Santa Fe Ghost and History Tours Schedule: Your private tour is done at your convenience.
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Tour guide Allan's tours are done day & night.

HISTORY TOUR  or PARANORMAL TOUR -- no set times -- schedule your own private tour/safari with ALLAN 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336

Your tour in Santa Fe is led by historian, paranormal investigator and author Allan Pacheco.  his tours have no set time, he tries to schedule your kickoff time as to your request... Morning, afternoon, and night.

Large or small groups or solo, Allan safaris take you through historic and haunted Santa Fe.  Above at the end of a tour in the LA POSADA --- this resort during wild west days was the mansion of the AL CAPONE  of the New Mexico Territory -Abraham Staab-- that is his B/W photo.  This wonderful resort/hotel is haunted by Julia Staab.  The above group is in the old mansion's study.  Below: Close-up of the master of the LA POSADA...   

BELOW: AT the end of a tour, a much smaller group in the historic plaza.

Family tour , group tour or solo --- Ghost -- History day or night PRIVATE TOUR with ALLAN 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336... Below inside the historic landmark: The Oldest Church in the USA... 

On your paranormal tour -- bring your ghostometers, you never can tell!   

Take pictures!

As odd photo, I have no idea --- who is behind the group --- a shadow according to Allan by the pole, however some people think it is ghost, hmmm? --- What everybody finds interesting is the long hair person behind the glasses wearing man.. Allan is in the hat bringing up the end of the tour, he does not recall the dark haired person. Everybody is looking down, not a clue about this one. A person who attached to the end of the tour momentarily or a ? that attached to the tour?   SO TAKE PHOTOS WHEN YOU SAFARI WITH ALLAN

Allan tries to schedule your tour at your convenience so your kickoff time is to your liking.  ON your private tour you explore the little known or visited paths and places in Santa Fe (ABOVE).  Likewise you visit (Below & Below)  the historic & haunted places-(venues) of Santa Fe.  Your trek = comfortable pace/ 505-986-5002 schedule a tour 505-231-1336

Below on SPOOK LANE -- some strange BLAIR WITCH STUFF in the area, conjure and ghosts!

Above & below this area does have a haunted history and thaaangs are found here that add to the lore of LA LLORONA and the ghosts of the SPOOK LANE tract. 

Allan's paranormal tours -- day or night ---- above & below --- can have the unexpected happen === as in=== Things are seen and odd photos are taken. 

BELOW: Allan's history tours are just as fascinating as his ghost tours --- they are a different kind of animal  -- and on your HISTORY TOUR -- you get the skinny on the landmarks and the town's colorful past.  Yes that  is a legit coffin -- WILD WEST STYLE! 

Above -- HISTORY OR PARANORMAL -- PRIVATE TOURS .... Allan's schedule is flexible --- call him and book a safari.  Below: GHOSTWALKER TOUR.

Lets go touring --- below end of a tour in the plaza. 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336... DAY or NIGHT -- family --- large -- small ---- special needs --- Boy Scouts -- school group --- biz group --- convention group --- your tour is done at a comfortable pace.  

Below: End of a tour --- inside the historic and haunted LA POSADA --- Family or group tour -- ABOVE & BELOW: Your tour is done at a comfortable pace -- schedule a tour 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336... Ghost or HISTORY or a combination of both... Allan is also available for lecture or radio shows.

BELOW: Some of the shows Allan has been on, get him on your program 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336