In 1980 inmates at the prison revolted and took over the facility for 36 hours, during this time many murders were committed, the end result is that the prison is filled with a sad and sometimes negative energy. Yes the place is haunted, it is assumed that the ghosts are of those that were tortured to death during the takeover-riot.

Below Left press on icon- a short on the takeover of the facility.    Below Right, the prison was held by the inmates for 36 hours. After the takeover, as armed camp was set up outside of the prison, the smoke in background is of "THE OLD MAIN". 

RIGHT: Note that the inmate has his hands bound with some plastic bonds. Was this guy subdued by the National Guardsmen?

The man below, I think it is a guard, it looks like the inmates went for his eyes.  Why do I say guard, by his haircut and also prisoner showed little mercy to other fellons. Perhaps the torturous  death of the many that died, has led to the facility being haunted.  However, remember that some of the dead were very dangerous, deranged evil people, perhaps in a way perfectly possessed. So that is why some areas of the prison are immersed in unworldly energy. 

Below- part III  -- the conclusion of the ghost investigation at the "OLD MAIN" a.k.a. "THE PEN"

Some people who have visited the prison pages of this website, have mentioned that they think I am a pro convict fellow because I speak up for REHAB.

I am not. I do realize that there are a lot of fellons who can not be released into society, they are so warped that they would return to their old criminals ways. Raping, child molesting, drug dealing, violence and murder.

However, not all inmates are sexual perverts or merciless psychopaths.

If there was good rehab available to the public, a lot of today's inmates would not be in prison. These Americans would have been saved from going down the road of addiction and crime by way of rehab intervention, if need be ordered by a judge.

Today's USA culture is a shambles, many families are dysfunctional, education turns kids into sheeple or dummies, GOD has been taken out of society and the entertainment media encourages drug use and violence. 

Being that the USA culture is degenerating I am for a change in how courts rule on drug offenses. If druggies were forced into rehab before they got to a point where they are so addicted and hardened that they are POINT EVIL. The USA would be a different place. 

At minimum %50 of the prison population of today is made up of non violent people who committed crimes due to their drug addictions.  These people have a %70 chance of being arrested again and thrown back in the clink because of their addictions and their lack of work skills and mental abilities. 

The prisons are filled with people that come from the lowest economic levels of society with the lowest education.  Poor White, poor Latino, poor Black, makes up the prison rosters.  

If the USA can give billions of dollars to Iran or to other countries, if the USA's leaders can bail out Wall Street, then they can put money into rehab and get the people that can be helped into some type of program in order to get them straight and brainwash them to keep them straight.

Rehab is financially cheaper in the long run and it is more humane.

I am not saying that all the inmates do not pose a risk to society. There are criminals who are so far gone, morally and mentally, that they can not be put into society. If these bad guys are let loose they will once again rape, molest and injure or murder. But there are those that can be helped, but REHAB is not available or is not forced on those that need it.

With today's open borders, drugs are easily brought into the USA, the end result is that the next generation of Americans will get hooked on drugs. Because American schools have become drug dens.

Drug addiction leads to a crime wave. That means prison time for these addicts when they are caught by the police.  It is very simple, drugs cost money, addicts have got to find a way to get money to fuel their addictions.

I maintain that there maybe something very sinister in how the correction system works.

Private owned prisons make profit off of the inmates. The state gives a corporation x amount of money for a year and with that money the run for profit prison incarcerate and keep inmates off the streets.  After paying their employees and all that goes into running and maintaining a prison, what money is left is profit for the owners of these privately run prisons.

It is in the best interest of privately funded prisons to always have a crop of criminals entering into the HOTEL GRAYROCK. So do these privately run prison try to rehabilitate the criminals or do they let them become more addicted or more hardened while they are behind bars.

In hopes that once outside of prison, these fellons will foul up again and get sent back to the PEN. Criminals and returning criminals keep privately funded prisons in business.  No criminals no privatey funded prisons or jails.

Also state and Federal prisons are part of the corrections industry, prisons  are a government business to a degree. They employ people directly and indirectly.  

In a Machiavellian way, the more inmates that are turned into no hope addicts or hardened criminals, the more fuel the prison system, private, state or Fed  has to run on.

THe USA has %5 of the world's populations, yet it incarcerates %25 of the world's inmates. THe USA has more people in prison than RED CHINA a totalitarian state. 

BELOW: quick tour of the prison, some locations of where murders took place & where ghostly activity has been noted.

Above, after the riot, a dorm room. Below, how it looks today. 

Above and below this area is where inmates were thrown over the railing, hung or tortured to death by way of knives, pipes and blow torches.


BELOW: Prison documentary --- in the USA, how the penal system is a biz for profit. However if you have power and $ you do not go to the HOTEL GRAYROCK. That fact is stated and shown on the short docus or news blurbs concerning the NM SECRETARY OF STATE who had 65 charges (MANY WERE FELONIES) brought against her. She plea bargained and got 30 days in jail, etc...

