Historic Walking Tour -- Santa Fe -- led by Historian & Santa Fe native -- Allan Pacheco
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Your private Santa Fe Historic Tour is not a rush affair, it is done at a comfortable pace.  Questions are encouraged, your Santa Fe safari covers the history of the town --- from conquistador days to modern Manhattan Project mayhem -- (Espionage -- The Atomic Bomb -- and it happened in Santa Fe!)!  The civli War, Wild West days, the Santa Fe Trail, you see the monuments and where it happened on Allan's interesting tours..  Allan Pacheco has written many articles and books on the history of the capital city. Allan is a well known national radio guest, his knowledge of Santa Fe is weaved into your captivating private walking tour ---- Schedule your tour with Allan 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336    

505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336

HISTORIC WALKING TOUR BELOW:  Exploring the historic downtown, in front of the SANTA FE TRAIL marker... Yes, the SANTA FE TRAIL was the equivalent to what the OREGON TRAIL was of the upper plains.

Sometimes your historic tour ends in La Posda. Below: Vince and Joan in the stateroom, La Posada today is a magnificent resort, during will west days it was the home of the ABRAHAM STAAB, a ruthless robber baron.  Stab ran the New Mexico Territory through his gangster organization (THE SANTA FE RING).  At the end of this tour, this husband and wife decided to have a cold one at the resort's bar-stateroom, while hearing about the (AL CAPONE of New Mexico Territory) and viewing his stately manner.

November History Tour Below --- background = PALACE OF THE GOVERNOR's 

The end of the trail ---- this historic tour ended at the SANTA FE TRAIL MONUMENT, which is located in the historic monument. 

BELOW: On Allan's historic tours, you are not rousted by strangers --- yes these carnies ages ago used to work on the plaza --- YIKES! Allan's history tour is a private safari, you will not be bothered by obnoxious know it alls on your tour, it is your private group, your private family tour or your solo private tour.  Below: this merry go round was located mainly on the NOREAST side of the plaza.  The novel and FILM NOIR "RIDE THE PINK HORSE" was based on this now gone merry go round.

The carnies were located to the right of this family --- the Noreast side of the plaza.  On Allan's history tour you get the history of the plaza, lore, facts and legend.   BELOW: a history tour in the plaza --- Allan only does history tours during the day.  He is available summer or winter 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336 On Allan's tours you are not bothered by CARNIES or others of that ilk. When you trek with Allan you have a great time.

BELOW: End of a history tour on the Catron Building steps -- this new York bunch had a great time --- The tour was very interested in the Manhattan Project and UFO phenomena over Santa Fe... On Allan's history tours bring your questions...

Above: Inside the historic Oldest House, this landmark building has a fascinating history (CONQUISTADOR DAYS) and is haunted.  Below. The same couple, at the end of the tour in the Plaza.. Behind them -far right stop sign - is where the old CAMINO REAL entered into EL MEDIO CAPITAL... Allan's History tours are fun and so interesting.  Schedule a safari HISTORIC WALKING TOUR 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336

On your Historic walking tour of Santa Fe, you see where the events happened, as you walk the old street and pass by the buildings where the deeds occurred.  Below old WILD WEST Santa Fe.

Modern times, Santa Fe is known as DIE STADT SPIONE = CITY OF SPIES --- on Allan's tours you get the low down on the Manhattan Projects agents -- where it happened and how UNCLE SAM got his pockets picked by Soviets spies -- the end result ---there went the Atomic Bomb secrets!

BELOW: On Allan's tour you get the lowdown, unfortunately the BILLY THE KID marker does have a number of false notes.  Go on Allan's tours and get the facts.. 

BELOW: On your history tour, you go where the happs occurred, you see old SANTA FE!

NIGHT TREK -- (HISTORIC WALKING TOURS SANTA FE) -- On this tour, Gavin and Adrienne stand in front of the Staab Room at La Posada.  This building -- the main building as it is known today, was the mansion of Abraham Staab during Wild Wes days.  Today the mansion is a world class resort - La Posada.  The main building is just as magnificent as it was centuries ago.

A picture is worth a thousand words --- on Allan's History Tours you get interesting facts and a fun time is had.  Below HAPPY TRAILS -- Roy Rodgers.  On Allan's he aims to bring you a wonderful safari!