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REVIEW --- ALLAN PACHECO's SANTA FE GHOST TOUR 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336

OCT20, 2020

Our pitbull

Not only is Allan incredibly knowledgeable about the history of Santa Fe (in general and in terms of paranormal activity), but he was also our pit bull. He kept us safe and made sure we got back to our car after we heard a gunshot. A spooky way to end a spooky tour!


SURVIVED-GHOST-TOUR-SANTA-FE  -- These people trekked by and through some haunted Santa Fe locales. These hardy should had fun and survived -- will you -- wink-wink 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336 

SURVIVED-GHOST-TOUR-SANTA-FE --- Below: these two New Mexico Cowboys survived! (Father & Son) Lance & Cole are two Catron County Cowboys who have taken Allan's tour, 3 times... These guys know their history and always want to learn more about WILD WEST SANTA FE... Their knowledge of the nefarious SANTA FE RING is superb, they have given Allan a few insights in how Abraham Staab & Thomas Catron (Santa Fe Ring Gangsters) expanded their carpetbagger empire.   Yes on Ghost Tours -- some History is thrown in.  Be READY TO DRAW in certain haunted areas -- shoot down the ghosts -- wink-wink.

Day tours -- Night tours -- will you boldly proclaim -- that you are in the category of  / SURVIVED-GHOST-TOUR /   -- ON your ghost tour we do trek through -- are haunted locales --- got guts -- go on one of ALLAN PACHECO's ghost walks... His History tours are superb, as well.  505-986-5002

When you ghost safari with Allan Pacheco --- 505-986-5002 --- you go to some interesting haunted places --- or places that through the centuries activity -- paranormal has been reported.  That is why --- (THE I)  SURVIVED-GHOST-TOUR -- boast is so appropriate when you tour with AL PACHECO

ABOVE & BELOW --- on your SURVIVED-GHOST-TOUR  = SPOOK LANE -- the blocked off areas ---  evening tour picked up  a chilling vibe + something was  registered on  the ghost box.

ABOVE & BELOW -- different  safaris -- same location. Sometimes there is no energy at a location  and other times ==evn during the day -- the vibe is felt or on your  SURVIVED-GHOST-TOUR --- energies are detected with the SHADOW CHASER  gear.    Note the look in the group below -- a burst of unearthly or scary energy was felt,  the lady in the black got a good blast of it, she has her hand over her chest.  

THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE -- SANTA FE -- Below the haunted OLDEST HOUSE - click here --

One of the lanes where energies have been photographed --- there are different routes Allan takes for his   tours --- THE HAUNTED -- MEAN -- CAMINOS of SANTA FE.

Notice how the below  photo is charged with energy --- on tour this lady did some GHOST HUNTING -- GHOST RODS, they picked up some type of energy and then some more!

ABOVE & BELOW -- on tour --- shadow chasing with  DOWSING RODS

GHOST TOUR SANTA FE! DIG IT!!! 505-986-5002


On your SURVIVED-GHOST-TOUR --- got ghost gadgets -- bring them... 505-986-5002 THE PAGE YOU CAME IN ON -- GHOSTOMETER -- Click here


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