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Pilots during World War II reported small sphere or fireball like objects flying near or beside bombers or fighters.

Allies and Axis pilots thought the flying objects were secret weapons, from the opposing side.

The Allied pilots named these mysterious flying craft, "FOO FIGHTERS". Supposedly the term "FOO" came from the French word for fire-FEU-- and that is how the unknown craft got their name. Another story concerning the origin of the word "FOO FIGHTER" claim s that the term came from the comic strip "SMOKEY STOVER", where one the characters- SMOKEY STOVER would call fire- "FOO". SMOKEY STOVER was a fireman and his lingo was strange-- he called his firefighting vehicle the "FOOMOBILE" which was a tricked out quasi single axle fire truck. Or SMOKEY STOVER called himself a "FOOFIGHTER" which means a firefighter.


A Japanese SALLY bomber (some say it's a BETTY), with a UFO (FOO FIGHTER) trailing it.

Some of these dot like craft were calculated to fly at speed of 1000 MPH to 3600 MPH.


This photo has been in public view since at least the 1960's. There is some question what make these aircraft are.

Some experts say the planes are R.A.F. Lysanders.

Others say they are Tahikawa KI 34's (recon) from 1942.

The UFO's are plainly seen. The small picture below it is a REVERSED--PHOTO of the one above? Skeptics claim it is hoax. What is not a hoax is that the press did report that allied pilots were seeing strange glowing fireball type craft or metallic globe like craft that flew by their planes during combat missions The article to the far right- is from December 1944---more proof that pilots during WWII were encountering strange craft-- so perhaps these WWII photos are not fakes.


The photo on the far left is from 1950 Montana, the photo next to is from 1952 Utah, both snapshots and the following films captured FOO FIGHTERS or UFOS cruising above the USA.

THE MONTANA PHOTO: On August 15, 1950 at roughly 11;25 AM, Nick Mariana and his secretary Virginia Raunig were at the Legion Ball Park, in Great Falls, Montana. Mariana was the manager of the Great Falls Electrics, a minor league baseball team, which was a farm squad for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Mariana was inspecting the field, a game was scheduled to start later in the day.

At the stadium Mariana saw 2 Foo Fighters in the sky, he grabbed a 16 MM camera from the trunk of his car, from the stadium's parking lot he filmed 2 silver disk until they flew out of sight. Shortly after this incident 2 F94 fighter jets in a different part of the sky passed over the city, perhaps in pursuit of the UFOs?

Mariana told his friends what he had captured on film, 2 rotating silver disks that he had estimated were traveling between 200-400 MPH. It took around a week for the film to be developed, this is an important fact. Would a hoaxer claim he has something on film sight unseen?

Once the film was developed Mariana now had proof to what he and his secretary had seen. On film against a blue sky were 2 FOO FIGHTERS cruising over the baseball field. The UFO film was shows for the next month or so to various civic groups and clubs. Eventually somebody suggested that the Air Force should look at this film. Contacts were made and the film was shipped off to the Air Force, who examined it under Project Grudge which officially ended in 1949 but continued on until 1951.

The Air Force honchos and later on the CIA, deemed that the Foo Fighters were 2 F94 fighter that had been filmed flying over Great Falls. The above B/W jet fighter photo ----- is of a F94---. According to the Air Force spokesman, bright sunlight had reflected against the jet's fuselage and the case was closed. Marian claimed otherwise, yes 2 F94s were seen, but they were viewed in a different part of the sky after the 2 UFOs passed over the ballpark.

The AIr Force trumped Marian's claim by attesting that they had records that stated t2 F94s from Malstrom AFB were in the air during the time Mariana shot his film. The fact that 2 fighter jets were in the air was not disputed by Mariana, what was disputed was that whatever was captured on film, was not fixed wing aircraft.

But there was more to this incident, when Mariana's film was returned he found out that at least 30 frames of his movie possibly more were missing. Some account have the film being anywhere from 8-15 feet in length, with a lot of feet missing.

According to Mariana and the people that saw the film at meetings and gatherings, the missing parts of the movie clearly showed that the UFOs were rotating silvery disks. Furthermore, there was a high point on the disks and a band around the middle of these circular motion craft.

The Air Force denied that there had been any tampering with the film. Consequently the missing film parts were never returned to Mariana. Modern analysis of the chopped up film does confirm Mariana's statements, the objects in the sky were disks not F94 jets. THE UTAH FILM: On July 2, 1952, Navy warrant Officer Delbert Newhouse and family were driving on Highway 31, near Tremonton, Utah. The Newhouses, wife and two kids were on vacation, their destination was Portland, Oregon. At around 11Am Norma motioned to her husband Delbert that she had spotted Foo Fighters or UFOs in the sky.

Delbert parked his car on the side of the road, took out a 16MM camera and shot 12 disk like objects that did not fly in formation. There were no planes, birds or balloons in the air, Delbert caught on film a group of Foo Fighters.

