Below: UFO-PHOTOS  / ACCOUNTS  / WITNESSES  /  REPORTS /  FOO-FIGHTERS. Skeptics will say people imagined things, debunkers will claim that UFO-PHOTOS are hoaxes or the snapshot captured an insect flying close to the lens of the camera.  Nay sayers will never have an open mind and look at photographic evidence  and concede that something not of this Earth was shot on film. On this web page, there are some flying saucer photos that do look fake, but there are many other UFO snapshots that do look legitimate.  The videos on this page do have some powerful observations concerning UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT sightings.  FOO FIGHTER PHOTOS or / UFO-PHOTOS / whatever you label them, here is partial proof that Earth is being visited by different types of craft --- different alien races.   What are these beings doing, spectating, or are they playing dice with humanity?   

UFO-PHOTOS --- Above: UFO photo October 19, 1954, the location is disputed -- The photo is either by MONTE CARLO, but on the Italian side of the border  or the UFO was shot over a neighborhood outside of Rome nicknamed or named MONTE CARLO. Below, that is Washington D.C. 1952.

Above an enhanced modern version in color of the JULY 12 -JULY 29, 1952 WASHINGTON DC UFO WAVE. What night this photo was taken during the flap is unknown.. There is a similar photo on this website of the capital building and UFOS in the background, but the color in that picture is grainy and yellowish.  Below in UFO-PHOTOS -- the following craft are mainly seen as in -- models o craft -- from the late 1940s into the early 1970s. 

UFO PHOTOS -- match the below snapshot with the above schematic, is there a match? Yes there could be.

ABOVE: UFO photo circa 1970.  Skeptics have fun with this photo -- the old adage; IS IT A PLANE, IS IT A BIRD?  Some cynics claim this it not a UFO but an insect by the lens.  Below: Astronaut Zeke Slayton, his account of seeing a UFO.

BELOW: UFO over ROME 1967 -- this photo has many dates attached to it. From the 1950s to the 1960s, which year is it? One of the bad things about UFO-PHOTOS is that many snapshots on the web have not been properly dated.

This web page does not just have  UFO-PHOTOS   --BELOW: Astronaut EDGAR MITCHELL = Short synopsis on the UFO coverup.  VERY INTERESTING!

Closed minded people reject all types of UFO-PHOTOS -- likewise they negate eye witness accounts. BELOW: FLYING SAUCER SIGHTINGS = news programs + audio from astronauts reporting to HOUSTON they are seeing a UFO... Some of the content is very good..

OF all the UFO-PHOTOS of pre WWII, this one does tend to stand out. Below: this photo was taken during the holidays in 1937 -- exact date not sure --- in Vancouver, British Columbia.  21 year old Canadian soldier Leonard Lamoreaux who died in 1992 and younger brother Wilfred who died in 1955, went to the Vancouver City Hall to take photos of the Christmas lights.  A UFO was spotted, it momentarily hovered over the capital building area and this photo was taken on Leonard's brand new camera.  The UFO then sped away, it vanished from view in a few seconds.  According to the archives and interviews, both brothers were somewhat afraid and astounded by of what they had witnessed.  Through the decades the negative was lost. The critics claim this is not a UFO, it is a water spot on the film or negative... However -- does not this 1937 photo of a UFO look kind of like the photo and drawings below of modern sightings?  Photographer; Leonard Lamoreaux thought that he saw two silent blue craft that were facing each other. Maybe Leonard is correct? From the photo and from what Leonard saw as he was in the process of taking the photo, there could be another craft flanking the foreground UFO, but that other FOO FIGHTER is hidden by the craft in the bubble.  IN other words --- The second craft is behind the first.  Remember this UFO quickly left the area, or these UFOS exited fast.  

UFOS-PHOTOS --- Compare  the 1937 snapshot with 2017 photo.  Supposedly the bottom photo is of a rocket?

UFO-PHOTOS  !!!  Does anybody have anything similar photo wise to what is seen in the above two snapshots,  but that image has to be taken during or before World War II.  likewise if anybody has any cigar shape craft  photos from  the 1960s backwards send to ALLAN PACHECO's FACEBOOK PAGE or to santafewriter@me.com .... The illustration below, the question is, what was the event that produced that drawing in the 1950s?

Below; AUGUST 20, 1957 FUJISAWA, JAPAN --UFO. Its of note a few UFO-PHOTOS of superior quality were taken over Japan in the late 1950s? Why was Japan an area of flying saucer activity in the late 1950s?

OLDER DOCU -- from at minimum 25 years -- ago about UFO coverup -- by different DEEP STATE organizations -- offices -- in the government and military...  The video is not good quality but the info is darn good.  The content is as good as a batch of UFO-PHOTOS... Click below.


BELOW: This UFO footage was from an 8mm video camera on August 27, 1995.  Tim Edwards, in Salida, Colorado, shot this film at 9:30 AM Mountain time.   

BELOW: An enhanced version of the 1995 Salida, Colorado, sighting.  The below version, (depending who you talk to) does prove that this sighting is not a line of floating balloons.

BELOW: is this a hoax or real = no other info except = these craft were sighted over IRELAND on 25 MARCH 1953.

BELOW: At first Allan thought this photo was hoax, now he think it could be legit.  The UFO photo was taken on 23 November 1953 Riverside, California... The area before the mountains looks like where the RIVERSIDE INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY was built in 1958... Now it is a subdivision with a strip mall.  From afar the craft looks like what some people claimed to have seen as in UFO sightings. Yes there are many UFO-PHOTOS that have a craft  resembling the saucer in teh photo. (ADAMSKI & OTHER UFO HUNTERS) in the 1950s, photographed a similar UFO in the desert southwest of this California location.  Allan Pacheco who has studied the UFO-MYSTERY / UFO-PHOTOS is skeptical about all of Adamski's claims, but this type of UFO that was photographed was seen around the world in the late 1940s through the 1950s.


Below: this photo was taken of a semi cloaked UfO -- according to some --- there are different alien races and one or maybe more pilot UFOS that can cloak themselves. According to some theorists and witnesses, sometimes the UFO's cloaking devices does not work....  on October 20, 1960 in Minneapolis, Minnesota this UFO was photographed.

BELOW: A good docu on what the public does not know that has been caught on film --- some of the claims on this documentary ALLAN does not go along with.  However, in this video ALLAN does thinks that there is some evidence concerning UFO activity that was captured on film.

CONFUSED? Do not be, they are here! Not all the photos or videos of UFOs are real. KNOW THIS, and go back and look at the UFO-PHOTOS on this page, after you read the following. For better or worse, Earth is being visited by different aliens and energies. 

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