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CARAVAN-TO-MIDNIGHT -- will haunt you long after your leave the ROYAL CITY -- like the BUD ICE COMMERCIAL (WINK-WINK) 505-986-5002 or 505-213-1336

Above: Allan Pacheco's Santa Fe Ghost Tour -- A.K.A. CARAVAN-TO-MIDNIGHT  -- can be done during the day -- so your tour becomes the "CARAVAN TO THE UNKNOWN."  BELOW --- NIGHT TOUR -- with some New Jersey shadow chasers.  Schedule a ghost tour 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336

Sometimes on Allan's tours very odd things appear on film or are seen with the naked eye -- Below--- is this an apparition of -- THE GHOST  --- known as "THE WOMAN IN BLACK" or "THE GHOST OF JULIA STAAB" or even "LA LLORONA"?  Study the pictures, what is it, you be the judge? ________________________________

As Allan was leading a Santa Fe Ghost Tour tour, (CARAVAN-TO-MIDNIGHT) Al noticed this out of place dark figure.  ____________________  _____________________ With a fence and wall blocking a quick pursuit, and with responsibility to a frightened tour group, Allan did his best to get to a place where he could get a better view  ___________ but at that point ----  visual was lost --- where did the dark outline go off to?   As best as could be determined the ? had  gone into an area that has been know in the past to have some paranormal activity that is seen and vanishes (ORBS) _______________  ________ ______________________When this figure was first spotted -----   Allan thought this dark figure was a flesh and blood woman, perhaps one of Santa Fe's witches or occultists on a way to an invoking location,  as in the (BLAIR WITCH PATH) ___ or other haunted close by locations.
_______________________________  Then Allan did a double take and thought what is it ......  and started taking pictures. By the time Allan got to the end of the wall and fence --- nothing was seen.... CARAVAN-TO-MIDNIGHT --- be prepared for paranormal activity -- sometimes --- it happens!

Above: the posture is rather erie.  

ABOVE: A lot of the pictures were blurred -- this one came out and look at the dark outline, kind of like a Victorian  dress, is this the ghost of JULIA STAAB or ? Got an idea of what was seen contact CARAVAN-TO MIDNIGHT a.k.a SANTA FE GHOST AND HISTORY TOURS

ABOVE: Stranger and stranger, maybe it is the camera angle but look how the dark figure's outline is different from the previous picture.  Yes when you tour with ALLAN -- bring your gadgets and ghostometers + no WIMPITAS (WIMPS) allowed. BELOW: Allan blew up the snapshots as best he could to get a better look at what was photographed.  Judge for yourself...  

Al is one of those guys = if the photo is too good he thinks he was hoaxed, or he tricked himself and it was a human witch or occultist, or the light and shadow made the snapshot.......................     But with this photo -- At times Al thinks he got something --- --------------------    Was it a dark ghostly energy, or possessed human/ demonic human--  or maybe a shapeshifter - Djinn, maybe this figure was  the legendary "LA LLORONA" or the phantom "LADY IN BLACK"...... Buttressing the paranormal explanations ----   The area beyond this photo or where the figure is headed towards is where paranormal activity has been recorded  in the past...............  BELOW: is a photo taken on another tour --- the location is where the the  ? or metaphysical LADY IN BLACK was headed..... ...... NO! That is not the moon below!  

ABOVE: This whatever it is  --- (It is not the moon) was taken on tour at where the burned down Loretto Academy used to stand.  In the parking lot is where the old school used to be located, if you look in the right B.G. you can see the Loretto Chapel.   The New York lady who took this photo (MICHELLE), at times tended to attract at different places, paranormal energy that would center around her.  At times her camera did go dormant in certain locations, after leaving the haunted area, her camera would function again.  BELOW: Another CARAVAN-TO-MIDNIGHT --- this lady is checking her ghost detector in the area where the WHAT WAS IT was sighted.  YEs, Allan could have been tricked by the LADY IN BLACK -- he is open minded to different ideas -- but for that  shade to be a hoaxer is really stretching that theme, however anything is possible...  Reader, do you not think a ghostly image was taken?

LEFT: Front doors to a chapel -- to the left of the picture is roughly where the shade (WOMAN IN BLACK) (LADY IN BLACK) was seen on a previous night tour (CARAVAN-TO-MIDNIGHT)   Allan and other  groups + researchers went to the area where the shade was sighted -- to see if contact could be made, nothing happened -- ghostometers were silent and ZERO was seen or felt......  So what was it that ALLAN saw and photographed -- was it the best hoaxer of all time or LA LLORONA? One odd thing about a  following tour that  investigated the site, is that about 400 yards further south from the incident, at the OLDEST HOUSE landmark, the ghostometers in the group went wild and the shadow chasers did feel sensations of heat... What could account for that? Another visit from the ghostly "LADY IN BLACK" but this time she did not show up visually?  Schedule a tour with AL PACHECO 505-986-5002 or get him on your radio show. 505-231-1336 






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