THE HAUNTING SANTA FE, below are photos of curious things that have happened on Allan's ghost tours -- 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336

There are some places on tour where inexplicable things have happened, people have been shoved, and the below photos do document one of those bad mojo locations.  The area is known by the WEIRD BEARDS as Spook Lane, The Bair Witch Project Trail or Shades of Death Path  -- the place has many different monickers ----- .    Even today -- years after part of this path was built upon -- AT TIMES -- people get the chills, are overcome with panic, feel as if they can not swallow or are being choked, on rare occasions people are pushed and ghostometers register energies, and orbs have been photographed.  Cultists, witches, thrill seekers, dark artists, and evil doers do venture in this area -- invoking the negative or doing evil...  Yes, people have been mugged in this vicinity --- so there is all kinds of danger.  IT seems the paranormal element of this tract attracts the dark side.  It is of note that this acreage is linked to all kinds of gruesome history, be it massacres, murders, and skullduggery.  The landscape has changed the past few years being that it has been built on and parts of the old path have been destroyed and a lot of trees have been  pulled, the photos are from present and decades past --- and one this is common --- people in the snapshots have gotten a BAD or STRANGE VIBE at this HAUNTING DE SANTA FE --- spot.

In the past this area has been overgrown & has beencleaned up -- but it always has MOJO!  Years and decades before this tract became witchified as in it becoming known as the BLAIR WITHC PATH due to all the witchy invoking thanks that have been left up, this area was visited and photographed because the ghostly energy at times here was so potent, be it day or night.

This pretty New Yorker was bedeviled at this spot, note her look.

On tour below, this lady BELOW had a major reaction on the BLAIR WITCH LANE -- one of the energies wanted to be heard, yes it affected her, these photos were not posed -- this happened on one of Allan's tours  --- with ALLAN you surf the big waves of paranormal -- 505-986-5002 or 505-231-1336 -schedule a safari.

Sometimes with or without ghostometers --- people get an ominous vibe -- BELOW the man locked on, notice in photo his awareness and energy.

One night on a ghost tour the group came across this fellow what he was doing -- invoking -- no idea --  but the vibe there was creepy and the group did scare -- Don't you think this fellow or warlock is dressed for an invoking, note the posture...

BELOW: Another tour and something was registered on a ghostometer then it got even stranger.  

What happened next is that ghostly energy --- started following this man -- he could not believe it --neither could the rest of the group --- but all the gadgets on the safari said -- something UNWORLDLY IS FOLLOWING YOU --- JOSE...

UNBELIEVABLE, but a ghostly energy followed this man down the pat and all th other ghostometers confirmed he was being followed.

By the time we got to the CAT O NINE TAILS wall section the energy and stopped its stalking. 

What is the significance of the black dot & barbed wire whip, whatever it is -- it is not good.  Are these dark items in place for invoking or for ritual?  This BLAIR WITCH AREA or SHADES OF DEATH PATHS are loaded with symbolism. The CAT O NINE TAILS, does the # 9 have anything to do with this 9 pegged erie object below?

Below on tour with another group in another area in this tract  -- as the WEIRD BEARDS would say --- more BRUJERIA or WITCHERY --- more BLAIR WITCH type objects --- again through the centuries this lanscape has been associated with LA LLORONA, MASSACRES, MURDERS, WITCHES, etc...

SPOOK LANE.. BLAIR WITCH PATH, etc.. The place is rather creepy at night -- all kinds of thaaangs happen here or have happened!  If you get the drift!  

NIGHT or DAY --- When you tour with Allan -- its done at a comfortable pace -- History or Ghost walk --- you (VISIT) out of the way places --- ABOVE:  Spook Lane -- know also as the Blair Witch Path or THE SHADES OF DEATH LANE.  YES!  This place is haunted -- the OCCULT!.....  On your ghost tour, you had better have your MOJO working -- The BELOW video sums up what some people think after a tour with ALLAN

Odd photo below, what happened to it I have no idea, it just came out jagged.  The Weird Beards claim there is something in the background between the two middle ladies,  and on the left of the 4 ladies, I think it is trick of light.  However, I can not explain to the WEIED BEARDS how this photo got so mangled, they claim it was bad energy. So I put it up.  

Is Allan's group being followed -- note how all their eyes are down and who is that in the back of the group?  Somebody who latched on , or ?

BELOW: Another photo sent to ALLAN --- it was said some type of spirit can be seen behind ALLAN as he tell his tour group about this haunted Colonial mansion.  The photo was blow up and look below this bottom photo.

IT does look like a face of sorts -- rather erie... Skeptics will say it is a trick of light -- the shadow chasers  will say when Allan was giving info to his safari about the ghost that haunts this manner -- the phantom did show up... If it is a shade, this character was not a good guy when he was alive, go on Allan's tour and ind out who he is talking about--------------- 505-986-5002 book a ghost or history tour.

RIGHT: On Allan's ghost tours -- the safari sometimes searches for the "TIME MIRROR" to find out where the dastardly KYBEN are entering into our world -- WINK-WINK!

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