PRISONRIOTSANTAFE. = PRISON RIOT SANTA FE    = The data on this page gives proof to how bad the correction system was at "the Old Main".


The Santa Fe Prison was known as "the Old Main", today the building is abandoned and used for movie sets and SWAT training. Prior to the 1980 riot, the facility was overcrowded and understaffed. On the night of the riot, 11 or 16 guards, the number is disputed were inside the prison watching over a 1000 plus inmates. How many guards were outside of the Old Main manning the perimeter guard towers is also disputed. At times it is claimed 6 people were on duty in the towers. This low amount of guards was not uncommon, for years the prison was run by a skeleton crew.


To keep the inmates under control, brutality amongst the felons was encouraged by the corrections authorities.  Some guards known as "BULLS" used their power the wrong way and made things worse amongst the prison population by way of the "SNITCH" system and beatings.  


Also violent inmates who had no qualms about spilling blood were released into the general prison populations, this is before the days of prisoner classifications 1-6 levels. The predator prisoners which were late identified by correction psiecialsts as "THE NEW BREED" were rarely checked by the authorities.


As long as the violence stayed inside the prison itself, the dog eat dog environment was not altered. Some guardsmen did try to change the "Lord of the Flies" world that was found in the prison, but their endeavors were not matched by the civilian authorities and PRISON WARDEN FELIX RODRIGUEZ and his 2nd in command, DEPUTY WARDEN ROBERT MONTOYA who pretty much looked the other way when it came to the violence inside the "The Old Main".  


Also some guardsmen were brutal when it came to the inmates.  Depending on how young and how strong plus adept a new inmate was at defending himself, made the difference if that new inmate was going to be singled out by the prison guards and authorities.  


To gain a snitch sin an inmate who did not want to be one  -- the new inmate who was not psychically large or strong would be picked by the authorities and thrown into a cell or cell area with the old violent convicts who were maxed out or close to being maxed out with their sentences.


The new inmate would be beaten and rapped by the older nothing to lose convicts, the new inmate would either have to endure this or ask for protection from the guardsmen and authorities and in return he would  have to become a snitch. When the assaulted inmate was gaining his health in the prison hospital, that violated inmate would have to make a decision, of being thrown back into a hellish situation of where he  was at or work for the authorities.   The below video goes into detail on how badly run the Santa Fe Prison was and why the old building still reeks of evil and ghostly activity.  Because there was so much anger, hatred, and vileness at this place, that the violence, the blood letting, and the torture, that happened their -- did attract negative to demonic energies.  


The common denominator at the prison was hate and violence. For those felons that wanted to do their time and stay clean, the environment at the prison made that chore near impossible.  

THE OLD MAIN WAS THE USA's VERSION OF DEVIL's ISLAND.  I have interviewed a number of prisoners and guards that were at the prison during the 1980 riot, what stands out about the blood letting is that before the uprising, brutality was encouraged by the higher ups who ran the prison,  by way of the "SNITCH" system.  The SNITCH system as you will see, fueled the anger and hate that resided in the inmates.


Also there was a lack of rehab or educational programs for the inmates. In essence, the felons who were incarcerated at the prison, were thrown into a world that was very dangerous and cruel.  

The Santa Fe prison was not seen by the authorities as a correctional institution it was seen as a place where you despot inmates and what happens to them is of no concern. 


The only steadfast rule was that the correction chiefs had was that these inmates can not get out of the facility. If these sentenced men did manage to escape, they would prey upon the civilian population.

One must remember, that not all of these inmates were no limits, violent gangsters. Some of the inmates had been put in prison for non violent crimes, such as drug possession.


The non violent criminals and addicts were mixed in with hardened murderers and manipulating, bully inmates.  

These hardened criminals were known to some  prison experts as the "NEW BREED". The New Breed started showing up in the inmate population in the early 1970s


Due to the fact that the inmates were not that well supervised, the world inside the Santa Fe facility could be described as "HELL ON EARTH". Predators preyed on their prey and fought other predators.

How was this large population of very violent and non violent prisoners kept in check, by ways of the before mentioned "SNITCH" system.  

Information was passed onto the guards or authorities by way of informants or rats.  This SNITCH system was  set up according to some sources, by former prison Warden, Felix Rodriguez.  At the time of the riot Rodriguez was the state of New Mexico's Corrections Secretary.


