Santa Fe History Tour is led by Historian Allan Pacheco, who is a native SANTA FEAN.  Book a tour = 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336 

Below: some happy people who took Allan's history tour, we ended this winter trek at the historic La Posada.  Today La posada is world class resort, that has a fantastic bar, where you can order a cold or hot one. During Wild West days, La Posada was the mansion of the Al Capone of New Mexico territory -- ABRAHAM STAAB. If the state rooms are open,  we visit them. 

Your tour is comfortably paced - Conquistador days -- the Wild West, the Civil War & Manhattan Project Mayhem (Soviet Spies)  it is all covered and you see where it happened.

Some people like to end their tour in the Plaza -- BELOW:  Chris & Kelly at the end of the Santa Fe Trail monument.  Note the smart dog in the background.  It seems everybody or thing, finds Allan's tours to be very interesting.  REMEMBER!  Your private tour is aimed at your interests.  To book schedule a tour call 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336

Left: Entrance to Historic Burro Alley

Above: On your History tour we  cover Santa Fe's WILD WEST heritage, and we visit historic BURRO ALLEY. 

ABOVE -- Inside the STAAB MANSION which is now the LA POSADA RESORT --- this manner during Wild West days  was where notorious SANTA FE RING had its lair.  RIGHT:  On a history tour we pass by some modern art --- the group gives a BANZAI -- (10,000 YEARS!)-- BELOW: the song " A TASTE OF HONEY" on Allan's tours you get a taste of Santa Fe as you explore the old town.

RIGHT: End of a tour at the fabulous La Pasada, these ladies will top off the trek with a drink.

BELOW: Part of your history tour covers the conquistadors, their conquests and colonial days.  Tour Guide Allan, by the statue of DON DIEGO DEVARGAS --- due to the Charlottesville fiasco, in the future this statue may not be around.....  It is a sad thing when controversial events are omitted from the history books... Rather like the novel "1984" or "BRAVE NEW WORLD" where history is rewritten......  History is not always nice or pretty, but it should not be avoided or destroyed, one should learn from it.  If one is ignorant of history one makes the same mistakes over and over again, for example.....  Apparently the politicos in D.C. learned nothing from the VIETNAM WAR and got the USA into a modern replay called the MIDDLE EAST WARS.  Book a tour with Allan 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336. He is a fantastic historian of renown. 

Below: Private History Tour -- Outside of the Palace of the Governors (East side), today this building is a museum during Conquistador days this fortress was the Gilbratar of the Southwest.  From this National Landmark the Spaniards ruled Nuevo Espania - (NEW SPAIN).

Below: Inside the historic Staab Mansion, today it is the LA PASADA RESORT.  This mansion was the manner of ABRAHAM STAAB, the Al CAPONE of NEW MEXICO TERRITORY, this man spared no expense his home was the TAJ MAHAL of the Territory.  Yes, the doors and woodwork are from wild west days.

Below: History Tour at La Posada in what used to be the old ROSEGARDEN ROOM, sometimes even on your HISTORY TREK the paranormal shows up --- and the camera goes wonky... NO BACKGROUND!  

Get your phone installed and call Allan -- set up a tour!  505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336

Allan is available for private tour = 505-986- 5002 or 505-231-1336 ---- Allan also does radio shows. Below are some of the programs he has been on.

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