The Hampton ghost (outskirts - west of LONDON, ENGLAND) security camera filmed this apparitions in 2003. The castle or fortress mansion is where King Herny VIII held court when he would leave central London, for X-amount of time.  The fortress-palace was a second capital at times, depending on who was ruling England.

The ghost is wearing what looks like clothing from  1500s, is it a male or female? Is it a hoax? There are actors who wear 1500 era costumes that entertain tourists at this castle.  However, maybe it is not a fake, why? Prior to this camera picking up this image, for three days in a row a fire alarm went off in this area. When security checked this location, nothing was there. As stated before, a security camera  captured this image on the 3rd day of the commotions. But down the hallway from this exit, nobody was seen by security or by camera going to this hallway exit. It is thought if this was a boxer he would have been seen by the constables or by camera well before he got to this hallway door.

Maybe it is a legit video of a ghost. Also nobody has come forward and claimed that they pranked British security.  One thing I have noticed on my ghost hunts, is that an energy does not have to touch a door to open it. I have seen doors open before a ghost gets to a door and that is what seems to be happening in the video. Then again-- it looks like the ghost is trying to close the doors at the end of the video.  Also, I have noticed that in some investigations for whatever unknown reason, a ghost can show up again and again, then nothing, it does not return. This is what happened here in England for, three days there was activity here in the hallway by this door area and at the door.  It is also of note that the Hampton Court Palace where this security film was shot is said to be haunted by different ghosts. The most notable  phantoms at this palace are the ghost of Henry VIII's wives, Catherine Howard and Jane Seymour.  

One of the best television news investigations of a haunted graveyard in the Atlanta, Georgia area -- Lawrenceville.  On this news telecast note hoe the batteries drain at times when their is activity, this has happened countless times on Allan's investigations and on some of his tours, when they pass by or through haunted areas.


I think the video is one of the best hoaxes ever made? WHy is it that nobody comes out to see who is screaming? The brave man at the door, he does not turn on the light, most people would reach for the light switch.  However, if he got locked onto something with his flashlight, he may have been concentrating too much on whatever was in the room.  I do like how the lights flicker.  ALso nobody has come out and said I was there, that is me in the video. Again, maybe the fellow is shy and does not want to be associated with this happening. A lot of people want to distance themselves from a paranormal happening  due to the idea that they will be seen as a lunatic.  I could be %100 wrong, and this video is legit, but there is something about it, I can not put my finger on it, that makes me think it is the best hotel hoax of all time. The background story, is that this hotel was located in Chicago, Illinois, the incident happened on Sept14, 2003. What hotel, it is unknown. What is known ,the hotel was part of the Wingate chain. Was it a slow night and there were few checkins, and that is why nobody is opening their doors to see what the screaming is about?  Because nobody is on this floor?  From all that I have investigated, I have never heard a ghost scream out like what is on this video. Again, I could be wrong and this is a legit video, because I am the dumbest guy I know.


September 25, 2014, what is it? A ghost, a dust devil caused by the night wind, there is something there?  In my many years of investigating the unknown-- I  have come across a few holding cells inside a court facility and prison cells that were haunted. Just a few cells for only a short amount of time had something not of this world in it and it was negative or sad energy. So I find it interesting that this entity would walk towards where the old holding cells were located.  What is the connection, no idea. Is that energy a victim of a heroin overdose or  victim of police brutality or a victim of a gang  murder? Why did it walk through the police facility? Below: the same report without the negative anchor man's closed mind words. 

Below Gettysburg ghosts ---- what do you thuuunk?

The Gettysburg ghost film is a strange one. First the negative, according to the video it was shot in NOVEMBER 2001, that does not look like Gettysburg in NOVEMBER--- but maybe their is a typo. That has to be summer time in Gettysburg or late spring. NEW INFORMATION CAME IN--and supposedly the video was shot in OCTOBER 2001-- I still think it does not look like PA in the autumn. What is authentic to me is that in the video you see a ball of light or two of them and then more ghosts. Sometimes a ball of light precedes a ghostly outline. ALso you can hear motorcycles in the background and the insects. It sounds like this is a slice of life and something was  captured on video, and yes GETTYSBURG is haunted. On one of my investigations ages ago for a few seconds, I did see a ghost above a tree or at tree top level, this incident did not NOT NOT happen at Gettysburg. After  looking over the video, these ghosts or figures look like they are climbing  up a hill yet there are trees there. It is as if the physical reality of that area does not impede them.  The video was shot by Tom and his wife Delia Underwood, there son Justin was there, that is is voice on the video. The skeptics claim what is seen is reflection of car lights or swamp gas or motorcyclists. It would be interesting to know what is the history of this area as in was their combat there in the trees or what is the geography, is there a hill behind the trees?

The Following (right)  videos are legit, they are from a news 2014 October broadcast. The 1st video I had my doubts, as in were the photos and recording legit.

The second video pretty much verifies that the place is haunted. The ghost of WHISKEY BILL & some evil entities near Lockwood, Nevada.

Below: Ghost in PHOTO -- FREDDY JACKSON 1919, a curious photo.

BELOW FROM 2012 SANTA FE, NM: is the circular cloud like form that exits the screen left to right, the energy or spirit of the driver (JUAN PABLO MARTINEZ) that has just died in the car accident or is it a trick of light? 

Below: Accounts concerning a haunted bar (TRACY, CALIFORNIA) which is near San Francisco,  the is a 1990 California news broadcast.

More accounts of the haunted Banta Inn bar.

Below:  News broadcast -- the haunted cemetery in Soth-Rockwood, Michigan -- the ghost meters made contact with something.

BELOW: 2012 INDIANA -- Not a haunted house story but a report on a demonic energy that lives inside a house and can posses the young. 

2009 News report --- BELOW: CUCHILLO, NEW MEXICO, A haunted ghost town of 35 people. 

The RIO GRANDE CAFE -- SALT LAKE CITY (BELOW) is haunted, note that in one area of the large building -- how it is filled with negative energy and the words that are picked up are tied into the drug deals that used to go on there. Which resulted in the destruction and deaths of people, who partook in these transactions.  Heroin, Meth, Speed Cocaine, etc.. are tools that demonic energies use to control people, the addiction combined with the Demonic forces, make for disaster for those that are caught up in the drug culture.  Paranormal investigation at ex-drug markets, head shops, dealer houses, tend to always be allied with prime demonic energies. 

Visitor -- reader, if you have a drug or alcohol problem, please get help.... Do not let the devilish energy that accompanies addictions, lead your life into misery and your loved ones into grief.

Ed & Loraine Warren, confront a entity inside a house -- footage of the power of this creature.  When it comes to Demons -- poltergeists send them to the light --  send them out of your place. They are dangerous, classic example is the Ammvtyiille House in NY. Dangerous energies may leave and  then come back or be dormant and then re-emerge with a vengeance.  Send the on their way and keep sending them!  Note the power of these things in the video below.

LONG ISLAND NY story = AMITYVILLE HORROR STORY W/ Ed & Lorraine Warren part I & II below.  

GHOST PHOTOS --- ED & LORRAINE WARREN -- their ideas and history concerning snapshots.

A short video on the Uniondale Cemetery where the White Lady has been seen in the past.

A video concerning the UNION CEMETERY, the narrator's voice & music is bad, but the info is good. 

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