Circa 1970-1975 Rodriguez was the warden of the prison, he used to boast about the SNITCH system. Paraphrasing Rodriguez, the warden would gesture and remark; "When two inmates are talking, I know what they are talking about, because I would get the info from one of the duo, by way of the SNITCH policy."


Depending on the guard, the authority, or another prisoner, some SNITCHES identities were revealed to the prison population. Also inmates who had nothing to do with the SNTICH system lived in fear that someday they would be falsely accused of being a Snitch by a fellow prisoner or guard. 

The environment at the prison was turned into  a world of where there was little trust, and with the New Breed of criminal now being incarcerated, the facility became a time bomb.


The New Breed was described by inmate psychologists, as a psychotic man who had little regard for his life or the life of others. This New Breed of prisoner, was also listed as a person with mental illness that had not been diagnosed or medicated.

The New Breed was prone to deadly violence, when tested these prisoners's brains lit up differently from others when it came to ideas and stimuli.  These New Breed saw the world differently from the rest of humanity, this was due to how they were raised and how drugs had altered their thinking.

Unfortunately, as of today decades after the riot, American culture has bred more of these New Breed monsters.  These New Breed people are  unable to cope with modern society's rules and eventually these Americans become violent criminals after years of drug abuse,  homelessness, and prior to that, terrible family dynamics.  

Sadly, American cities are filled with uneducated people who are on the road to becoming a New Breed felon.  These future inmates were not helped by the school system or public care. Unable to help themselves, in time these people become habitual lethal criminals.

A perfect storm was brewing for an outbreak of violence at the prison, but the civilian authorities failed to address the fast approaching crisis.

As for those that were murdered during the uprising, it is estimated by some that around 2/3rds of the 33 slain inmates were seen by the rest of the prison populace as snitches, rapists or sexual perverts.

In the world of prison or in the world of "The Old Main' the lowest form of life were those that had been put behind of bars because they were sexual degenerates.  

Rapist or child molesters were thought of by the prison population as humans that were not worthy of life. Likewise snitches were also put into the death warrant category. These classes of inmates, the deviants and snitches, if they were let out into the general population they were targeted for death by other prisoners.

When the riot broke out these inmates who were sexually warped were housed in protective custody in cell block 4, along with the snitches.

In cell block 4 there were also, inmates who were seeking protection from bully inmates.

Soon after the uprising began, rampaging prisoner were able to get into cell block 4 and open up the cells by keys or by using blow torches.  

In and around cell block 4, these protective custody prisoners were murdered in the most gruesome ways.  

As for the guards that were captured in the prison, all of them were beaten and some were sodomized and rapped.  

Some of the people killed in cell block 4 were  child molesters  and violent sexual perverts. The torturing of these inmates can not be justified, there were some BAD DUDES in cell block 4. The reason I wrote that preamble is to let the reader know, some of these guys who died during the riot, brought a lot of destruction and death to innocent kids and women.

Note in this video on the right how the ex-guard   says, "Cell Block 4 housed, the snitches, the baby rappers and the rapists. 

Again, not all the inmates in cell block 4 were sexual deviants, but the block did house a number of these monsters.  The video does also mention the haunted areas of the prison.

Reader remember the SNITCH system, the the prison employed.  Not all of the snitches were rapists, deviants, perverts or murderers...However some of the inmates that were killed during the riot were twisted individuals.


The remains of Jacob Wetterling, the 11-year-old boy whose abduction in Minnesota nearly 27 years ago helped lead to the creation of a national sex-offender registry, have been found and identified through dental records.

The Stearns County sheriff’s office said Saturday Wetterling’s remains were recovered in a farm in central Minnesota. Police were led there by Danny James Heinrich, who on Tuesday confessed in court to kidnapping and killing the boy on October 22, 1989.

Wetterling, his 10-year-old brother, and an 11-year-old friend were biking home from a convenience store that day when a masked gunman stopped them. The assailant told Wetterling’s brother and friend to run, but forced Wetterling into his car and handcuffed him.

Heinrich led police to the spot where he buried the body near Paynesville, Minnesota, last week, the Star Tribune in Minnesota reported. Heinrich wascharged last year with 25 counts of possessing and receiving child pornography. He spoke in court Tuesday after agreeing to a plea deal that cut the number of charges to one.

Heinrich’s retelling of the crime Tuesday was the first time the Wetterling family and the public heard about what happened to Jacob Wetterling. Heinrich said he drove Wetterling to an area near a gravel pit, led him out of the vehicle, uncuffed him, and molested him. More from the Star Tribune:

Jacob asked to go home, but Heinrich told him he couldn’t take him all the way home.

