A number of books and videos have recently come out stating that La Posada is not haunted and there is no such thing as the ghost of JULIA STAAB.  EL WRONGO!  These fake journalists, writers, talking heads  are clueless and have served the public TRIPE!  Yes when TRIPE is served ALLAN will yell out TRIPE!  Here is the truth!  La Posada is haunted and at times the ghost of JULIA STAAB does roam the old mansion that is now a world class resort! Yes, the place is haunted but it is also has one of the best bars in Santa Fe, many groups or couples or even solo explorers request that Allan ends his tour at La Posada, so that they can have a cold or hot one in the TAJ MAHAL of Santa Fe. Below: at the end of a SANTA FE GHOST AND HISTORY TOUR-- the group ends the safari at the fabulous LA POSADA.  The trekkers will get there drinks at the bar (to the right) and then settle into one of the many staterooms that are in the first floor area. Lets go touring--505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336

SCHEDULE A TOUR WITH ALLAN = 505-986-5002 BELOW-- PHOTOS through the centuries-decades of JULIA STAAB's LA POSADA room, this is where she was imprisoned for 5 years and then -- taken out.  

BELOW: The two photos are of how the old room used to look so many decades ago. Julia's portrait hung in her  room next to the bed and a lot of her old furniture was still in the room in a great shape. 

Notice the globular next to ALLAN. The picture was taken in room 100, at La Posada a zillion years ago. This is the room where Julia was dispatched. Notice the expression on Allan's face, did he detect something to his right as the picture was being taken?

Many people have detected or felt something at La Posada as in ghostly energy. Skeptics will claim the globular is dust on the camera, well----in the past before the room was remodeled all kinds of phenomena happened in this room, cold spots, people feeling something brush by them.

Through the decades all kinds of ghost-photos have been taken in this room. This -PHOTO was taken when Julia's room contained her old furniture. The room has since been remodeled and her old furniture that was in excellent shape is no more.

Reader if you have GHOST-PHOTOS, shoot the my way!


ABOVE: decades ago Allan stood in the corner of the bedroom, the portrait of JULIA STAAB behind him, the room today has a new bed and the portrait of JULIA STAAB has been removed.  The bed is a four corner post, the curtains are different along with the art work and walls, etc.

BELOW: A modern desk stands in from t of the window that Julia Staab used to look out of while she was imprisoned for 5 years in this room by her wicked husband ABRAHAM STAAB.

BELOW: This is what it looked like decades ago, next to the right of the window was Julias old haunted but in darn good shape bureau with mirror. 

BELOW: Some peopelthink they can see the outline of Julia's ghost in the mirror as a old woman. THe above and below pictures were taken many years apart during different investigations day and night. Yes, Allan Pacheco spent many a night in the murder room on investigations.


These two photos were taken ages ago upstairs in the haunted STAAB SUITE, look at how different the photos are, tricks of light? The Weird Beards claim Julia's ghost had some fun with my old and different 35 mms. 

Perplexing things do happen at La Posada on occasion. Below is an ancient photo, that is me on the right but what came into the shot on the left? And what can account for the dimness and energy bolt like activity in the picture? Is it a trick of light, camera malfunction or the ghost of JULIA STAAB?

BELOW: Most of the time there is no paranormal activity at LA POSADA. This photo-- inside the STAAB SUITE with LA POSADA manager and Michelle from NY--the modern era. 

BELOW: This haunted room is to the left of where these three are at---on this tour below, it ended at LA POSADA.  Allan did two tours for the Sara Cook wedding party, Sara from california was married at LA POSADA. Her bridesmaid stayed in the JULIA STAAB SUITE- the haunted room. These three at the end of the tour are on their way to visit the bridesmaid. 

Below: James stands next to the Julia Staab Suite in the haunted La Posada. Beyond the door is where Julia was dispatched by way of strangulation.  James feels a bit of tight neck coming on, is it the shirt, the imagination or Julia's spirit?  WHen it comes to picking on the computer from the many host tours Santa Fe New Mexico, when you tour with Allan, you go with a hands on investigator and author. Click on the left button "ORDER" to see some of the books Allan Pacheco has written.

BELOW: The left side of the photo are the room of where Julia was imprisoned by her  husband for 5 years. Abraham Staab got away iwth this because he was the "AL CAPONE" of Santa Fe or The Territory of New Mexico.  Julia was married to a bad dude who ran Santa Fe like his fiefdom. 

An ancient picture of the upstairs area of La Posada to the right  of Allan are the rooms where Julia was jailed in, there is activity at times at the doors and at the far window in the hallway.  Supposedly she tried to escape at this window one time. 

Above: Allan leaving the haunted hallway of where the STAAB SUITE is located.  Below years later, note the flash of light from top of the middle door. What is it? Swamp Gas at La Posada? HARDLY!!!! The Devil Light or orb is a reflection on the door according to the skeptics? That explanation I doubt, because this area of La Posada is definitely haunted. I have no idea what this burst of color is, the photo was taken on one of my tours. The area behind the wall and door is where JULIA SHUSTER STAAB came to her end under very sinister circumstances. In the past, Julia's ghost has been seen in human outline or in white cloud. 

BELOW: Egotistical Abraham Staab put his initials above the entrance that fronts the La Posada staterooms.  Through this door is the bar, during mansion days it was the kitchen area.


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