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These photos were taken through the decades on Allan Pacheco's tours, & investigations... Are these tricks of light, hoaxes, camera malfunctions, or are they snapshots of pararnomal energy -- ghosts, shades, dimensional beings, YOU BE THE JUDGE!  AT minimum these pictures are eye catching.

Ghost hunter, investigator and author Allan Pacheco tries to be as skeptical possible when it comes to pictures of the paranormal --- below are snapshots that may have or have captured paranormal activity.  Allan always tries to refute these photos by saying it was a trick of light, the camera malfunctioned, it was hoax, it is imagination and shadow etc... But the following photos are very interesting, and on some Allan thinks something from parts unknown was caught on film or digital. 

Below is a sighting, all of his images that were taken  were blurred except these below.  Allan saw this image far ahead of him, he ran to get a better view, snapshots were taken.

 Behind Allan, a ways back was his tour group, Allan was dutiful and stayed with his group and did not leave and chase after the ?, even though he wanted to....

LOGIC says -- ALLAN was hoaxed, he saw a woman in black late at night in a historic and sometimes haunted area... Or he saw an occultist, a human witch, a possessed or mentally ill woman... That will explain why this figure was seen late at night --- by herself...

OR was Allan not tricked, did he see a ghost, THE WOMAN IN BLACK, LA LLORONA, a DJINN, a shade?

Note how the female image is dressed, in 1800s clothing and how the shade or ghost or woman -- tends to shrink in some frames, then is back to regular size and note how straight her posture is, be it ghost or woman or hoaxer or energy in human form.

Caravan to Midnight page has blown up pictures of this happening -- click here

Below Another tour -- ghost beam of energy at a place where numerous sightings and odd things have happened.  TOUR with Allan 505-986-5002

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Below: On tour this couple saw a ghost where phenomena has been reported and seen in the past -- (THE BALCONY) and they attempted to take a picture -- a blast of energy then occurred and all they got was a white out on their camera.

BELOW- 3 pictures -- NIGHT VISSION old 35 MM... Note the odd or sad looking jelly bean face -- orb -- that is seen coming up the stairs.  Skeptics will say it is a trick of light, but this is at a location where phenomena has happened in the past -- and when it does -- HEY BABY!

This area through the centuries has been known as a hit & miss haunted area -- Right -- photo of Allan ages ago atop the haunted balcony area -- note the cloud or mist above him to his left. Below: Years later on a daytime ghost tour this came out on a ghostometer (JUMP).  Seconds later Al got a shock to the chest that dropped him, a fellow from Arizona who was on the  tour caught him before he hit the planks. 


Right: A shaft of light, nothing paranormal about that or is it light with paranormal energy, note the streaks in it and the shape in it. Judge for yourself. Picture taken ages ago -- at the haunted OLDEST HOUSE in the USA in a room where ghostly activity has been registered.  One theory is that certain entities  gain energy from certain types of light beams or  can drain your camera batteries, or depending on what type of person you are, drain your energy!  

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