Jacob started to cry.

“I panicked. I pulled the revolver out of my pocket...I loaded it with two rounds. I told Jacob to turn around,” Heinrich said.

“I told him I had to go to the bathroom,” Heinrich said. “I raised the revolver to his head. I turned my head and it clicked once. I pulled the trigger again and it went off. Looked back, he was still standing.

“I raised the revolver again and shot him again.”

Search crews spent months looking for Wetterling, and a group of anonymous Minnesota business owners offered a $100,000 reward for his return. Wetterling’s parents, Jerry and Patty, created an advocacy group for children’s safety in Jacob’s name in 1990, three months after their son’s abduction. The Wetterlings began lobbying for the creation of a statewide registry for individuals convicted of sexual offenses in Minnesota. In 1994, the Jacob Wetterling Act became federal law, requiring all 50 states to create sex-offender registries.  

“We are in deep grief. We didn’t want Jacob’s story to end this way,” the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center said in a statement Tuesday. “In this moment of pain and shock, we go back to the beginning. The Wetterlings had a choice to walk into bitterness and anger or to walk into a light of what could be, a light of hope. Their choice changed the world.”

The Stearns County sheriff’s office said Tuesday state authorities will conduct further DNA testing of the remains. The office said local and state law-enforcement agencies, as well as the FBI, are “currently in the process of reviewing and evaluating new evidence in the Jacob Wetterling investigation.”

Yes, the abandoned prison is HAUNTED.: CLICK HERE FOR  SANTA FE HAUNTED -PARANORMAL TOURS.  why IS the prison system is out of control. It seems very little has been learned from what happened in 1980 as compared to today's criminal system. MORE TO FOLLOW ----


PRISONRIOTSANTAFE Below: beyond the tower  the prisoners controlled.

Right of the skirmish line is the main entrance.

Allan is standing at the "Old Main Entrance" as visitors leave. All this area up to where the civilians are, was under inmate control.


Above & Below, today and right after the riot.


What is odd about the photo below, it is night and one of the guys is wearing shades. Is he a civilian, a national guardsman, a guard, or reporter? The jacket does not match the attire of everybody else. Joe Cool in shades?

This building from where Allan is taking a picture outward was under control of the prisoners. The authorities controlled the area at the fence and beyond.


One thing about NM and USA JUSTICE SYSTEM -- it is the best system that money can buy.  If you have the EL DINERO -- you have a %90 chance easy -- you will get a slap on the wrist.  IF you do not have  funds, you are pretty much in a world  of injustice.  


BELOW -- BILLY JEFF CLINTON, the evidence was had, he was a rapist, and he walked. 


What was the base crime for  imprisonment in 1980--- DRUGS -- Yet, as of today -- the base cause of imprisonment has not been checked.  Through Biden's administration, the borders have been opened up, more drugs  enter USA and more people become hooked and end up in prison.  THE SYSTEM -- IS KEYED TO PREY UPON THE LEAST EDUCATED, THE LEAST MONIED. ONCE IN THE SYSTEM -- IT IS VERY HARD TO GET OUT OF.  

Drugs flow across the USA border - AMERICANS become addicted -- crime follows -- prison populations goes up.  YET, when it comes to closing the border so less addictive poison comes into USA -- the BIDEN government  does nothing. It does not care that Americans are become more addictive, homeless,  dying from overdoses or being sentenced to  years behind bars == due to addiction.  Yet UKRAINE is more important than USA --- there border is more important than USA's, there people are more important than those AMERICANS  that are fighting addiction.  


The War in Iraqi was fought 10 years after the PRISONRIOTSANTAFE  but the BUSH administration  did not care about the drug problems, the destruction of American culture, the  addiction rates amongst the  least  affluent in USA, but they gave a lot of money to the WAR INDUSTRY -- for conduction a war against a country that had no WMDS.  ROCKEFLLER REPUBLICANS or GLOBLAIST DEMOCRATS -- they got to go, be voted out -- they are not on AMERICA's side.  They could care less about DRUG  addictions and its consequences.    The lies  and crimes that the BIDENS, THE BUSH I, BUSH II,, OBAMA & BILLY JEFF CLINTON, REAGAN,  have no consequences for themselves,  -- in USA  the JUSTICE SYSTEM IS THE FRIEND of those that HAVE POWER  & $..

