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SANTA-FE-LAMY-BUILDING  === Photos of the haunted  area, from different tours and investigations. The grounds and structure does look like something out of a GOTHIC film.  At times -- the SANTA-FE-LAMY-BUILDING has been linked to all kids of paranormal activity -- be it sightings -- photos --and ghost gadgets going off -- as in something is here!

One odd thing about the SANTA-FE-LAMY-BUILDING -- is that the structure is bracketed by other tracts that through the centuries -- people at these tracts -- have reported all types of paranormal happenings.

Across the parking lot from the the SANTA-FE-LAMY BUILDING  is the notorious or dreaded PERA BUILDING --- a site known for apparitions -- doors closing -- doors being jammed by boxes somehow placed on teh other side of the frame --- etc... SO is the SANTA-FE-LAMY BUILDING getting spill over from the PERA BUILDING as in ghosts ---- go on ALLAN PACHECO's tour and get his facts and theory on why the SANTA-FE-LAMY-BUILDNG  does at times have paranormal energies moving about...

Here is a hint -- about SANTA-FE-LAMY-BUILDING --- behind the old multi storied building was a graveyard --- Yes -- flanking the SANTA-FE-LAMY-BUILDING -- roughly under  the PERA building was a graveyard... Below is a picture of the PERA BUILDING and then more info on the SANTA-FE-LAMY-BUILDING

SANTA -FE- LAMY-BUILDING is flanked by the above PERA BUILDING -------- note the modern MUSTANG -- lights on -- nobody home? Lights came on as photo was being taken. IS there e a driver in the car, can not see one -- maybe there is? Below part of the PERA there once was a cemetery... Strange things have happened on this lot and remember -- this structure or haunted area is next  the -- SANTA-FE-LAMY-BUILDING -- 

SANTA-FE-LAMY-BUILDING    -- it does kind of look --- rather --- spooky... One night on an investigation a dark clad, tall, Anglo Saxon derelict woman with an ashen face derelict came down the staircase from the balcony, there was some chills.  Previous to this, the ghosometer devices were  picking up all kinds of bursts of energy... The poor lady --- she was probably mentally ill wanted money for food.  What little was on the group was given to the bizarre hobo.  Below, the door at this building is now white, on previous tours and investigation photos the door was blue, it was repainted white.


BELOW: SANTA-FE-LAMY-BUILDING    ----  SOMETHAAAAAANG  not of this world is up on the balcony.  Note  how the beam of ghostly energy is lighter  and denser in certain sections.  IS this imagination --- button a face or two be seen in the energy beam?

ABOVE-- When  you tour with Allan Pacheco -- bring  your camera and ghost  hunting devices if you have them --- schedule a SAFARI --- 505-986-5002---  BELOW: What is that? DO you detect a beam?

BELOW: Another night at the SANTA-FE-LAMY-BUILDING     ////  it has been said that this part of the building resembles to a degree the mansion that BETTI DAVIS lived in, in the 1964 Gothic thriller, HUSH HUSH SWEET CHARLOTTE.  Allan maintained there are two eerie Betti Davis-esque haunted buildings in Santa Fe.. Go on his tour and find out where --- 505-986-5002

Below: Was something etherial captured on film?

Is the below blow up of the above picture  trick of light  and shadow ---- is it ones imagination and nothing is there --- or is there a ghostly face in the picture?

BELOW: This photo is in the gray basket --- Allan cannot throw it into the White or Blak basket of yes or no. ---- --- I guess some people can see something in the picture above the ground floor, whisk kid of outline ---  and there is a burst of white in the balcony railing. 

Some energies are powered by the moon and others prefer darkness --- ALLAN PACHECO used to think the shades or shades on the East Devargas Street - Lamy Building area ------  were supercharged by rain and lightening storms.....  Allan now runs hot and cold on that idea.

---- Below -- another photo that Allan cant dismiss.... Is there something on the balcony -- a Mr. Death like figure -- note the beam of ectoplasmic energy that moves upward or downward from the first floor, or ground level....

When you ghost tour with Allan Pacheco 505-986-5002 bring your gadgets... AND CAMERA!!!!

The rods are "OLD FAITHFUL"

METERS ---- its chop-suey.  Some times they are not calibrated, some times they pick up wall wires, & sometimes they are spot on -- the best = TRIFIELD

ABOVE:    Got camera?  Got Gadgets? --- BRING IT!!!  BRING THEM!  

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