Santa Fe History Tours = (HISTORY WALK) your private safari is led by author & historian Allan Pacheco.  Below: Photos of tours through the decades = TOURS FOR THE AGES!

Your tour is down at a comfortable pace and you can ask as many questions as you want.  Allan Pacheco was born in Santa Fe, his ancestors were conquistadors that pioneered the area, so you get the skinny on the facts and legends of Santa Fe...

ABOVE: At the Oldest Church.  Allan's private tours usually end in the plaza, that way you can get a bite to eat or have a cold one at a restaurant or cantina.  Book a tour = 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336

Allan's History tours are fun & done at a comfortable pace.  The tours are tacked to your interests...

Below, on tour as an add hoc Fiesta procession passes by.  VIVA LA FIESTA! Lets go touring 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336

Somethings never change, there will always be dancing in the streets, music, marches, and parades during the FIESTA. BELOW: CIRCA 1946.  Schedule a tour with Allan  during FIESTAS. 505-986-5002... 

BELOW: Fiesta 2017, this unknown fellow, had the FIESTA SPIRIT all about him --- VIVA LA FIESTA!

During Fiesta - an annual weekend celebration- the plaza is free of traffic, it is filled with booths, impromptu parades, music from the mariachis and dancing.  It is a fun and unique celebration!  Get Allan to take you on a Fiesta Tour!  505-986-5002 ...

It is rare but every now and then I do a history tour at night--- however day time is best for history tours---because we are able to get into a few places while at night the historical places are closed.  Ghost tours-- they can be done day or night, but most prefer the night….Below a history tour in the plaza-- the end of a happy tour filled with facts.

ABOVE: The end of a fun tour in the historic PLAZA ---- ADIOS & BUEN VIAJE!  Below: The Palace of the Governors --a historic & haunted place--

ABOVE-BELOW= WHen you tour with ALLAN you see where history was made. On your trek you get the inside info: The conquest of Santa Fe, the Fiesta, Zozobra, Santa Fe's history is rich and fascinating.

Your private safari is done at a comfortable pace 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336. 



BELOW: Even on history tours, sometimes odd things show up on film as it did with this high school history tour. Santa Fe is the most haunted city in the USA. 

BELOW; The front entrance of the OLDEST CHURCH SAN MIGUEL at times does have paranormal activity.

Below: Pictures being taken of the front entrance of SAN MIGUEL.  On the below history tour, likewise on a few others,  as I was explaining about the massacre that happened at this location, the front doors budged and groaned.  Santa Fe History is alive and well and at times the paranormal makes an appearance.

Below-- inside the OLDEST CHURCH--SAN MIGUEL

Large history tour or solo history tour, Allan is available --- HISTORY HAS NEVER BEEN THIS FUN!

On Allan's tours you get interesting facts, this is not a boring safari. Bring a camera, see where history happened!


505-986-5002 or 505-231 1336 HISTORY TOUR---Tour guide & historian Allan Pacheco, is not a transplant, he was born in Santa Fe ………………………...
His ancestors were Spanish conquistadors, who pioneered this area since the 1500s.

On your tour you get the skinny and the legends of the capital city, that only a native Santa Fean would know.  

Balloons are popped on your private history safari, you get the true story on Soviet spies in Santa FE during WWII...

With the bark on, you get Santa Fe's wild west and modern history!  

This is not a liars history tour… it is "DA" truth.

History tour = conquistadors, the wild west, the civil war, the true story on Soviet spies in Santa Fe, the Manhattan project, Billy the Kid, The Santa Fe Trail, and places where history was made….  

Santa Fe's history during WORLD WAR II, is something out of the movie "CASA BLANCA".

On Alan's HISTORY TOUR SANTA FE you learn about the espionage that happened in Santa Fe (MANHATTAN PROJECT MAYHEM) and you see where it happened.

Espionage in Santa Fe did not end after World War II. 

Key secrets were stolen by enemy agents in Santa Fe.

No other town in the USA has such a rich and beyond belief CLOCK & DAGGER history.

505-986-5002 schedule a history tour with ALLAN or 505-231-1336

On Allan's HISTORY TOUR SANTA FE -- you get the skinny on where the SOVIET spy nest was and how the KGGB was able to steal Uncle Sam's top secrets in SANTA FE!  Allan's researched and inside info contradicts what other mouth pieces claim--Allan is a native Santa Fean--his ancestors have been in town since before the PILGRIMS landed at PLYMOUTH ROCK.  Get the low down--SANTA FE secrets, the "SKINNY" that the FEDS, other tour guides & authors are oblivious to. Below: In old Santa Fe… you go where history was made… 

EXPLORE SANTA FE WITH ALLAN (HISTORY TOUR SANTA FE) 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336 -- BELOW: That is a sealed off well that dates back to Conquistador days!  

505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336 book a tour with author and historian Allan Pacheco… The best damn tour in town!