The following video is graphic, it is filled with foul language and carnage. This is why the abandoned prison has bad energy in it.

Hopefully this video will show the viewer why the prison system in the USA has to be reformed. The FED & STATE should have DRUG REHAB & MENTAL HEALTH programs available to those outside and inside the prison system. 

The reason this  page is not listed on the website is because it does not deal too much with the paranormal… Yes, EVIL is part of the paranormal world, and EVIL is alive and well when it comes to prisons and addictions.  But being that this section is on what happened in the Santa Fe prison and it correlates to why the abandoned prison is haunted.  I thought the page should concern itself with the political issue and facts that are linked to incarceration, as in drug abuse, lack of rehab, and USA's open border problems as in drugs flowing into the country. HOWEVER == BELOW is a NO NO… The photo was sent to me,I have no idea what group or people inside the OLD MAIN did this. They are conduction a seance at the spot where PAULINA PAUL was murdered by way of decapitation.The marks on the floor show the shovel blows that went through the neck area to sever the head from the body of Paulina Paul of ALAMORGORDO, NEW MEXICO.  The energy there you would not want to take home with you, nor would you want  to invoke it and have it around you. OUIJA and the OLD MAIN PRISON is an invoking of HELLISH energy-- NO NO. DO not mess with that. YOu do not want the energy of the murder, the energy of the act, the energy of the rapists or child molestars that were killed in this area or at the bludgeoning spot to be attached to the OUIJA people. When you use the OUIJA board you are inviting or summoning dark energies to attach to yourself. NO NO-- ESPECIALLY at that spot in the OLD MAIN!  

Below: 3 odd photos are they light reflection or something else -- paranormal.  The area on the right is where  inmates were thrown over the edge of the railing -- 3 stories high -- many head first--, some inmates were hung from the bars and strangled while others were tied up by way of the bars and torcheres.  AT the end of this hallway in this photo, is there something there? 

The photo below is the same as above, except in sepia form and flipped over, is something down at this cell block area, or just light reflection or light playing tricks on the camera glass... However, this area has been reported to be haunted. A lot of killing happened in this section of the prison.

Things to remember and mull over, then vote to get things changed. Democrat, Republican or INDY, vote for leaders who will address the problems of incarceration, rehab, and drug addiction… REHAB! REHAB! REHAB! It is the best way, it saves lives.
MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES should be available for those that do not have the financial means. 

Not all fellons are evil child molesters, rapists or no conscience gangsters.  A lot of the prison population is made up of people who have drug addictions or mental illness and they did not get help with their addiction or mental psychosis while they were living in society.  If these people had been helped, they would not have been out in the world committing crime to fuel their drug addiction or would not be committing violent acts because their mental illness would have been checked.

But help did not get to these people, the end result is that these salvageable people went to prison, and became even more addicted to drugs and violence.  Once these felons are released into society, with their prison mind set and lack of skills, according to  studies at minimum 7 out of 10 felons will return to prison.

The USA's correctional system is like a brainwashing machine… Once a person is in the prison system it is more than likely that person, when released will come out of the HOTEL GRAYROCK more ruthless and violent than when he went in. Why? Because the correction system of today is based upon punishment, and a dog eat dog mentality, today prisons are  not based on rehabilitation.  

Most felons in prison come from a background where they had no support. Their family unit is fractured, their analytical skills have been warped by way of drugs and violence, their learning capabilities or attention  span is limited due to how their minds were wired by what their environment was as infants and kids.

In essence prison brainwashes felons to continue down a path of crime and incarceration. Prison if structured right could brainwash felons to go down a path of self reliance and a player in the world of capitalism.

That is not the case -- the correction system is not a rehab friendly place. Prisons are a money maker for the PRIVATE PRISON INDUSTRY- and also a pork barrel industry for government. 

REMEMBER THIS STAT THAT WAS STATED BEFORE--- at minimum %70 of the incarcerated that get paroled or finish their sentence will return to prison for having done another crime.

In the long run -- tax payer wise-- it is cheaper to rehabilitate the prisoner rather than house and feed him for year after year. Than have the felon do another crime and get back into the system. 

America's bad culture along with hard drugs (HEROIN-COCAINE-METH) is why so many more Americans are becoming addicted to drugs. Once addicted, the person does crime to support their habit, that person is caught and he or she becomes a cog in the prison system. 

