SANTA-FE-THINGS-TO-DO   Private tours 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336 -- History or Ghost Tour led by ALLAN PACHECO  -- below end of a tour in historic and haunted BURRO ALLEY... 


 (SANTA FE PRIVATE TOUR)  small or large group --nighttime ghost tour or daytime history tour--  Allan  Pacheco is available --  505-986-5002 -- Summer or winter 505-231-1336  Bring your questions.

SANTA-FE-THINGS-TO-DO ===  history or ghost tour -- they have different themes  -- rather like BURRO ALLEY  above and below + below;  the alley is different at night as compared to daytime.  Allan Pacheco's ghost and history tours start at different locations --- topics -- can be --- ghosts --  ufos -- the missing ---  wild west Santa Fe --- Soviets spies and WWII Manhattan Project mayhem -- cults -- MKULTRA --- CONQUISTADORS -- Civil War in Santa Fe --- etc... 

Through the centuries, the bars that front or are near Burro Alley -- can be a source for film noir type energy and mayhem. 

Depending on the - (SANTA FE TOUR) you see a film noir -or- historical -- part of Santa Fe ----  or an area that has been noted for its ghost activity. 

SANTA-FE-THINGS-TO-DO Visiting Santa Fe /TOUR with ALLAN PACHECO, he knows film noir or SANTA FE NOIR; he's a SAG/AFTRA actor. 505-986-5002 history tour or ghost walk.


 --- When you visit Santa Fe --- be it history or ghost tour -- you get the facts, lies, lore, myths, legends, half truths, of the locales... BURRO ALLEY --- during different eras was a place of mayhem be it 1930s -1960s or Wild West days...  As you can see, in the past decades the  lane has changed. Get the Inside Baseball on the history and ghosts of  SANTA FE  --- all tours are led by ALLAN PACHECO 505-986-5002


 ---- when you tour the ROYAL CITY's with Allan PACHECO you get the SKINNY on the history and paranormal. Your guide Al Pacheco is a native Santa Fean,  505-986-5002, his ancestors pioneered the area. On the History tours - you get the interesting facts - - on paranormal tours -- it is CHILLS-SPILLS- THRILLS! 

BURRO ALLEY --- all kinds of things happened there during Wild West days -- 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336 -- Book a private tour!

During WILD WEST -- all kind son mayhem happened on BURRO ALLEY. Below: Two modern day Catron County Cowboys --- Lance and Cole get ready to shoot it out with skin colored 45caliber pistols in Burro Alley.  On your tour you visit where the bullets flew during Wild West days.

BELOW; TO the right of this building is BURRO ALLEY -- photo = circa 1930

Below -- End of a tour -- int the Plaza--- about 440 yards from BURRO ALLEY --- 505-986-5002 


 VISITING SANTA FE  then schedule a tour 505-986-5002 -- 505-231-1336 HISTORY OR GHOST TOUR  --- Your safari is done a comfortable pace -- it is not RUSH- RUSH -- questions are encouraged -- the is your private trek. Let tour guide Allan Pacheco know what your interests are, he tries to tack the tour towards your likes. 


September 8, 2020

This is a must!

Al was very entertaining & informative. The only problem was the tour ended. U r probably not going to see ghosts, but u r in for a historical journey. Be sure u tell Al your interests. In this case, it was Santa Fe during the Manhattan Project. See where the Soviet Spy Ring was HQ!

Al's interest is your interests. This was my first time in Santa Fe, & would recommend u start with Al, so u can go back the next day & do more exploring.



Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

Allen was a wonderful tour guide! He was very knowledgeable about the history and legends of Santa Fe!

His enthusiasm and passion for the stories made the tour much more enjoyable! My fiancé and I booked him for approximately a one hour tour.

Allen ended up extended the tour for us to tell us more about the history and legends of the city. He conveniently ended the tour by our hotel.

Allen and his tour are a hidden gem of Santa Fe! I highly recommend this tour!

Michele M.