On a paranormal investigation led by author and ghoster Allan Pacheco, an energy is encountered inside a haunted graveyard; the end result is that a camera is fried by a unworldly entity.

Tour guide & author Allan Pacheco is not a arm chair expert. Allan is a hands on investigator, his tours, lectures & books are thoroughly researched.  IF you need a radio or television guest for your paranormal show, contact Allan 

Ghost attack or ghost presence it does "SOMETIMES" happen on Allan's tours. Below- daytime tour, the lady with the surprised look was asking about the ghost of Julia Staab, we were on our way to the haunted Staab Mansion (LA POSADA), as she asked a car alarm went off next to her. How that happened, coincidence or did she invoke Juia's ghost. This photo was taken seconds after the car, not in picture, alarm went off.

Allan's ghost & history night tours, navigate through old Santa Fe, down seldom visited historic and haunted paths & lanes.  505-986-5002 lets go touring.

Ghost tour = Bring your camera - you never can tell what you may see and photograph!

Depending on the tour, sometimes on a ghost & history trek the group passes by some haunted areas that have some HOODOO. Below, opposite the Witch Lane, or DITCH WITCH LANE  (LA LLORONA PATH) this group saw some stuff.  OCULT ART according to some, to others--stuff that invokes bad mojo.  

BELOW: This is what was seen at night, or what the ABOVE group was dismayed at during the day minus the GREEN ORB.

ABOVE: More SANTA FE BLAIR WITCH stuff -- Below on another tour, at this place (THE WITCH TREE) where people get bad gives. The Question is what is in those occult ornaments?  What is one to make of the orb activity?  SKeptics  think it is light flash and imagination.  Ghost hunters claim this area, specifically the old LA LLORNA pathway is filled iwth negative energies that are sometimes photographed.

Cameras at times do malfunction in this area, below a reaction to the camera coming back to life. 

STRAIGHT ACROSS this stream, or straight across from these ornaments, on the LA LLORONA PATH or WITCH PATH --BLAIR WITCH PATH--- is a stump that creeps people out. The stump had all kinds of stuff on it, that does not look inviting. On many of my tours, there has been remarks that the stump or occult art work or occult objects are something out of THE BLAIR WITCH movie. In this area I am usually asked to go over the story of La Llorona and other wtich stories and the lore + legends of summonings.

The above and below were taken at different times, different seasons.

On you tour, you are encouraged to bring your camera and ghostometers, there are some places that the tour goes past or through------------ where in the past (AT TIMES) contact has been made with -- something?

BELOW: NO it is not a headless man or ghost attacking!  Alex in his leather jacket on a ghost tour. There was all kinds of activity in this area and this odd photo came out.  Trick of light or are the Weird Beards correct in that this snapshot was linked to the haunting. This snapshot was taken minutes after we had passed by the area where the supposed headless ghost of Juan Esparza haunts…  

Below: Alex intact, the back of his jacket---how the above photo came out-- trick of light or di ghost attack camera in a minor way? 

ABOVE: At Laposada, James points to the room of where JULIA was dispatched, her troubled spirit wanders the old mansion that is now a resort. BELOW: Down the hall from the plaque on the wall, James points to some ANTI (GHOST ATTACK) repellant… WHAT?  To keep the ghost of Julia docile and to honor her, maids from South Of The Border that work at the resort leave candies during XMAS time on the windowsill that flanks Julia's old prison rooms.  Julia was imprisoned in 3 rooms to the right of the below picture, her spirit does at times haunt this 2nd story hallway as well as other first  floor rooms.



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