touring.  

GHOST-TOUR-DOG-FRIENDLY    // BELOW --- NO === that is not a HUMAN SIZE light bulb...- so what is it --- Probably a trick of light --- others will consider that the photo captured a ghost. The snapshot was taken OUTSIDE OF SANTA FE's ANGLICAN church --- so maybe?  --- a burst of energy?     OR IS THIS PHOTO --- LIGHT AND SHADOW -- AS IN NOT -- AN ENTITY? OR IS IT -- A BRIGHT SHADE? 


BELOW-- A very interesting tour -- ROVER became very agitated at certain spots --- as in ghost activity --- at the end of the  safari -- JO-- the female dog's real name === was tuckered out.


BELOW -- on this tour -- at the old graveyard  PERA BUILDING -- these dogs  became very alert.  They sensed something, and one of the ladies did feel a presence.  YES, some K9s can either see or smell or sense energies that humans can not.  Interestingly after leaving the old cemetery area, something followed the group for a bit, then left. During that time, again the dogs senesced an energy around or near the group, they kept looking at a specific spot, but nothing was there -- as far as the Hunan eye could see.   Sometimes, dogs can be the best ghost detector there is. 

BELOW --- ELECTRA THE WONDER DOG ON TOUR WITH KEVIN AND KELLY.  The group stands on ROUTE 66,  behind them is the road to ABQ and LOS ANGELES.  The MOTEHR ROAD, RT66, circled around the Plaza or just went down the south road of the Plaza, depending on the decade.  Sadly there are only parts of old RT 66, the highway was struck from the register and torn up, left to crumble or destroyed. There are only a few parts of the road, that still exist. In Santa Fe, the PLAZA still has the old lanes, to the right, that area of the old road has been closed off.  Behind the duo and dog is the still well used, historic blacktop. 



SANTA FE GHOST AND HISTORY TOURS MAIN PAGE/ Below on tour; ROVER, ears up, sensed something and stopped. Note the beam next to the k9, on the haunted balcony.

SAN MIGUELS 2015 upstairs DOG