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At the end of the riot, the prisoners are marched from location to another… 

BELOW: A short documentary on the ATTICA NEW YROK Sept 9, 1971 prison riot. The conditions at that penitentiary led to the inmates taking over the facility. The ATTICA "world" was very similar to the 1981 Santa Fe Prison environment. The correctional department did not learn from what had transpired in 1971, the end result was the 1981 SANTA FE PRISON REBELLION.  Start the video at 1:35 mark.

Below: Paranormal mayhem, from the 1981 RIOT, yes the SANTA FE MAIN is haunted!


How bad was the violence during the riot. The below evidence was used during the state investigation on what happened during the violent uprising. The skull is all that remains of one of the convicts who was murdered by the other inmates. The rioting inmates were able to capture a tear gas gun. They fired the tear gas round into their captured convicts head, note the hole and the round next to it. The dead convict was further kicked and then his body was set afire.  This is all that is left. According to some of the people I interviewed, some of the inmates remains could not be identified, that is how brutal the violence was. 


In 1970, due to STAR CHAMBER investigations, the prison was in some easy worse than DEVIL's ISLAND, the old penal colony off the coast of FRENCH GUYANA, yet the STATE authorities did nothing to alleviate the terrible conditions and snitch system inside the prison. The corruption at the prison amonst the staff was bad, this led to a dog eat dog environment inside the OLD MAIN. The result is the above picture.  Below is a short documentary with FARRAKHAN, who is a very smart man. His theme is about the prison system and he shows the viewer -- prison  is not about reform the individual it is about profit and destruction of people. 

BELOW: Small snippet on the prison (certain areas)  and what was found when the complex was retaken by the guards.


The 3 strikes law ---- once you are in the system --you can do something idiotic and it does not matter --- you are in for life -- and prison is a version of HELL… That is why the SANTA FE RIOT was so brutal because the penitentiary was a place of dog eat dog, there was no rehab --- it was a place where the meanest -- most ruthless ruled.  HOWEVER!  The USA justice system = you got money --- you got a better chance of getting out of the penalty faze or avoiding it.  MONEY = a good lawyer, bail, and for examples below --- a Pay TO STAY in JAIL and this PAY TO STAY is a microcosm of other levels of inadequacies in the PENAL SYSTEM.  THE USA JUSTICE SYSTEM is the best that money can buy. YES, there are bad people who have to stay behind bars because they are lethal -- criminal insane, possessed with evil, vile predators.  But there are a lot of people in the system that do not belong there and are penalized by being from impossible backgrounds -- lack of parenting, lack of education, and being immersed since childhood in the DRUG CULTURE.  YET, are borders are wide open, drugs come into the USA -- people become addicted, crimes are done due to teh addictions, and yet -- the BIDEN administration keeps the borders open and drugs continue to flow in, the result more crime, more incarcerations.  THE irony, is that both DEMOCRAT AND REPUBLICAN leaders want to go to war with foreign countries over transgression of borders, these borders not being USA borders. USA will go to war over a border that has been violated, yet will not protect its own border, and this leads to more AMERICANS overdosing --- dying -- and being imprisoned.  GO FIGURE!  That is what the media does not cover -- how USA politicos do not care about the country's borders but care about foreign borders. WHY? Because there is money to be made in foreign wars, and some of that profit finds their way into the re-election funds of these career politicos. 

BELOW: The first reality video or documentary on prison, this was shot in 1978. Prison is not like what you see on TV or in film, here is some tough reality of what prison was like in 1978. Unfortunately penitentiary  life has gotten worse since then, due to the drug epidemic that has swept the USA. SCARED STRAIGHT.

BELOW: 20 years later what happened to these people after the SCARED STRAIGHT program. 

BELOW: Crime wave effects younger people in their mid teens now as compared to their late teens in the 1970s. The below video gives proof to that… And again this short video shows just how bad prison is. 

BELOW: Inmates telling the young toughs how it is in the penitentiary, the SANTA FE PRISON was like this but to the 10th power.  Its no wonder the riot broke out.  

LINK to a page that is brutal but truthful about how bad the prison system was before the riot --- and still is = the corrections system has to be changed --  

Repeating-- this is a page that concerns itself with the PRISON's history and many investigations + ghost tours of the facility.  Allan does not  do ghost tours at the prison, he does tours in Santa Fe-- history or ghost.