The cold, haunted penitentiary is known for its ghostly activity and a still-evil energy. 

BELOW: These guys went into the prison, and encountered some ghostly activity, they treated the prison investigation as if it was a rock concert, they were radio people, so it was as if they were playing to an audience in how they conducted there trek through the haunted penitentiary.

Above: All the area behind the fence was in the hands of the prisoners in 1980 during the riot. The building on the  far right and tower remained under constable control.

Above: A group leaving the haunted penitentiary, the building they are going to pass through is in the below photo.  This small building was taken by the rioting prisoners. The picture below shows soldiers from the NM National Guard taking out a corpse. This photo was taken a fe hours after the authority took control of the prison.  The Haunted Penitentiary is haunted by an evil energy that was invoked there, before and during the riot + it is haunted by some of the dead--- and some of the dead--- were not nice people.  SOme of the dead included - rapists, sexual predators, child molesters, etc… 

BELOW: A short docu -- on one area of the prison where the high profile inmates were housed. This is where the majority of the torturing and killing was done during the riot.

Trick of light? People claim they can see things in it, different odd monstrous ghostly face or eyes or shapes of oblong things.

I think it is or hope that the photo is just a perfect combo of shadow, light, dust specks, etc..

I do not know exactly where I took this photo. During one investigation of the haunted penitentiary, I had lent my camera to another person in my small group so that I could get some photos of me inside the haunted penitentiary.

So it is possible I did not take this photo and that is why I am befuddled by it. HOWEVER! It was only for a very short amount of time, so I would bet I took the photo.

Where this photo could be from?  A few ideas, is it in the solitary confinement area- known as --THE HOLE-- or barbershop glass area?  

Or it could be from a closed off grid station closet area that was near CELL BLOCK 4, where most of the killings took place at.  

I am very skeptical about this photo, being that I draw a lot of blanks on it, location, etc.

Other photos on this website, I am confident with, because I do know where I took X photo, etc. As stated before, on this investigation, one of my cameras was handed off to another person for a very short time. So maybe I did or did not take the photo, not much of an answer. Maybe at 3AM I will wake up and have clear ity and say I know where, and I now think it had to be me...  

I did post the photo, being that is such a odd mixture of light and shadow. In the past when I have gotten a ghost photo, there is no doubt I got one on film. 

Right and below is another photo that I dare say I took. But where? In a cell in section 4, or in a closed off storage area that the prisoners took over where killings took place. I posted it because people say I got something, I do not think so-- it is dust and light tricks.  But yet I did take a photo of corner area of a room, I can not remember if I felt energy there or the camera just went off. Again, I do not know where in the haunted penitentiary I took this photo… 

I try to be as much as a doubter as possible when it comes to paranormal photos-- so in the above and below--my verdict--light reflection.

BELOW: Prison inmates trying to keep warm -- post riot…Note the wall in the background, is that blood splatter?

BELOW: Cleanup after the riot at hat is now the HAUNTED-PENITENTIARY.

BELOW: More cleanup.

Below a short bit from a documentary-- privately run prisons -- it is all about funneling people back into prison-- it is a business--- it is not about rehab --- it is about keeping people in the BIG HOUSE--so that the corporation makes money off of the incarcerated.  Even  government prison, are not about rehab, it is about pork barrel--- and prisons are part of the system---as in money allocations and the mighty $.

Below a short documentary on how heroin is destroying USA. heroin comes into the USA from AFGHANISTAN AND MEXICO. How so? FEDERAL policies have the USA allied with corrupt Asian growers who make great profit growing poppy flowers that are then turned into Heroin. WIth USA's open borders, Heroine is brought in and vended, and AMericans get addicted to it, they either rob to get $ to buy the junk, they overdose or usually go to prison for having Heroin or stealing to get $, to buy the stuff.  The vast majority in USA prisons, are people that went the wrong way due to drugs, addiction cannot be put into the same category as RAPE or MOLESTATION.  Yet, the USA has %25 of the world's prison population and most of the incarcerated are behind bars due to drug offenses. Does it make sense to incarcerate an addict with Rapists, murderers and molesters? Violent criminals and addicts are two different categories, but addicts in the big scheme of things are viewed as potential money makers for the system. Put a person in prison, corporations can make profit off the non violent law breaker, he has to be fed and clothed, and the state + private corporation make profit from this.  If you do not break the convict of his addiction, he will return to prison due to his addiction that caused him to break the law.  Prisons are not built to rehab people, they are designed to keep a person addicted and make that person more violent. The end result is that out on parole convict will go back into the system sue to his addiction and this makes the system profit.

BELOW: The Old Santa Fe Prison during Wild West days. This facility or HELL ON EARTH is not the OLD MAIN where the riot  of 1980 took place. The Old State Pen (BELOW) was in use from 1885 to 1956.


The old prison was not out of town like the present OLD MAIN etc.. The State Pen was located in what is now METRO Santa Fe.  

I no longer do tours of the prison--only investigations- the pages on website concerning-haunted penitentiary is from many years of tours + examinations.

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