BELOW: Is a classic example of how power and money can get oneself out of doing major time or have charges dropped before going to court for a plea bargain..  Go through the videos and see what a sweetheart deal this is.... That is why it is here …….. I know of people who have done less (CRIME) and they got heavy duty sentences as compared to the person that these videos document ………………………………… There are people in prison who once they got into the system as a young man or young woman, meant that they were pretty much doomed…..  These non violent criminals could never get out of the penal system due to lack of money, know how, connections and their addictions.
-------- I also know some people who are in prison who are devious and evil and are a danger to society and they can not be let out…. SO do not think that I am some LIBERAL fellow who can not see that there is such a thing as MONSTERS or BAD DUDES that are so far gone they can not be let into proper society. …… ------------    ……  ------------ I also know some people who have no record --- no priors, who are pure evil, they are cheats, they are ruthless, unethical, they have perverted warped minds and have done a lot of damage to others be it financial or physical.   However these terrible humans have the $ power and know how, that they are able to stay out of the penal system.  These trashy people continue to live in free society and they continue to do bad deeds in their community.  ------ ------- …….. ---------- …………….. ------------ Watch the videos below and see how power of position, influence, and $ can get an easy sentence of 30 days behind bars. ………..  //////// …… ////// ….. I wonder if the below person in the videos ever had any mercy to those that needed rehab  or was this person a "ME FIRST" individual? ????? ????? ?????  Gambling addiction is a terrible thing, but the following sentence shows just how the system can favor somebody who is part of the "OLD BOYS" "OLD GIRLS" network. == == == == == == = ==== === == == == == = = = = = = =  The guilty person was a State Senator. For 18 years this convicted criminal held the office of STATE SENATOR.   Then this person was elected SECRETARY OF STATE (NEW MEXICO).// // // // // // // // // / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / // / For such high positions, as in privilege and honor, how can the sentence that was handed down be so unjust as compared to others who got heavier sentences and they had done a lot less.

The below video is the key video = 65 charges later on all this person got was less than 30 days. The lady was given 30 days, but her days behind bars as when she was charged and before she went before the judge, were counted as part of the 30 days. The upshot, she did not get the 30 days sentence. ( I was informed -- I was wrong that she did have to serve a full 30 days -- HOWEVER - from what I understood, her previous time in lock up, when she was arrested, counted against her 30 days sentence.) Even if it was a full 30 days, that is a gift of sentence considering what could have been levied against her. THEFT, MONEY LAUNDERING etc… Which were some of the charges.

This person gets to keep her pension! 

NOW! NOW!  This person tries to get out of the plea deal agreement… Unfortunately professional politicos never due get the same type of justice of those that come from lesser means or have less $ and power.

AT 1:24 of the below video to 5:33, sums up how this politico once caught does not want to do her plea deal. Again, this person was charged with 65 counts, from money laundering to identify theft, etc. Yet she only gets 30 days in jail rather than what was projected, 8 1/2 years behind bars.  This lady while in office attested that those in public office who break the law should not get their public work pensions,  yet she goes against her statements and fights and wins her pension.  There are a lot of people inside the CLINK who did a lot less than this fellow who was the NEW MEXICO SECRETARY OF STATE, the upshot is how the penal system is so badly run. The sentencing of DIANNA DURAN vs. others who went to prison for long stretches is just a small slice of how corrupt the system is. 

BELOW: This politico is not stupid and can talk very well and she can think fast.  The below video shows what kind of person she is, in court she came across as a dumb victim, she is not, DIANNA DURAN is smart as a fox… With her smarts, she had the power, consequently when she got breaking the law (65 CHARGES as SECRETARY OF STATE), this politico got at best a slap on the wrist.  Now compare that to the prison system in NM and what led up to the RIOT. People like this politico were in charge and these politicos didn't care about rehab or brutal prison conditions. In essence the prison conditions spawned the carnage of the riot. What happened at the haunted prison is the result of the politicos that are cut from the same piece of cloth of DIANNA DURAN.   

USA must stop electing career  politicians -- corruption  it is local and national -- Case example on national scale -- PREZ JOE BIDEN -- he was caught on tape and on video talking about  extortion, bribes, and he was never called on it.   

But first --- a clip showing what a person with power can do when it comes  stopping an investigation or thwarting justice --- by way of JOE BIDEN.  Democrat or Republican - politicos -- most could care less about USA or it's citizens.  The order is wide open under BIDEN  drugs  come into the USA -- more people get addicted -- more people go  to prison -- lives are ruined --- but BIDEN and  his type be it LIBERAL DEMOCRATS or RINO REPUBLICANS -- do nothing to close the border or help those with addictions.  VOTE these people out --- it is time --- POLITICOS must start helping AMERICANS --- as in USA FIRST TYPE OF MENTALITY. Drug addiction crimes --- will not go down if the borders are wide open -- which means drugs are brought into the USA, which means more addicts, more crime, and more people into the prison system.   

BELOW: The old TERRITORIAL PRISON which was located in what is now SANTA FE's crossroad area of CORDVA & ST. FRANCIS DRIVE. Hard to believe but this place was supposedly worse than the OLD MAIN.


Outside the walls of the old TERRITORIAL PRISON, convicts build a street and drainage area. The main prison building is on the left background.

BELOW: THE old prison looking eastward towards what is today--- EAST SIDE SANTA FE -- IN THE DIRECTION OF ST. JOHN's COLLEGE & modern day ST. VINCENT's hospital.