UNEXPLAINED DISAPEARENCE: Mel Nadel -- The Pecos Triangle

ON the investigation, we had our equipment act up and fail, the Geiger Counter, the Trifled meter, the 35MM camera, the cell phone.  The only thing that worked part of the time was the digital camera.  Below some photos form the 35 MM, the camera operated fine and before this investigation, why it failed, no idea.  Skeptics will say it was the film, the settings, human error, but the camera went from serviceable to glitch, then it worked good later on.  The below area where we had some odd readings and then smash went the equipment.  

As our gear went wonky  we had all kinds of happenings, from noises that could not be explained to the jeep not starting. IT was as if something was around us and fouled things up. Below this was not purposely darkened, the equipment went smash.

The camera film went wonky -- when the equipment went wonky, this above and below are photos of ELK MOUNTAIN TOWER ... It is easy to see and to hike for, there are all kinds of  logging, hiking, Indian and pioneer trails in the area.  Mel could have easily seen this place and headed for it, he would have hit a road, or path.  Also there are paths, that lead back to Pecos or to the campgrounds, and if worse comes to worse all one has to do is follow the streams or canyons  downward and a person will hit the Pecos River adn then civilization.