OCCULT-SANTA-FE Tour with Allan Pacheco 505-986-5002 --- The hidden -- ghosts -- haunted locales -- witches -- LA LLORONA -- UFOs -- the missing --- & bits of history

OCCULT-SANTA-FE ---- Your tour is a private tour --- this way you can ask questions -- and dive into the depths of the answer. 505-986-5002

OCCULT-SANTA-FE.  safari through places or by areas where paranormal energies have been seen, recorded on ghost machines -- and have been felt. 505-986-5002

Allan Pacheco --- leading a  OCCULT-SANTA-FE safari --- 505-986-5002

OCCULT-SANTA-FE  --- above area --- through the centuries has had all kinds of paranormal activity --- below on tour -- all kinds of energies on this safari. 

OCCULT-SANTA-FE ---- Tour guide ALLAN PACHEC --- with lady on tour --- at a haunted Santa Fe landmark.  If you have a ghost ap -- ghost box -- K2 --- any type of ghostometer --- bring it on tour --- sometimes things are registered on  ghost gadgets.  Your tours does  go through and pass by haunted spots. 505-986-5002 

THE BRIDGE OF NO JOY ---- this area -- or beyond is linked to all kinds of mojo --- through the centuries witches -- Luciferians -- occultists -- you name have  had there happenings -- invoking in this tract.

Thermal photos --- different mages on tour --- at a locale where  through the  ages -- all kinds of  parananormla activity has been seen  and recorded on ghost machines --- caught on photos --- and in some cases people have felt... As something touched me ---

Allan Pacheco does night and day time tours --- however, night time tours are best for ghost tours-- or paranormal tours --- but a day time tour is better then no tour ----  below a daytime  ghost trek ---  book a tour -- 505-986-5002

An area on tour where  all kinds of activity has happened ---  this locale is visited by occultists -- witches -- Thelema-ites --  note the above photo -- far right --- a trick of light or is that a beam of energy? Below-- what can not be disputed ---- on this trunk is a piece of wood that looks like a signaling hand.  Beyond this area -- is an invoking area.  When you tour with ALLAN PACHECO --- you surf the big waves. 505-986-5002 --- Got guts -- lets go touring -- your own private tour.

A photo from many years ago---- an area known as the kink or witches corner---- all kinds of thaaangs have happened here ---- Yes-- Santa Fe is home to all kinds of covens --- occultists -- devil worshippers etc.. All these groups --- add to the paranormal activity ---  Santa Fe is a place of doorways - or vortex that open and close --- - or that cut lose...  There is now way to discern  -- if on tour -- if something will be encountered----- Santa Fe paranormal energy --  for lack of  better description --- is a MOJO that can destroy you --- however ---if worked right -- observations of this energy can grow one's soul for the positive.  YES-- Santa Fe needs Crusaders that  battle the negative energy. 

ABOVE & BELOW --- different tours--- encounters with different ghostly powers.

The photo above -- note --- look at -- perhaps a dark energy  face looking up at the ladies --- this area was alive with paranormal energy and coldness.

OCCULT-SANTA-FE --- below this came out on a photo --- the tour group got a bad vibe -- some of the ghostometers went off -- and  look at this snapshot ---   UNDER SATANIC ATTACK -- the group rejected it and called on GOD --- was it ghostly or Luciferein or?   

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