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These photos were taken through the decades on Allan Pacheco's tours, & investigations... Are these tricks of light, hoaxes, camera malfunctions, or are they snapshots of pararnomal energy -- ghosts, shades, dimensional beings, YOU BE THE JUDGE!  AT minimum these pictures are eye catching.

Above and below -- reactions on different ghost tours --- night and day safaris.  These two ladies ran into the paranormal --- note the looks -- GHOST STUDIES --- take a tour -- if you encounter something what will your reaction be? 

On some GHOST STUDIES tours -- you will not believe what  your GHOSTOMETER registers, case and point -- BELOW. 

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Below is the picture of a very wicked man, Thomas Catron, who became the head honcho of the SANTA FE RING, a wild west Mafia organization.  His old office is on the corner of the plaza... Fact, lies, half truths, legend, myth, his ghost has been seen at his old office.  The following photos -- do they reveal the ghost of Catron? You be the judge... Snapshots taken by ghost hunters on Allan's tours.

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BELOW --  When photo was taken nothing was seen, however an erie energy was felt and this is what was shot.  Through the centuries  odd things have been seen or photographed at this site, as in ghostly energy.

BELOW --- on tour at a place that  at times has been a haunt of metaphysical activity.  An odd energy was felt on SPOOK LANE SANTA FE and this photo was taken right after contact. Day or night tour -- you never can tell on Allan's ghost tours wha you may bump into.  505-986-5002 book a safari.

Below, boulder gravestone investigation, winter time.  This stone has had all kinds of activity associated with it --- sometimes -- dormant -- other times --- YEOW!

BELOW: Ghost tour daytime break, note the oddity above the oblong tree -- a trick of light, RIGHT? It had better be!  It is of note the area in the trees, beyond and nearby  is known for its paranormal haps and for occultists or WEIRD BEARDS who visit the tract and do their juju.  Some people say there is something dark peaking from beyond a background tree...  Tricks of light maintains Allan, if he is wrong then it must be the ghost of GONZO THE MAGNIFICENT &  ? -- Belwo are some Video snippets of Gonzo.  SNICKER -SNICKER -- Yes, that face does look like Gonzo's!

Below: On an investigation in a haunted area outside of Santa Fe, Allan and a female Caribbean psychic encountered some bizzzzaro energies -- as for what looks like red eyes in the trees --- was Allan and the Caribbean psychic under observation.  One does have to admit that it does look like a pair of red eyes are peering out from the trees.   This snapshot was not hokum like the above GONZO photo which Allan thinks is electric light and shadow CAPTURED at the right moment. BELOW: at this location strange things did happen, as for the red eyes,  that goes in the QUIEN SABES category or the UNSOLVED basket!

With those red eyes looking at Allan, (Wolfman or The Terminator) its time for AL PACHECO to fly off in his gyorocopter or start the semi and move on down the road, (Mad Max style).  Can you see a face around those red eyes?  How curious?

Below, another investigation --- AL with night vision device -- there is something white and oval like that entered the picture.  DEBUNKERS will claim it is a insect, a bird, a hoax.  Is it an energy - globular --- an orb?  This area at times is loaded with unworldly energy, as in sounds and shadows.




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