THE-ALLAN-PACHECO-EXPERIENCE --- Your Tour guide is NOT NOT NOT a couch potato -- he is a hands on paranormal investigator -- author -- historian and SANTA FE NATIVE. In other words he knows his stuff. Book a tour 505-986-5002


  When you tour with AL --- you can ask questions -- you are trekking through SANTA FE -- with a man who brings decades worth of paranormal investigation to the tour. 505-986-5002 -- Allan Pacheco is  sought out -- for paranormal programs -- be it radio -podcasts - television or film --  Below some shots of Allan on different investigations.

THE-ALLAN-PACHECO-EXPERIENCE /// Above and below & below --- in the PECOS TRIANGLE  an area where  UFOS have been seen --- and people have vanished into thin air.  Allan through the years has done  all kinds of exploration in the tract with different types of instruments --- yes--- this is a dangerous - mysteries  land.  The vanishings --- do not compute-- as in --- the events are something out of a fantasy novel -- comic book  -- or 1950s  sci/fi film   

AL is very thorough on his investigation and tours --- above and below -- GIEGER COUNTER AND TRIFIELD METER...  At r and  scales where people have one missing --- sometimes --- the oddest energies  are picked up by state of the art instruments. What can account for these readings? What can acount for the mysterious vanishings?

THE-ALLAN-PACHECO-EXPERIENCE   below photos from his tours  -- sometimes energies are registered on instruments ---- are seen --- or are felt... 505-986-5002  book a tour 

AUGUST 6,2021

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Excellent tour with a fascinating tour guide. We didn't see any ghosts but he showed us lots of photo of ghosts, orbs, and other paranormal phenomenon taken in Santa Fe.

Allan is really knowledgeable about the history of Santa Fe, UFO's, ghosts, energy lines, and really anything else you may be interested in. Don't hesitate to ask your questions. Would definitely recommend this tour.


Above --- something was there?  Got gadgets --- bring em! 

Above: in decades past -- not so much anymore the room -- the corner -- was where the GHOST of JULIA STAAB  was seen -- Contemporary times -- past 25 years  --- she has been rarely seen in this area. BELOW: Got one of ALLAN's books, bring it along, he will be happy to sign it for you -- Some fans of Al's writings.

THE-ALLAN-PACHECO-EXPERIENCE     some of the  talk media he has been on.  When you tour with Al Pacheco 505-986-5002 you are  being guided by a guy who is in demand  -- when it comes to paranormal shows.

All types of  subjects are covered --- Ghosts-- Hauntings, Ufos, The Missing, History, Conspiracy, Tour & Investigation Happs, La Llorona, Pecos Triangle, Mysterious Santa Fe  & much more. 

Below: After a daytime investigation -- inside the historic -landmark -- DELGADO HOUSE -- when you tour with ALLAN PACHECO -- you go with a guide who is a hands on investigator -- 505-986-5002