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BELOW this grave/monument is located in Hell's Cemetery === this marker area is haunted -- orb activity as well as strange ghostometer readings have been had at this ghostspot-- below -- ghost huntress Lena on investigation with Allan Pacheco --- this is the grave of the AL Capone of the Southwest -- ABRAHAM STAAB - his wife - Julia Staab haunts her old mansion, which has been converted into a world class resort -- LA POSADA DE SANTA FE.

Why is this cemetery referred to as Hell's cemetery -- its the address --- HELL UPSIDE DOWN

Above the grave of the wicked -- Below: The rods go wild --- they kept turning backwards ---- all kinds of mojo was registered at this place --- the question is ---- were these rods turning back towards the STAAB's OLD MANSION which is today's haunted LA POSADA... Note how Mike K. is surprised by the energy.  The activity at this grave site was incredible...

BELOW: This is not a posed  photo -- Allan is working the rods and the energy ---- unbeknownst to Al --- he is bending with the energy at this haunted --- site. 

BELOW:  Even the weather was against Allan and Mike as they investigated this place, note the clouds. 

Above -- To the RIGHT of the picture --- Haunted MARIAN HALL --- / BELOW -- MARIAN HALL --- it was the old Wild West hospital  --- de Santa Fe.

Below -- Photo taken on one of Allan's tours --- is that an odd shadow or some type of energy exiting Marian Hall? MAYBE -- MAYBE NOT.... Skeptic could be correct -- just  bizzaro shadow...

Below Ghost tour -- taking a break at the haunted mansion courtyard on East Palace -- and something like a wadded up brown (CONSTRUCTION PAPER LIKE) leaf pelts the young fellow on the right.   It was a cold night -- but this young guy is TOUGH,  he was from Minnesota and the cold temperature  did not bother him.  Maybe that is why he was signaled out? Notice the look of surprise on the lady's face.

BELOW on ghost tour --- notice how  dark the SHADE was.

THE WOMAN IN BLACK --- CLICK HERE - LADY IN BLACK  --- This mysterious energy has many titles.

ABOVE: To the left of this building is where the dark image energy photo was taken.  OF course this is a daytime picture --- the lady LADY IN BLACK (SHADE-PHANTOM-WHAT IS IT) was seen at night.

ABOVE-- Feel or see the vibe --- the haunted location they are looking at is the OLDEST HOUSE IN THE USA--- this building inside and outside --- is filled with paranormal activity. BELOW: The haunted oldest House at dusk, paranormal activity can happen inside and outside of this historic landmark during the day or night.

ABOVE -- THE OLDEST HOUSE IN THE USA ---- BELOW -- Inside the haunted building --- the DOWSING RODS pick up a foreign energy.  They start to "Y", yes this room is haunted!

Below: You may need a stiff drink after touring with ALLAN --- (WINK-WINK)!

GHOST SPOTS ---  BURRO ALLEY -- a winter tour --- and this group is sporting skeleton masks -- and this lane at times -- is HAUNTED!

ABOVE -- BELOW: SANTA FE GHOST AND HISTORY TOURS --- you see a SANTA FE that few have ever glimpsed.  In the vicinity of a HAUNTED AREA and you have fun while doing it!


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