"THE SANTA FE ODYSSEY TOUR" = private historical and paranormal walk -- that is led by historian and metaphysical investigator Allan Pacheco.  The ODYSSEY is done during the day and is roughly 3-4 hours long. 

Ghost Lights-Devil Lights-Ghost Orbs--can be explained--according to some WEIRD BEARDS

Below are half hazard explanations, that tries to explain what it's all about, earn it comes to GHOST LIGHTS

These explanations are from psychics, ghost hunters, books, or ACCORDING TO HOYLE. Uh huh!

White or silver is supposed to signify that the energy is trapped in this world. Or does not want to leave.

White and silver energy, have caused mayhem, uncomfortable vibe and on occasions have attacked. 

In the UFO phenomena-missing time-(contact-attack) there are reports of white and silver colors. 

Does that mean ghost orbs or shades are linked to UFO phenomena--some paranormalists believe Devil Lights use portals to enter into this world--like some UFO civilizations do.. HUH? 

Through the annals of paranormal history, different colors (shades) sometimes bring disaster or trauma . Nothing is exact-- depending on what culture one champions with their metaphysical beliefs.

Transparent, bright white or dirty glass color energy supposedly can briefly communicate. 

As in something happened here, or it needs help in being sent free.

Dark orbs or ghosts (Black & Brown) = disaster aimed at you. 

Black energy, is filled with evil intentions and harm or death notice for somebody. 

Brown energy according to some New Agers, means that the energy is Earthy. 

Some say, Brown energy is dangerous, its powerful during rain storms + deadly to computers.

I am not satisfied with the following Blue explanations, of orbs or ghosts. 

Supposedly the color blue designates that the energy is calm and a spectator.

I agree with some shadow chasers, that blue ghost-orbs could be guides, helpers.

Dark red and orange energy is said to be that of anger, revenge or attacking power. 

Red-pinkish ghost or orbs supposedly is energy of a bad person, who still wants to do evil.

Perhaps, I tend to go with some weird beards who claim that red energy tends to be on guard duty. 

Be it angrily or selfishly -redish-orange is thought to be found in a house, room, or area where death occurred. Also the color can mean that the now deceased person was attached and still is in a evil way to their wealth or possessions.

Dark-or reptile green energy? According to some means an energy full of fertility.

Others think this energy is full of rape-groping-violent sexual energy. 

Light Green is that of ghost or orb that wants to bring healing.

Yellow? Angry ghost or orb that will burn out your equipment.

Confused on what the colors mean, so am I. 

HOWEVER--in Santa Fe--Ghost Lights or Ghost Orbs or DEVIL LIGHTS come in all colors.

MYSELF--I have yet to get a quality explanation on what it all means, as in COLORS 

Can ghostly color be cataloged as in this is what kind of behavior it gives off gives off? Maybe--- I am still trying to figure things out---and like a lot of things in the paranormal world--- there is disinformation out there and contradictory data. So go figure?