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On Allan's tours you get the low down from his investigations. Secret Santa Fe is revealed to you as you safari through the haunted city.  Allan's knowledge of the paranormal is second to none, that is why he is a frequent guest on national paranormal radio shows.  

Allan's paranormal investigations = Santa Fe and points beyond!  Ghosts, cattle mutialtions, haunted roads, paranormal locations, UFOS, the missing, La Llorona -- you get the SKINNY when you tour with ALLAN! Because tour guide-author Allan, is a hands on investigator!

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Below, ending the tour around MIDNIGHT--2 of my fans Cameron and Raleigh show off one of my books. What a nice picture!  My books can be purchased on Amazon or on this website, press  ORDER button --left

BELOW: Different season -- a happy family who took ALLAN's tour --- SECRET SANTA FE awaits! 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336

SECRET SANTA FE-- below --- on this tour we ended the safari in the haunted LA POSADA! Which happens to have one of the finest bars in the world.  The best of both worlds --- a haunted resort that used to be a mansion, that has a world class bar!  As you can see --- this lady had a great time touring, now for a drink...

Below -- daytime tour-- Santa Fe =Blair Witch lane.

The above area along with Spook Lane which intersects this lane has oddities that have been left behind or strange offerings & occult or odd art work.  

This area, which has been now been tagged the BLAIR WITCH PATH, has all kinds of paranormal and tragic history linked to it. From La Llorona to murders, this area and its paths at times are rich in ghostly happenings. BELOW: On the lane now dubbed THE BLAIR WITCH PATH, this ghostometer registered the following.  HELL, PAM, & TABLE.  This area does have a outdoor table, and maybe it is a gate to HELL by way of all the weird sightings that have happened here and the tragic deaths.   

This path or area is something that the late Georgia O Keefe  (local world famous artist) world have liked or designed herself.  The photo below sums up this no limits artist, that does look like a real skull.  Her museum is located here in Santa Fe, not that far from this haunted location.

SECRET SANTA FE!  BELOW: This lady inside the historic haunted OLDEST HOUSE get a paranormal chill. In this room, at times, people have had all kinds of contact with ghostly energy, likewise ghostometers have pegged out at times. NOTE PHOTO BELOW this BELOW PHOTO.

BELOW: Next room (ANOTHER GHOST ROOM INISDE "THE OLDEST HOUSE"), this corner where the antique ladder is located, at times is filled with an energy. A field of power comes to this area and on occasion drains a person's stamina. In this picture DAVID get a jolt of that heavy oppressive energy.  

BELOW: THe previous day to this picture being taken, something not nice was in the ladder room. The ladder fell onto the floor not sideways just slid down the wall. SKeptics will say gravity, others along iwth the manager of the historic landmark differs. Something (ENERGY) that was angry showed is displeasure and whack, this incident did scare.  Unfortunately I was not in the room that day when it happened, I was told of this by the manager who's honesty is beyond dispute.  THe picture below is of the ladder the following day of this incident. THis room and its connecting room through the centuries have been the site of some odd manifestations, photographs and ghost meter readings.

Click here = more info about the above building  the historic and haunted "THE OLDEST HOUSE" 

Below end of a tour --- this group led by ALLAN explored SECRET SANTA FE… A happy safari was had!


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