However, the debunkers maintained that Delbert Newhouse had filmed a gander of geese or a flock of seagulls. Reader take a look at these two films---- FOO FIGHTERS-- not birds are what is on the celluloid. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CLICK HERE TO VIEW----1950 GREAT FALLS, MONTANA--FOO FIGHTERS---BUT COME BACK TO THIS SITE-- A LOT MORE TO SEE------------------- -----------------CLICK HERE TO SEE FOO FIGHTERS OVER 1952 UTAH----BE SURE TO COME BACK TO THIS SITE--LOTS MORE TO SEE----------- PHOTO ON THE LEFT-- TAKEN-JULY 12, 1947--THE TULSA DAILY WORLD-- NEWSPAPER/ IS THIS PHOTO = FOO FIGHTERS-- FLYING SAUCERS---- A FAKE? I THINK THE PATTERN OF FOO FIGHTERS OR SMALL GLOBE LIKE UFOS RESEMBLES WHAT IS SEEN ON THE 1952 UTAH FILM, THAT CAN BE VIEWED BY CLICKING ON ONE OF THE ABOVE LINKAGES.
BATTLE OVER L.A.  SKIES 1942 This February 1942 photo, is of a UFO that was tracked and fired upon over World War II, Los Angeles.

There were many explanations for the LOS ANGELES barrage.

The authorities at first thought that a Japanese plane or planes were over the city, a night raid.

Others said the UFO was a off course American pilot who was in a no fly zone.

Other accounts have a barrage balloon breaking from it's cable, or it was swamp gas, itchy trigger fingers.

As in some culprits set off fireworks and imaginations went wild.

Comedy movie "1941" includes this incident. This photo is of the shot at UFO as it went over Los Angeles in 1942.

Some people say it's a picture from a propoganda film.

The bottom line is, the night skies of Los Angeles were lit up by A/A fire in 1942, what was shot at is debated.

One page viewer suggested the photo is from a WWII gunnery film or montage, how to shoot down an enemy plane.

TO me there seems to be something just not right about this photo. BUT OTHERS!!!! EXPERTS IN UFO-OLOGY-- have told me that this is a legit snapshot. I have seen others pertaining to this event, and even though this photo looks staged, I have been assured that it is not a hoax and is a picture of the 1942 incident.

To read more about this UFO OVER L.A.--- OR FOO/UFO FIGHTER INVASION click on the link below. CLICK HERE ---TO GO TO UFO OVER L.A. 1942 AND NY BLACKOUT 1965 PAGE


A World War II photo of a Japanese torpedo/bomber. The FOO FIGHTERS----UFO's (LIGHTS) can be clearly seen.


This photo shows B17's in combat formation, UFO's off in the distance and a fighter closing on a flying fortress.

Is this fighter, a single engined allied plane or an enemy Me109, by it's cowling it looks like an Axis (enemy) fighter.

I think this photo is a fake, notice how close the fighter is to the B17 and how out of proportion the fighter is?

Then again this photo could be legit, and I could be wrong, but where is the tracer fire?

Maybe its a doctored photo from film stock from the 1962 movie "THE WAR LOVER", with a doctored fighter from the 1969 movie "THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN".
This photo (LEFT) is not of a PRE 1947 Roswell UFO crash incident. It is a modern photo of a CONCORD jet over UK with a UFO (FOO FIGHTER) next to the jet.

The FOO FIGHTER, cruised above the jet, then cirlced unfderneath the craft and then flew off.

This is a still from a 1976 film, shot from a jet that was flying next to the Concord.

The authorities-debunkers claimed that there was a malfunction in the camera. Some type of object on the lens was seen, there was no UFO or FOO FIGHTER.

The film of this incident can be seen on a 1 minute docu, the last part of the dock concerns itself with this happening. However the lingo is in Spanish. CLICK HERE TO SEE A FOO FIGHTER EXAMINES A JET AT ALTITUDE--- ----PLEASE COME BACK TO THIS SITE--- TONS OF THINGS TO SEE

Foo Fighter? Spherical UFO? Does it morph into three?

Top corner of photo, FOO FIGHTERS?

The photo was taken of Japanese torpedo planes in 1943 over the DEVIL's SEA.

The Devil's Sea is the Pacific's version of the Devil's Triangle.

LEFT PHOTO---Old Zero fighter plane non-retractable landing gear. What do you thinks following the plane? Foo fighters?

BELOW 2 PHOTOS-- ARROW OR ARROWS--- point to Foo Fighter or UFOS
b-17 & FOO FIGHTERS This photo shows Foo fighters during World War II. Maybe? The Foos could be flairs from another B-17.

It is possible that the lead bomber had battle damage, its r/t was shot out and signals by flairs for Deputy Leader to take over the squadron. BUT I DO NOT THINK SO-- the picture to me looks fake. The dimensions just do not seem right. I think this is a FAKE FOO FIGHTER picture, a tricked up photo.

Foo fighters have been reported to morph into each other.

This is gun camera footage from a SOVIET fighter.

Note how the Foo Fighters merge into each other, they then blink out or just zip away.

Convnetional UFOs seem to not morph and are solid.

The modern UFO may enter into holes in the sky,(Dimensional or Speed Portals).

Or exit the atmosphere at fantastic speed.

While Foo Fighters are not huge craft, they can meld and seperate from each other.
Foo Fighter over Germany.

A reflection, a bogus photo, or a flying saucer-a.k.a. Foo Fighter?

Fake WORLD WAR II photo? Or the real thing? I think it is real.

Notice this cluster of craft or light, as compared to the 1952 photo out of MASSACHUSETTS below.

One group of aliens, seems to travel in groups of four craft or light spheres.



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World War II photo with UFO? What is it?


THE PICTURE AT THE BOTTOM TO THE RIGHT--No idea, this UFO picture has been around for sometime --a snapshot of an odd FOO fighter off the wing. UFOLOGY-CLICK HERE ------GEORGE ADAMSKI---UFO CONTACTEE--OR WAS HE A FRAUD? CLICK HERE