DRUGS are the  main reason for crime. YET ---The BORDERS are wide open, drugs flow into the USA and destroy its people. Why do people do drugs? For a lot of them it is because --- at first the drug takes the user out of the bad mind set they are in, as in their bad environment or what has happened to them memory wise when they were younger.  For others, the culture that they are in -- you do drugs, it is the way the world is, or the way things  are done. Either way, the gateway drug, turns the person into an addict and then a criminal, as he or she does whatever it takes to support the habit.

For example-- why are some girls alcoholics, because of the sexual abuse that happened to them at a young age, the booze drowns out the pain. Why are some guys into heavy drugs at a young age, it drowns out the pain and violence that they are around.  SURE some people just like getting high. But for a lot of people there is a sad reason in why they got into drugs. 

No kid is going to tell an adult, when I grow up I want to be a FELON, or I want to be a prostitute, or I want to be a junkie.

There are a lot of people in high paying jobs, with great education, who have done far worse than those behind bars. But because of the money they have and how the system goes after those that can not protect themselves. Members of the middle class and upper class hardly ever sees any felony charges or  spend time behind bars.

I know a number of wealthy, corrupt people who are far more guilty of crimes against humanity than a number of people already in prison serving out their time.

YES THERE ARE EVIL PEOPLE IN PRISON!!!  There are a number of felons who can not be let out of prison. They are beyond help, and if they got out, they would once again be narcissists that rape, molest, murder, or maim. 

But the point being of all of this is that the system the USA does have in place, is not working, all it is doing is creating a world, that if you get addicted to drugs and you do not come from a family with money, YOU IS IN BIG TROUBLE.

Sure, nobody should get addicted to drugs--- there are some people who can be put into a terrible environment and their will power is greater then the environment they are in and they do not get into drugs. But sadly few Americans today have that will power. With the open border policy that USA has now, which allows for drugs to flow into the country virtually unchecked, along with the bad culture the USA has now.  As in schools being drug dens and the breakup of the family unit, along with morals and GOD's laws being bashed by America's leaders, it is no wonder why the prisons are full and more are being built.

Things must change or things are going to get worse, society wise.  The HOLOCAUST is happening here in the USA, due to an encouraged drug culture by way of our goevermen't policies and the media. Overdose, crime, suicides, murder etc…  are linked to how the FED and STATE deals with crime, corrections and a culture that allows for the USA to become a drug infested country.

In other words, what happened in the Santa Fe prison in 1980 is happening in every city in the USA by way of how American leaders have failed its citizens.  Drug addiction, crime, and people getting sent to overcrowded prisons, it is happening all over the USA.. PRISON REFORM, REHAB and A NEW BORDER POLICY is what is needed. BELOW: rough and brutal documentary on the riot of 1980.



Santa Fe Prison paranormal investigations click here content



Below: Note how the incarceration graph climbs --- match it against what has happened to America during the years on the graph -- by way of the decisions made by the USA's incompetent leaders be it BUSH I, CLINTON, BUSH II, OBAMA=  During these regimes USA got OPEN BORDERS = drugs flowing into USA and this leads to addictions and crime, GLOBALIZATION = jobs going overseas and wages going down due to illegals deciding in USA -- inner cities have high unemployment due to no jobs available --,  RED LINING  parts of cities = incompetent educations systems means kids come out of school with no entrepreneurial skills  and RED LINING means lack money for business development in inner cities, MEDIA or ENtERTAINMENT = glorifying  drug culture by film or music , and most importantly --- the corruption of society by way of not treating addiction as a disease.  Yes, people should not use drugs, just like they should not drink, but once a person is hooked -- it is a disease --- like MALARIA -- ... Society or doctors treat Malaria victims but they do not treat addicts... Also, Society irradiates Malaria  carrying insects, so people will not become infected but society does not irradiate drugs from flowing in from south of the border.   The WAR on DRUGS is a farce, it seems, it has been decided by the POWERS that the USA  prison population should grow... Who is in prison, the poorest and least educated of AMERICANS.  There is something sinister about the JUSTICE SYSTEM ---- it seems that CLASS WARFARE is being waged against the lowest economic rungs of AMERICAN society. 

People can change, Stan Tookie Williams below, he has some interesting words & wisdom.  Stan Williams was a bad guy, he led a terrible life of crimean the first part of his life, the second part of his life the man rehabilitated himself and became a force of good.  

REDISCOVERY OF PURPOSE is A KEY TO WHIPPING ADDICTION...  The below video is long winded but there are some good ideas in it about addiction --INDIVIDUAL RECOVERY///